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What Stores Are Open on Labor Day 2017?

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what stores are open on labor day

Labor Day weekend is the last major weekend in summer and marks the start of the fall football season.  If you’re planning on hosting a get together or just want to take advantage of Labor Day deals then it’s important to plan ahead and know the schedules of drug, grocery and liquor stores in your area. In 2017, Labor Day is Federally recognized on Monday, September 4. Fortunately, most stores will be open over the Labor Day weekend and on the following Monday. Here are the specifics for what stores are open on labor day.

What Drug Stores are Open on Labor Day?

Major drug stores are open on Labor Day.

For Labor Day, most national drugstore chains are going to be open.  If they’re usually open on weekends, independently owned or local drugstores will most likely be open over the holiday weekend, however, this may vary from pharmacy to pharmacy, and the best way to make sure is by contacting them.  Here are some of the major drugstores which will be open on September 4, 2017:

  • Walgreens is open
  • CVS Caremark is open
  • Rite-Aid is open
  • Walmart is open

Drugstores usually begin their weekly advertising schedules on Saturday, which means that you can find some Labor Day discounts and sales starting on September 2. Drugstores may also have special holiday weekend promotions, or three-day sales, from Saturday, September 2, to Monday September 4. If you are still getting your kids ready for back to school or you want to stock up on bathroom & over the counter medications, these sales are great.

What Grocery Stores are Open on Labor Day?

Most major grocery stores are open on Labor Day.

If you’re asking what stores are open on Labor Day, part of the answer is all major grocery stores will be open. It’s important to note some stores may be operating according to their normal Sunday hours, or special holiday hours. Grocery store hours are largely dependent on the region where they’re located. It’s therefore a good idea to contact your local grocery store, and confirm whether or not they will be open. For the holiday weekend, all grocery stores will most likely the operating according to their normal business hours on both Saturday and Sunday.

Independently owned grocery stores, local stores and ethnic grocery stores will most likely be open over the holiday weekend if they normally operate on Saturday and Sunday. It is still best to call them and find out whether or not they will be open on Monday, September 4. Here is a list of major grocery stores that will be open:

  • Albertsons is open
  • Aldi is open
  • Bi-Lo is open
  • Giant Eagle is open
  • Harris Teeter is open
  • Kroger is open
  • Publix is open
  • Safeway is open
  • Save-A-Lot is open
  • Trader Joe’s is open
  • Wegmans is open
  • Winn-Dixie is open
  • Whole Foods is open

Most grocery stores utilize a weekly advertising schedule. So you should start to see 2017 Labor Day deals on Wednesday, August 30. The main Labor Day grocery sales deals usually include snack & luxury foods, and outdoor play equipment. This is because Labor Day is typically the last big outdoor summer weekend and usually marks the start of the football season. In 2017 the bigger retailers like Walmart, Target and Amazon are running specific enterprise wide Labor Day sales.  For smaller grocers such as Winn-Dixie and Safeway you’ll need to check specific sales at their locations. One thing to keep in mind: be nice to the cashiers in the stores, they typically know if there are coupons or deals you should be asking for.

Please note that some grocery stores will have reduced hours on Labor Day Monday. For example, some Giant Eagle locations will open from just 6:00 am to 12:00 am.

What Liquor Stores are Open on Labor Day?

Not all liquor stores may be open on Labor Day.

Whether or not liquor stores in your area will be open on Labor Day depends on the state in which you live.  Some states have so called “blue laws” in place. A “blue law” is a law typically based on religious concerns designed to prevent the sale of liquor on Sundays or other important holidays. Because the rules which govern the sale of alcohol often focus on Sunday, it would be best to stock up on alcoholic beverages on the Saturday before Labor Day. The states of Kansas and Oklahoma prohibit sales of alcohol on Labor Day.

If you’re wondering about a specific local store, give them a call before heading out on Monday. Otherwise, Happy Labor Day!

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