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"The darkest hour of any man's life is when he sits down to plan how to get money without earning it." - Horace Greely

Earn Money From Home Couponing

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“The nutty cheap one” sounds familiar? Have you heard this to acknowledge your cheap ways? If not, I am sure you’ve heard similar.

Now, let’s go back a few years, months, or even weeks for some. Reminisce on the day you made the decision that today is the day I refuse to work for another person. It normally sounds a little something like this… “Today I will no longer use my parent’s support through college, or this will be the last day I leave my babies because I am certain there is a way to become just as successful if not more by working from home.” After finalizing the decision, you find yourself searching high and low on ways to stretch a buck while also making a buck.

1.   How to Make a Money Online While Saving For Beginners:

  • Open a business with $100-$500
  • Earn money for your opinion, online survey
  • Sell for a brand like Avon (brand ambassador)

No luck? You need the remaining dollars to survive. In the middle of a survey one of your children sparks an infamous fire demanding your attention. Not to mention, selling Avon doesn’t sound too bad, but then you remembered the millennials in 2017, who’s following big brands like Mac and Sephora. No chance!

Discouraging isn’t it, I know, and it doesn’t help as we’d casually browse through social media seeing other moms, college students, and average women like you and me striking it rich effortlessly online. But, once again it’s that time of week to go grocery shopping, on a budget of course. As we scavenge through the weekly circulars, almost instantly an epiphany hits you like   an exploding light bulb. Coupons!

2.   How to Save Money While Earning Online:

  • Couponing (beginners guide)
  • Create a couponing blog and monetize your site
  • For the special events and holidays coupon as many party goods you can

Calm down little Charlie, you haven’t found the golden ticket. It’s just a coupon.” Spouses or peers can be so negative sometimes, but pay them no mind. They are simply non-believers as we once were. I was told similarly by my mom when I began couponing 4 years ago. After learning her doubts, an unusual calming effect of confidence came over me. I nonchalantly shrugged her off saying, “You don’t believe me? Just watch” and proceeded to search for coupons not realizing it was Tuesday. Any good couponer knows this is a terrible day to begin.

Fast forward, you are three months into your couponing journey. Your spouse, roommate, or in my case my parent are now conflicted. They love the vast number of accessible products, but the living space is condensing over time. “I want my living room back”, my mom used to say. While, in the same breath she’d ask, “when do you plan on picking up more laundry detergent?” Which any good couponer knows anything in laundry takes up majority of the living space. Conflicted much?

Eventually, my mom began using my couponed goods and almost instantly became a nutty cheap event planning junkie, who had no desire of establishing a business of her own. At home, she’d host mother’s day brunches, turkey day gatherings, and Secret Santa dinners. At her workplace, she has curated a themed party for every other holiday in between. Perfect definition of an event planning junkie, unfortunately, I was her minion. 

From the kindness of her heart, she would host events without any reward and in the midst of her event planning craze, she gained notoriety for hosting a raffle at every event. Understand, yes, she is one of the nutty cheap professors, but, prior to her existence at the job, the company did not have an event planning committee, she now gets paid for events and runs the committee. Holidays were just another miserable day at the office wishing you were elsewhere, now the entire office has something to look forward to.

 Let’s not lose focus:

3.   What to Expect 1+ Year Into Couponing:

  • Products have a domain in your home
  • Active couponing blog website to share tip
  • Floor to ceiling stock pile from weekly trips

Everything you’ve wanted right or not so much? If you do not have a child, nor a big family, you’d find your products collecting dust, expiration dates making an appearance, and new renditions of the products being made. It’s ok though, our friends and family love receiving free gifts and baskets of the products we’ve been hauling, I mean collecting. But once back home, big name brands continue to stare at us. What to do?

Ever had the feeling of doing more with your products? Think of your potential earning, building, profiting, increasing your online following, and couponing all the things you want and need to bring your dream into fruition. It could happen with The Raffle Bar.

The Raffle Bar was created as a one stop shop to raffle away any product online and earn an extra buck from our stock piles. If you have a platform via social media then you have an outlet to host a raffle. By using the raffle bar, couponers have an opportunity to reward their audience a chance at winning extremely discounted name brand product(s) that are normally found only at the retail price. Profit 95% on (1) raffle, as The Raffle Bar deducts 5% as a small fee.

4.   Work From Home:

  • Couponing to begin saving
  • Create a blog, monetize your site
  • Build your Event planning portfolio
  • Host weekly raffle events with The Raffle Bar

If you are a mom, or running a business and do not have the time, The Raffle Bar makes it easy for you! Click the link to learn more. Finally, as a new age “hoarder”, we now have a way to profit off our goods and services that we dedicate 6 hours or more per day to.

Photo: Raining Hot Coupons

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