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10 Side Business Ideas You Can Start With $100

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There are several steps you can take to improve your financial life. Starting a side business is one of the best decisions you can take to make your future secure.

Starting a business is normally associated with acquiring assets, building, employees, factory, massive marketing budget, or bank loans. This isn’t the case. In fact, there is little to no association of expensive equipment and assets to a business.

In reality, you can start a business in as low as $100. Yes, if you have $100 in your savings account, you can start a side business and can eventually transform it into a full-time business in future.

It is no joke.

Dr. Ben did it. He took his side business from $0 to $600K in one year along with his full-time day job. He turned his $2200 side business into a $1 million e-commerce store.

There is always room for growth. So what’s stopping you from starting a side business?

If you have $100 or less, following 10 side business ideas will help you make the best use of it.

1. Blogging

side businesses
Starting a blog is a great way to earn money from your home. It doesn’t cost you a lot of money to start a blog. You can start blogging in no time.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Buy a domain name ($15 or less for a year)
  2. Buy a hosting plan (under $10 per month)
  3. Choose a free WordPress theme
  4. Start publishing content
  5. Monetize your blog when you start getting traffic

A blog won’t pay you right away. It might take a few months but when it does, you have to quit your job because bloggers earn a lot.

You just have to wait for it.

2. Freelancing

different side business ideas
The best thing about freelancing is that it is absolutely free to start. You don’t need a buck to get started. Create a free account on a freelancing site, choose your skills, and start applying for relevant jobs.

You can choose to be a writer, a designer, a virtual assistant, Excel expert, accountant, or whatever you like. There are several things you can do on a freelancing site.

To get started, create free accounts on Upwork and Fiverr.

3. Tutoring

side business
Were you a great student? Do you excel in a particular subject?

You can become an online tutor. Teach others and get paid. There are tons of online tutoring sites like Tutor, Tutor Hub, and Buddy School. You can earn as much as $50 per hour easily.

Here is the best part, you don’t need money to get started. 

4. Babysitter

best side business ideas
This is one of the easiest and the oldest side business ideas. If nothing else works, it does.

Parents always need babysitters. This is the reason there are several babysitting communities like Urbansitter where you can register yourself as a babysitter.

Besides, you can offer babysitting services to your neighbors, friends, and people you know. This happens to be a good starting point. No marketing needed. It just works everywhere. 

5. Logo design

what are good side business ideas
You don’t have to be a designer to create professional logos for businesses. There are logo designer tools that anyone can use. The good tools aren’t free though so you’d have to invest a few bucks on the right logo designing tool to get started.

It won’t cost more than $100.

You can offer logo designing services on freelancing sites, look for opportunities on Craigslist, or you can contact small businesses that don’t have a logo yet.

There are several ways to sell your logo design services because every business needs a logo.

6. YouTube channel

ideas for side businesses
There was a time when starting, running, and monetizing a YouTube channel was easy. Things have changed but it doesn’t mean people don’t like YouTube anymore. Quality videos and channels are still appreciated.

You don’t need a DSLR or expensive equipment to create videos, you can use your smartphone.

In order to make it work, choose a niche or a specific topic for your channel. Better yet, stick to your hobby. Don’t create videos for the sake of earning money rather try educating people.

For instance, you can create videos of local attractions.

There are people out there who are doing exceptionally well on YouTube. Kelly Porter and Nick Johnson run a channel Sailing Satori. In six months, they have grown their channel from nowhere to well over 13K subscribers.

7. Green cleaning

side business
Start offering green cleaning service. You have to use eco-friendly products and cleaners. It won’t cost you more than $100.

Green cleaning makes you stand out from the crowd and makes selling a piece of cake. Start offering services to your neighbors, colleagues, and friends.

Later, you can find new local clients by promoting your business on Facebook and Craigslist. You can also use Care to offer your services.

8. Distribute flyers

side business ideas
Local businesses still use flyers. And they need people to distribute them. That’s where you can help. It doesn’t cost you money to distribute flyers.

The challenge is finding these types of jobs. Fiverr and Craigslist are the two best places to start from. You can create a gig on Fiverr, set your own location, and rate. There are people already doing it on Fiverr and they get a decent number of orders.

Craigslist is where local businesses post jobs for flyer distribution.

You can also offer your services to small local businesses in your area. It is highly unlikely they will reject it. Businesses love marketing.

9. Social media manager

Businesses need social media managers to run their social media accounts. If you spend a lot of time on social networks, why not monetize it?

It is a great side business idea for those who cannot resist using their favorite social network. All you have to do is contact small businesses that you follow and know a lot about and offer them your services.

You can also use freelancing sites to find relevant jobs.

10. Create memes

side business ideas
Memes are all over the internet these days. Guess what, you can create a meme in minutes and make money by creating your own Facebook page. Or, you can sell memes to businesses.

Creating a meme is free.

Get started now.

Starting a side business isn’t just extremely cost-effective but it is fun. You can have it all set up in a day. Once you have it up and running, stick with it.

Next time when you’re about to spend $100, think of all these side business ideas.

Author Bio: Sabih Javed is a digital marketer who helps businesses improve digital marketing CRO and ROI. He is the founder of Digital Marketer PK, a blog dedicated to awesome digital marketing content. Follow him on Twitter.

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