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26 Week Money Challenge

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26 week money challenge
A few years ago when I first heard about internet challenges I thought to myself, “This is just another thing for people to go on different social media to brag about.” However, I’ve embarked on a number of my own internet challenges since then and know what kind of results they can bring. Whether it be a fitness challenge or a money challenge, these small internet challenges have helped millions of people reach goals. That’s what made me want to create my very own 26 week money challenge.

What is a Money Challenge?

Before learning about the 26 week money challenge, you should know what a money challenge is. Money challenges are a wide range of internet challenges available to help people save more money. Many people started with the 365 Day Money Challenge or the 52 Week Money Challenge. These money challenges usually have you save a certain amount of money each day or week and slowly increase it over time. Others began to design their own personally tailored money challenges, like I did.

The 26 Week Money Challenge

When you hear the words “26 Week Money Challenge” you may think of the bi-weekly money challenge outlined here. However, this version of the 26 Week Money Challenge simply takes place over half a year (or 26 weeks). Like other money challenges, you can start it during any time of the year and simply follow the week-by-week organizational chart below. (I’ve filled it out with my first 26 Week Money Challenge, based on a $1,000 per week salary).

26 Week Money Challenge
Unlike many other money challenges, the 26 Week Money Challenge helps you increase the amount you save week-by-week through percentages instead of dollar amounts. Week one you’ll save 1% of your week’s salary, 2% week two, 3% week three and so on. After the end of the 26 Week Money Challenge you’ll be saving approximately a quarter of your salary (which is a commonly recommended gauge on how much you¬†should¬†be saving). After the challenge is over you can simply continue saving what you were at the end of the challenge (what you worked up to being able to save).

Click here for a blank, downloadable version of the 26 Week Money Challenge.

Other Money Challenges to Try

If the 26 Week Money Challenge above doesn’t seem like it’s for you, don’t worry. No one’s financial needs are the same. There are plenty of other money challenges out there for you to try. Over the years, internet users have adjusted the original money challenges to better suit their saving needs. Here are just a few money challenges you can try:

It seems like there’s a money challenge out there for everybody.¬†No matter what way you decide to do it, making the decision to save money is one of the most important decisions you’ll make… even if it’s just a couple dollars a day.¬†Have you ever tried a money challenge? Did you have success?¬†

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