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Stop Being Broke (Three Easy Steps)

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stop being broke
Being chronically broke is one of the worst feelings in the world. It seems like you can never get caught up and all you ever do with your money is pay bills. Well, there are ways to overcome being broke.

While it is easy to become negative and want to give up it is important to seek new and innovative ways to save money and generate more cash. If you truly want to change your current financial situation it’ll take work but IT IS possible. Here’s how…

How to Stop Being Broke: Three Easy Steps

Maybe you’re having money trouble because you spend too much eating out or you don’t stick to a budget. Other individuals may have had a situation that was completely out of their control. Whatever the reason may be you’ve got to start trying to improve your finances.

If you’re ready to overcome your money problems you’ve got a ton of simple ways to improve your financial situation. In fact, you can improve your finances by taking these three simple steps:

1.Pay Attention

If you’re having trouble with money or find yourself being chronically broke you should pay more attention. Turn your attention to your budget and bills.

First, you’ll probably need to create a budget. Two-thirds of Americans don’t have a budget or don’t stick to their current plan. If you’re having trouble generating a budget there are tons of tools available to help you.

One great tool available is Personal Capital. Using the website or the app you can look at a snapshot of your finances as a whole. You can track your spending and see where you can and can’t make cuts in your budget. And, once you’ve gotten past your financial struggle, you can use Personal Capital to track investments and plan for your retirement.

You will also want to get a good idea of what you credit score is and what kind of debt you have to pay off. Having debt looming over your head can hurt your finances over time. You can use an app like Credit Karma to help you monitor and pay off your debt as well as improve your credit score.

2. Find a Side Hustle

Another great way to improve your finances is to simply make more money. Maybe you can try and negotiate a raise with your boss but if that’s out of the question you can seek out a side hustle or a way to make more money.

One of the best and newest ways to make money is through Uber. Uber drivers can make a substantial amount of money if they are available to drive pretty often. If you are looking for a way to make extra cash you can pick and choose when you work through Uber.

Another great side hustle people have been trying more recently is taking surveys online. One great way to make money taking surveys is through Survey Junkie. Use this link to get started earning cash with them today.

3. Discover New Ways to Save

If you’re tracking your finances well and have found some ways to generate extra money and still aren’t feeling financially sound, don’t worry. Now it is time to save.

Usually when giving financial advice saving should be first but if you’re flat broke or climbing out of a financial struggle you’ll want to save later on after you’ve gained stability again. If you’re not sure who to save or if you’ll be able to save much money at all, don’t worry. There are a ton of great way stop save out there.

If you shop online, for instance, Paribus will scan your inbox for receipts and make sure you got the best deal. Because many companies offer price matches and competitor’s prices Paribus will go back and make sure you got your guaranteed price. Download Paribus and see how much you can save.

Another great financial tool is Digit. The app links with your bank account and determines how much money you could be saving. It then makes small withdrawals (that you barely notice) and places it in savings for you. You don’t have to lift a finger. Download and start saving today!

If you’re having a rough time financially you’re not alone but there is still plenty you can do to improve your situation. These three simple steps can help you be well on your way to recovery. Will you try them?

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