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2018 Post Office Holidays and Schedule

By , December 6th, 2017 | 25 Comments »

USPS post office holidays and schedule for 2015
For those who use the United States Postal Service (USPS) on a regular basis, and especially those who have small businesses which rely on the postal service to get their products delivered, knowing the post office holiday schedule can be vital. It’s important to know when the post office is open and when the post office is closed. The USPS is part of the US government and therefore follows the federal holiday schedule. On the following federal holidays, the USPS will be closed, including post office branches, and there won’t be any standard mail delivery.

2018 Post Office Holidays

The post office closes on all of the major federal holidays throughout the year. Here are the holidays honored by the post office in 2018:

  • January 1 (Monday) The post office is closed New Year’s Day 2018
  • January 15 (Monday) The post office is closed Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • February 19 (Monday) The post office is closed Presidents’ Day
  • April 17 (Tuesday) Some post offices are open extended hours on Tax Day
  • May 28 (Monday) The post office is closed Memorial Day
  • July 4 (Wednesday) The post office is closed on Independence Day
  • September 3 (Monday) The post office is closed Labor Day
  • October 8 (Monday) The post office is closed Columbus Day
  • November 12 (Monday) The post office is closed the day after Veteran’s Day in observance of the holiday
  • November 22 (Thursday) The post office is closed Thanksgiving Day
  • December 10 (Sunday) Some post offices are open the second Sunday before Christmas
  • December 17 (Sunday) Some post offices are open the Sunday before Christmas
  • December 24 (Monday) The post office is open Christmas Eve but many locations may close early
  • December 25 (Monday) The post office is closed Christmas Day
  • December 31 (Monday) The post office is open New Year’s Eve but many locations may close early

Post Office Holidays to Remember

Most of the holidays above are ones you’d expect the post office to be closed. The one somewhat tricky date in 2018 is Veterans Day. November 11 lands on a Sunday this year, so Veteran’s Day is being observed as a federal holiday on Monday, November 12. Since the post office is usually closed on Sunday, they aren’t following the federal holiday schedule for this date. Mail will be delivered and post offices will be open on November 10 and closed on November 11 and November 12. Most larger post offices are open on Saturday, and mail is usually delivered on this day, but it won’t be delivered on November 12.

While tax day isn’t a holiday, many larger post offices will be open extended hours on Tuesday, April 17, to accommodate all the people trying to get their tax return letters in under the deadline. By extending the hours, it will ensure people get the needed April 17 postmark on their taxes up until midnight, when the post office usually closes much earlier. You will need to call your local post office to see if they will be open extended hours for tax day, and if so, until what time they will accept letters for postmarking.

The USPS is usually closed on Sundays, but there are exceptions. At the end of the year when people are mailing holiday gifts, some larger post offices remain open the two Sundays before Christmas to help deal with the added demand of sending packages. Since this doesn’t apply to all post offices, you need to call your local post office to see if any in your area will be open on these days.

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  • tabby says:

    This is a joke, right? Who uses the post office anymore? Only people who have never heard of email and the Internet. The only people who would be interested in this article are people who don’t know how to use a computer. They probably don’t have a mobile phone, either. The post office is soooo last century.

    • denise says:

      You’re the one that’s joking, right? You do realize that it’s impossible to send a package through the Internet, right? And that people order stuff online, right?

      • Ernest says:

        You are absolutely correct Denise; I live one block from the post office so I still get money orders there, buy stamps there, send out packages, receive packages, and send out birthday cards. There will always be a need for the postal service.

    • Anthony says:

      Just because you don’t use the post office, we should all stop using USPS? What planet do you live on?

    • WMK says:

      Tabby, eh? May I suggest you lower your arrogant and snooty nose a few feet? They day will come in your superior life when you will need to have a delivery made of an actual object, trust me on that one. You’ll also find the going rate for a private company is sky high. In addition, um, Tabby the USPS sets a low rate thereby keeping private delivery services at the already outrageous prices they currently charge. By the way (and I am taking an educated guess) you’re between 16 and 25, correct? The reason I point that out is that you think you know EVERYTHING. The day you mature is the day you come to realize you are just as dumb as those people you label “soooo last century” You’re not so smart sweetie.

      By the way toots….I don’t have a mobile phone, home computer or cable. I love it, no tether but you don’t get that either, do you?

      • Humpy dumpty says:

        The moment I heard that usps might be threatened to close or be privatized I could not believe. With so much online shopping and auctions why wouldn’t usps want to take up a significant role in delivering in between points in this big country. To WMK, how did you to type up this post using what device at where?

    • JD says:

      I work for a real estate office, contract packages, deposit checks and other documents are still mailed through the post office, most banks required original documents with signatures from buyers and sellers, the post office is still widely used by many offices of this type, I also work for a retail store that has and online store, we use the post office to ship our packages, the post office is not last century.

    • Will says:

      You do realize that Amazon and UPS use the post office, don’t you? Postal carriers are quite busy and they do a superb job.

    • Lawrence says:

      Piss off tabby. You bloody bloke. How am I supposed to get my new iPhone in mail? Are you going to email me my package? On second though, I will buy a 3d printer and make myself one, oh wait I can’t do that because I would have to order the printer. I guess I should just commit seppuku.

    • Kat says:

      My amazon package needs a signature to be delivered.im never home when mail is delivered. So I have to go to the post office to pick it up. Mind blowing, huh?

    • Nicole says:

      I guess I didn’t realize people were this ignorant. The post office not only serves a purpose for businesses, but keeps Americans employed. It’s not just for mailing a letter. I’m sure you’re born after 1997.

    • E.m says:

      Lol and email and Internet deliver you packages?? So if I order a product online should I just print it with my 3D printer ! Seriously hope your post is a joke ! Or you are really really dumb! Wow ! Probably havn’t responded to these replys cause you feel like an idiot after you read them lol ! Word of advice, stop twirling your hair for a second and chewing your gum at the same time it’s obviously impairing your brain function!

    • RJS MD MPH says:

      Could you send me my replacement printer ink cartridges via email then? Your original comment is moronic and judgmental. I think it is YOU who is still living in the “dark ages.” Your oversimplification of the need–or not– for using the post office is asinine, your lame opinion is just that, YOUR own! But to generalize/surmise that ALL people should stop using the post office is very judgmental and very childish.

    • Liz says:

      Perhaps, my dear, you are too young (I’m tempted to say ” wet behind the ears” ha ha,,,but will take the high road) to recall the thrill of getting a handwritten letter in the mail. That’s right!…receiving a hand-written letter addressed to one, whether written in beautiful perfectly-flowing penmanship or hastily-written in a barely decipherable scrawl, was a joy indeed.

      I’m a mere 62 years old, but it wasn’t too long ago that the art of letter-writing (before email and texting, which I also love, by the way) was alive and well….and flourishing! Why, propped up on my bedroom dresser right now are two cards from my beloved grandmother that she mailed to me waaaaaaay back in the 70’s. And I’ve kept the hand-addressed envelopes, as well, complete with their 10-cent stamps. Why? Because she loved me dearly (and vice versa) and yes, I miss her. In fact, her 123rd birthday is this Monday, Dec. 21st, the first day of winter.

      And gazing upon her beautiful handwriting, from time to time, on something as deeply personal and loving as a hand-written card written to ME, when I was 21, is an absolute delight! It’s a treasure, really. Need I say more?

      That said, am I yearning for the past? Hell-to-the-NO! (As our much-beloved Whitney Houston would exclaim!). I love the ease, simplicity, and speed of texting and emailing. In fact, I much prefer it to yakkin’ on the phone.

      Also, back in the ” olden ” days, exhausted young mothers were expected to regularly get photos of their growing children copied and mailed to anxiously awaiting grandparents, aunts, uncles, and a variety of friends, cousins and neighbors. This entailed sifting thru dark photo negatives, driving to the copy shop, ( when you’d rather drive to the coffee shop without your kids) and then hunting down envelopes, stamps, and addresses…..not to mention often driving to the post office (if these letters w/photos needed to be weighed first in order to determine the cost of shipping.). Whew! That was a REAL OLD-FASHIONED CHORE! And yes, it could get expensive too!

      So YAAAAAAY for the innovation of emailing and testing!!!
      But will my heart still skip a beat on the rare occasion I receive a REAL hand-wriiten letter in the mail, thanks to the hard work and sweat of our under-appreciated USPS worker bees? YOU BETCHA it will! In fact, it’ll flutter so much that I’ll, no doubt, be compelled to scramble for pen, paper, and stamps so I can scratch out a rely. Thank God…and Praise God!…for this glorious season of writing and receiving hand-written correspondence! I shall now sign off to continue writing, signing, and sealing the Christmas cards that I’ll be sending to family and friends, to be delivered by our “tried and true” USPS, of course

      So, Merry Christmas to one and all! I’m delighted to declare that this salutation loses none of it’s joy just because it’s being expressed and printed out on a computer, on this mighty fine 19th day of December in the year of our Lord, 2015.

      Ciao for now,
      Dizzy Miss Lizzy

    • BostonHolly says:

      Good Lord, just when I think this world cannot possibly house another selfrightous ingnoramous , we elect one and two years later I’m reading, yet again, how that happened. If it wern’t for the USPS I’d never be *able* to buy a single thin online.
      get a single thing I purchased online (UPS should be renamed Useless Parcel Service, FedEx should be Lined Up an shot for incompetency)and where would I return things ? Stuff them thru my PC ? And how exactly would I send my family and friends birthday cards ? a Cold idiotic email they may never actually see as the hackers hack away ? Besides, I enjoy picking out cards. and I also like getting off of my butt and moving around, not sitting in front of a blank screen staring at myself on the screen or in selfies all day as my ass gets wider by the minute. Mine does not , btw.

  • Brooke says:

    I get paid through the mail. Therefore, it is important to know if my check will be delayed due to a holiday. Also, I am required to mail documents to the government. They don’t have an email option!

  • Brian K says:

    We don’t owe this person explanation. You don’t want to use usps that’s fine. There is always one with dumb commemts.

  • HMFS says:

    Typical Postal worker probably did the calendar at the top of the page. I find it interesting that the post office will be open but closing early on New Years Eve, Friday the 31st and also closed on New Year’s day, FRIDAY January 1st.
    Very interesting, indeed. 🙂

  • joeywho says:

    I actually found this article very interesting, being I’m going out of town and must return a package via USPS. It saved an unnecessary trip to the post office to check hours of operation. Yeah! I guess I’m last century…

  • Rebecca says:

    Stupidity at its Finest

  • bob says:

    we need mail very much extremely much

  • Ann says says:

    So why haven’t we heard back from Tabby! Is he back under his rock?

  • Adelia Sweeny says:

    Wow Tabby…This sucks huh? I suggest just asking the question first sweetheart.for example…In a world where we now have…what role does…play… Lesson learned…which is Internet etiquette my dear. Always keep others in mind first…love your neighbor as yourself…now would you talk to yourself like this?

  • bob says:

    December 21, 2015, using USPS to mail gifts to family members. Would have been easier to order them online and have them wrappedvand delivered by that company, but i hand selected them at a department store, wrapped and packaged myself. Will send them priority mail, US postal and Tom Petty rock!! Merry Christmas all of you!

  • Richie says:

    I am on disability and rely on my comp checks my
    Pension and disability is direct deposit but comp
    Does not offer if so I usually get my checks on wed
    They mail it Monday now this week Monday is Presidents’ Day
    And my check was mailed on Friday I wonder if I will get it on Tuesday ?


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