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What is Connor Franta’s Net Worth?

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Connor Franta's Net Worth
Almost everyone has a favorite web personality these days. Whether they have your attention on Twitter or you subscribe to their blog, more and more people are touching the lives of others through the web. One of the biggest platforms for web personalities to rise to stardom is YouTube.

Many people have built their entire career around the video streaming site. Connor Franta is one of those people.¬†Franta has been able to use the site to grow his audience and entertain millions of people worldwide. What does that mean for the young star’s net worth?

Connor Franta’s Profile:

Net worth in 2017: $3 million
Profession: Entertainer, web personality
Age: 24
Source Of Wealth: Vlogging, writing
Residence: West Hollywood, California
Citizenship: U.S. Citizen
Marital Status: Single
Education:¬†Saint John’s University

About Connor Franta

Before we jump into Connor Franta’s net worth you should know a bit about his career and the hard work he put into his YouTube channel to get where he is today. Franta was born on September 12, 1992 in Wisconsin. He and his family moved to Minnesota shortly after he was born, which is where he spent most of his life.

Franta was raised Catholic and even attended a Catholic high school and, later, a Catholic university. It was during high school that Franta started his YouTube channel though. When he graduated and continued on to Saint John’s University in 2011 Franta studied business with a minor in art (film specific), which proved to be helpful in what would be an explosive YouTube career.

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Connor Franta’s¬†Career

Connor Franta's Net Worth Franta put out his first YouTube video in August 2010 (his senior year in high school). Since then he has been able to accrue¬†more than¬†355 million views and over 5.58¬†million subscribers on his YouTube chanel. He went on to Saint John’s University when he began to pursue a degree in business. When he returned for his second year he added his art minor in film.

During his second year in college Franta also joined a Youtube collaboration channel called Our2ndLife. Franta joined fellow YouTubers Kian Lawley, Trevor Moran, Justin Caylen, Ricky Dillon and Sam Pottorff on the channel for two years. In 2014, Franta parted ways with the channel citing personal differences as the reason for his departure.

Not many people had their attention on that in 2014 though. Not when it came to Franta anyway. In 2014, Franta released a six-minute “Coming Out” video, coming out to the public as gay. His video inspired millions of people around the world. During the same year the young star was also nominated for his first Teen Choice Award (Web Star: Male). Though he lost to Tyler Oakley, his influence on the web did not go unnoticed.

2014 also provided Franta with the opportunity to release his first compilation album “Crown Vol. 1.” The album was a compilation of new artists that Franta believed to be worthy of showcasing. He also launched a fundraising campaign called The Thirst Project, which helps build water wells in Swaziland.

His growth continued on into 2015 and 2016 as well. Both years he was nominated for numerous awards and in 2016 he won the “Favorite YouTube Star” category at the People’s Choice Awards. He also released three more compilation albums over the two years and began his own small line of clothing.

And it doesn’t stop there. Franta also launched his own line of coffee called Common Culture Coffee in 2015. The coffee has done relatively well and $1 of each bag purchased goes back to The Thirst Project. As if that wasn’t enough he also released his first book “A Work in Progress.” He traveled the United States promoting the memoir and landed himself on the New York Times Bestseller list with 200,000 copies sold worldwide.

In 2017 he has continued his charity work and work on YouTube. He also released a second memoir called “Note to Self” in April which will likely turn out to be another profitable endeavor. So, how much has all of this hard work and determination paid off?

Connor Franta’s Net Worth

Connor Franta’s net worth is estimated to be about $3 million. What made Franta so successful is his ability to diversify his earnings. He hasn’t relied solely on any one channel of income. Of course the 24-year-old star got his start on YouTube (and still makes substantial money there) but he has branched out to having his own albums, coffee, clothing line and memoirs¬† – all of which has led to having a net worth in the millions. Check out one of Connor’s videos that has contributed to his success below.

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