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How Much Do Sororities Cost?

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How much do sororities cost
It’s fall, which means that many young adults are beginning college classes. Some college students will also be looking at the glamorous Greek Life on campus. What you may not know is being a member of Greek Life can be pretty costly. So, how much do sororities cost? Is it worth it?

How Much Do Sororities Cost?

The cost of Greek Life varies from university-to-university. Some private universities may have higher fees for sorority and fraternity members, while more public universities may have cheaper fees. Below are the median costs of joining a sorority or fraternity in the United States.

When it comes to paying to be a member of Greek Life, you’re probably looking at the following expenses:

  • Recruitment – You may have to pay to even join in on the recruitment process. Some universities’ Greek Life chapters charge around $50 for individuals to participate in recruitment.
  • Cost of Joining – If you’re accepted into a sorority or fraternity you’ll have to pay another fee to join. The median cost of joining a sorority sits around $1,000. Joining isn’t where most of the expenses come from though.
  • Fees – To remain a member of a sorority or fraternity you’ll have to pay a fee every semester. This fee sits around $600 for fraternity members and $1,200 for sorority members ($1,200 and $2,400 a year, respectively.)
  • Fines – Sorority and fraternity members are required to perform well in their classes as well as attend regular meetings. Most organizations also have fines and penalties if you don’t keep maintain their standards. For instance, you may be fined $5 if you miss a chapter meeting or put on probation for academic reasons (making it so you can’t attend sorority events you’ve already paid for).
  • Recurring Expenses – On top of those expenses, you will also have other recurring costs. You’ll have to buy arts and crafts supplies to make gifts for your Little, shell out cash for a Winter Formal gown and you’ll HAVE to have the newest Sigma t-shirt when it comes out. Annually, most sorority and fraternity members spend hundreds on miscellaneous Greek Life expenses.

So, how much do sororities cost? Well, it depends on where you attend college. However, most sorority and fraternity members spend thousands of dollars every year on Greek Life.

Is Greek Life Worth It?

Now that you know the answer to “how much do sororities cost” you may be wondering if Greek Life is worth it. For many people, no matter the cost, becoming a member of a fraternity or sorority is what helped them find their place in college. It gives members a sense of community and a sense of family they may not have had otherwise. So, in short, for many people, being a member of sorority or fraternity is worth every penny.

How to Save on Greek Life

There are always ways to save money though, even when it comes to Greek Life. Here are just a few ways you can trim the cost of becoming a member of your campus’ Greek community:

  • Charitable Events – Some sororities and fraternities will reward members with lower fees or cash if they can participate in charitable events. If you’re able to man all of the events, you could potentially get some of your fees covered.
  • Making Shirts and Items – Instead of purchasing your sorority or fraternity’s clothing, why not make your own? Hang out with other members and make t-shirts and other items with your sorority’s symbol on them. It saves a ton of money and you could even potentially sell them to other members if you’re good at it.
  • Trim Other College Costs – If you can’t cut the cost of joining a sorority you may want to try and trim other costs. For instance, head to the dining hall and use your meal swipe instead of ordering a pizza or eat breakfast in your dorm room (bananas are super cheap).
  • Part-Time Job – Last but not least, if you’re having trouble pulling together the cash for your Greek Life fees, consider snagging a part-time job in the library or close to campus. While this isn’t helping you save money on Greek Life, it will help you better manage your finances in college.

Going to college is a great experience and, for many people, Greek Life is a huge part of what makes it so great. Although sororities can cost thousands of dollars a year, the sense of family and memories created last a lifetime.

Have more ideas on how to save on Greek Life? Let us know in the comments!

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