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Luis Coronel’s Net Worth

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Luis Coronel's net worth

Every celebrity has a success story of how they rose to the top and amassed millions of dollars. More recently, these celebs have stemmed from corners of the internet instead of the Hollywood hills. Luis Coronel is one of those celebrities that has been able to rise to fame on the web through his singing career. He has been able to gain a fanbase of millions but what is Luis Coronel’s net worth?

Luis Coronel’s Profile:

Net worth in 2017: $3 million
Profession: Singer
Age: 21
Source Of Wealth: Singing career
Residence: Tucson, Arizona
Citizenship: U.S. Citizen
Marital Status: Single
Education: No formal education beyond high school

About Luis Coronel

Luis Coronel was born in Tucson, Arizona on February 3, 1996. He is an American singer with Mexican/Latin roots in his music. According to his Wikipedia page, Coronel got his first taste of singing in the spotlight in church choir at the age of six.

Like many other young men, Coronel went the way of sports and fitness. However, he always nourished his musical side. After one of his boxing matches he decided to sing for the crowd that was present. Some of the onlookers videotaped him singing and eventually the video went viral.

Coronel’s Career

By the time Coronel was 16 he’d signed his first record deal with Del Records. Since then he’s released a number of singles, including¬† “Mi ni√Īa traviesa,” “Ser√° m√°s f√°cil,” and “Esc√°pate,” each of which reached Billboard charts.

In 2014 and 2015 the young artist went on to be nominated for (and win) Latin Billboard Music Awards¬†New Artist of the Year, Premios Lo Nuestro¬†Regional Mexican Male Artist of the Year and Latin American Music Awards¬†Favorite Regional Mexican Male Artist. While Coronel hasn’t become a household name, he’s done pretty well for himself. So, what is Luis Coronel’s net worth?

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Luis Coronel’s Net Worth

Luis Coronel's net worthCelebrity Net Worth estimates Luis Coronel’s net worth to be around $2 million, while other sources estimate his net worth to be closer to $3 million. His annual income is estimated to sit around $360K, all of which he earns through his singing career and, like so many other young people, YouTube.

Yes. Not only is Coronel able to rake in cash through single sales, ticket sales and concerts, he is also able to reap the benefits of being a YouTube entertainer. YouTubers are able to rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year just through the views they are able to get. (Find out how much YouTubers make.)

Outside of his fairly new music career and YouTube, Coronel’s net worth doesn’t have many more sources of income funneling into it. It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for Coronel to receive (and accept) endorsement deals in the future, once his career gains more momentum.¬†He has only been in the music business for about five years now so don’t be surprised if you begin to hear and see Coronel’s name more in the years to come.

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