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Smart Shopping: How to Save Money on Groceries

By , November 11th, 2017 | One Comment

Most of us are not the best when it comes to spending money in grocery stores. Who doesn’t like delicious chocolate bars, cookies, pizza, fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbal teas? If you calculate the amount of money you spend every month, you’ll be surprised. Probably you’ll realize you spend too much money on food only. Why does it happen?

The problem is in the way people buy food. Changing a couple of things can drastically influence your budget in a better way without wasting additional money and redundant food. As it is a massive issue in our society for now. People simply don’t want to learn what a smart shopping is and how much food they actually need. We take care of our wardrobe and electronic devices. So, why don’t we care about smart shopping? For example, you have antivirus software and Free VPN Services to Protect Your Privacy and security when using a public network. Hopefully, you really have them. So, why don’t we have special apps and approaches to protect our budget from wasting money on unnecessary products?

Today, we’ve prepared for you a list of 7 useful approaches on how to buy and use up food wisely.

7 Money-Saving Hacks

We recommend reading the following list to the very end to pick one method only. Don’t try to implement all money-saving hacks at a time. Be patient and start with a small one.

  • Want vs Need. One of the hardest parts of shopping is realizing what products you want and what products you and your body actually need.
  • Forget about frozen food. Make your own food. We all have these days when it is easier to buy a frozen pizza or a frozen lasagna rather than prepare a delicious homemade soup. But replacing frozen products with homemade cuisine is a big money saver.
  • Don’t shop when you hungry. Many people know this rule, but forget about it when it comes to shopping. Try to have a snack or a cup of tea before going to a supermarket. In other cases, it is almost impossible to avoid overbuying and emotional shopping, when you can eat every chocolate bar and every package of chips you see in a store.
  • Online shopping. When you put products in a supermarket trolley you don’t realize the true cost of all those things. Yes, you can calculate the approximate cost in your head. But shopping online gives you a full control over the prices.
  • Fresh vs pre-packaged food. Cheese, meat, vegetables, which are prepackaged are much more expansive than exactly the same products without a package.
  • Take cash instead of a credit card. Whenever you take a card to a supermarket, you always overspend. When using a credit card you lose the feeling that the budget is limited.
  • Grocery coupon apps. There are a lot of grocery coupon apps for iOS and Android on the market – Ibotta, Snap, Key Ring, Shopmium, etc. Choose one and save money!

No doubt, our pieces of advice will help you. Just try!


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