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5 Apps That Will Help You Save Money

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Apps That Will Help You Save Money
Struggling to keep on top of your finances? These 5 apps will help you make better financial decisions when it comes to budgeting so you can start saving for what really matters! You’ll also be able to live large for less, by enjoying even greater savings with access to a huge range of special offers and deals. Find out more below:

  1. Mint

This innovative app provides you with the tools to be able to track all your financial activity in one location. This includes all of your accounts, whether these are cheque, savings or your retirement fund. It automatically records every transaction you make before categorising it, then creates a budget based on your spending patterns.

As an added bonus, if you have an iPad it can generate graphs to provide you with visual representations that highlight both your net worth and your cash flow.

The app is also 100 percent secure as it’s password protected and can be deactivated quickly and easily through your phone via the Mint website.

  1. YNAB

You Need A Budget (YNAB) is an app designed to change your money management style, enabling you to maintain your finances stress-free! This software operates on four different principles which are: (1) Every dollar needs a job, (2) Make sure to save for a rainy day, (3) Always roll with the punches, and (4) You need to live on last month’s income. It is supplemented by software which you need to purchase for Windows or Mac, but it’s a great investment.

  1. Expensify

Simplify your expense reporting using this detailed app. It lets you photograph receipts and keep track of petrol mileage as well as all your other expenses on one simple and very functional. If you struggle to manage your receipts, it even allows you to import any credit transactions digitally.

  1. Retailmenot

Have access to thousands of coupons at your fingertips with RetailMeNot. Whether you like Victoria’s Secret, Target or Starbucks, you can save on all your favourite brands with this amazing app! It even provides you with notifications of expiry dates.

  1. Living Social App

Live more and spend less with this great app that lets you get discounted rates on hotels, restaurants, cafes and events. You can find great deals in your city and if you share the deal and three friends purchase it, you’ll get yours for free!

Savings platform KiasuPromos points out that there are three key points to saving which are identified in these apps. The first of these is set a budget and stick to it. Work out a budget you can manage comfortably, with the help of the budgeting apps, and make sure to follow it.

The second key point is to always track your budget and know where your money is going – that means keeping track of all your accounts. With the help of the YNAB app, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Then there is the third key point: always use promotional codes where possible so you can maximise your savings. You can still enjoy life to the fullest, but it means you’ll have savings there when you need it.

If you want to experience financial freedom, these apps can help you achieve this goal with minimal effort. Don’t live week to week anymore when you can enjoy financial security for life.

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