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10 Best Frugal Living Blogs

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Frugal living blogs are all over the internet, making it difficult to keep up with every single one. But how do you choose which blogs to follow? Check out this list of the ten best frugal living blogs and what makes them so great.

1. WiseBread

WiseBread has been around for a while, and age certainly keeps them on top of their game. From life hacks to career advice, they have it all, entirely dedicated to their motto: Living large on a small budget. Their practical advice on a variety of finance-related topics is sure to keep you interested and informed.

2. Money Saving Mom

It is no surprise that many frugal living blogs are run by moms. This mom in particular focuses much of her blog on finding coupons and deals. She also provides grocery lists and menu plans, adding a touch of personal experience to her practical advice.

3. Mavis Butterfield’s One Hundred Dollars A Month

If you are looking for a frugal living blog driven by personal experience, look no further! With recipes, crafts, gardening tips, daily deals, and money saving advice, One Hundred Dollars a Month offers a variety of resources and tips for the frugal liver. You can rest easy knowing that all of this advice is tried and tested by Mavis herself!

4. Living Well Spending Less

This blog is quite the eye-catcher, and that is a good thing. This blog covers four major topics: food, life, home, and money. It offers financial planning advice, as well as accompanying tutorials with free downloads. The blog also sells a Living Well Planner created by the founder, Ruth.

5. Budget and the Bees

This blog offers practical and varied financial advice, covering topics from money to travel. It is a great one-stop-shop for those seeking practical financial advice.

6. Money Crashers

Money Crashers posts articles in a variety of categories and from a variety of writers. Whether you are a busy mom or an artist looking to sell your work online, this blog has an article for you.

7. SquawkFox

The coolest thing about SquawkFox is that the blogger, Kerry K. Taylor, is not just a blogger. Taylor has been around almost as long as Wise Bread, and has an amazing career background in finance advice. She is a speaker and a consumer expert. She has done TED Talks, has her own YouTube channel, and even wrote a book on saving money. If you are looking for professional advice, SquawkFox is definitely the place to get it.

8. The Simple Dollar

One unique thing about this blog is that it is male-driven. Many frugal living blogs are run by women who run their own households, leading to posts about dinner recipes, updating their kids’ bedrooms, and the like. While these are all fantastic and useful topics, it is refreshing to have a varied perspective. This blog is simple and streamlined, offering frugal living and financial advice, as well as a variety of guides to help you navigate the financial world.

9. Our Debt Free Family

This blog offers fantastic personal finance advice, but perhaps its best treasure is the blog’s toolkit. From forums to calculators to suggested reading, this is a goldmine of useful finance tools.

10. Fun Cheap or Free

Last, but certainly not least, Fun Cheap or Free offers a unique perspective on a fun and frugal life. While also offering free printables and fantastic budgeting advice, this blog’s shining star is its experience-driven tips on how to have fun without breaking the bank.

These blogs offer a wonderful variety of frugal living and personal finance advice, all with their own unique perspectives. Among them, you are sure to find the perfect one for you.

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