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How to shop smarter

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Nowadays, credit cards are the type of things that are always present in our wallets and almost every person owns at least one credit card. Whether you mostly prefer to shop in stores, you are certainly in need of a credit card. Moreover, credit cards can be divided into many categories, depending on everyone’s needs. For example, there are credit cards that are exclusively targeted to students. Others are good for business income or they turn out to be useful when shopping at supermarkets. This happens with credit cards that have the cash back option, thus being an appropriate credit card for shopaholics.

Best credit cards

  • Student credit cards

If you are a student, here is good news for you: you can now have the best credit cards for your needs. This means that these cards have low-interest rates and can improve your credit score. Moreover, owning a student credit card increases the chances of being approved for other credit cards once you graduate.

  • Low interest credit cards

This type of credit cards is better for people who carry a credit card balance on their card. People who have a high interest credit card benefit of various rewards and offers, but they end up paying a lot more than they think they would. With a low interest credit card, you will not have to worry about that or about the annual fee, which is actually free.

  • Cash back credit cards

These cards are one of the most popular types of credit cards. If you are a serious shopaholic, you may consider having a cash back credit card. If you spend a certain amount of money on that card, you will receive some cash back. This card is good not only for spending money, but also for saving money.

  • Small business credit cards

Credit cards are more and more used by people with small businesses because of the benefits that they get. By using a small business credit card you can easily pay for company related items. This way you can keep track of costs and also, your business performance will not interfere with your personal finances.

  • Travel credit cards

If you are someone who is fond of travelling, a travel credit card is the best option for you. Owning a travel credit card means that you can benefit from things such as lounge access, free baggage, or annual rewards flights. You can also accumulate points when you buy something and then you can use these points for your flights.

Apps that will help you save money

  • Mint

This app will track all your financial activity. You can make notes of your spending patterns and you can also create a budget.

  • BillTracker

If you have problems with remembering to pay your bills, this app will remind you of doing that.

  • Shopkick

By using Shopkick, you are able to earn points every time you purchase something. Later you can transform these points into gift cards.

  • Grocery iQ

If you like to make lists before doing some food shopping, then this app is for you! You can make a virtual list on your phone and take it with you wherever you go.


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