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Is Costco Open on July 4th 2017?

By , July 1st, 2017 | One Comment

Costco Closed July 4th
If you go solely by the advertisements on TV, you would think Independence Day was an occasion to celebrate shopping and consumerism. While the vast majority of retailers are on TV shouting about all the great bargains they have as part of their the Fourth of July sales, Costco is one of only a few major retailers which keeps its doors closed on the holiday. As part of the Costco holiday schedule, all warehouse stores will be closed on Tuesday, July 4th to observe the holiday.

Costco gives employees the chance to spend time with their family and friends on a number of federal holidays when most other retailers remain open. While this is great news for those who work at Costco, it can cause confusion for those who want to shop at the retailer since most stores remain open on the holiday. Since there are a lot of people want to shop at the Costco warehouses to stock up on supplies for ¬†the Fourth of July holiday, it’s important for them to plan ahead so they don’t find themselves at a closed warehouse on Independence Day.

Is Costco open on Independence Day?

No, Costco is not open on Fourth of July. There is no such thing as a Costco Independence Day sale because the warehouse is closed for this holiday. For those who are planning to have friends and family over for the unofficial first day of summer, they need to stock up on supplies before July 4, 2017, if they want to purchase items at Costco warehouses.

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Is Costco open on July 4th Weekend?

Yes, Costco is open on Independence Day Weekend and the day before and after. While the warehouses will be closed on Tuesday, July 4, they will be open for regular business the days before and after for all those who need to purchase items in the store. They will keep their normal hours on July 3rd and July 5th.

Are Costco gas stations open on Independence Day?

No, Costco gas stations aren’t open on Independence Day. Just like the warehouses, Costco gas stations will observe the same holiday schedule as the stores to which they are attached. While Costco gas stations often have extended hours compared to the warehouses, they do not open on holidays when the warehouses are closed. If you need to fill up you car or another vehicle with quality gas for the holiday, you will want to do it before July 4.

Will Costco.com be available?

Yes, Costco.com will be available on Tuesday. Costco.com will be running as usual on the Fourth of July. However, keep in mind that any deliveries may be thrown off by the holiday as USPS workers have the day off. You will be able to place orders on the wholesale retailer’s website and look at what they have available in stores on Tuesday¬†though.

Do you have any additional information regarding Costco’s Independence¬†Day schedule? Please, let us know. Drop your information in the comments.

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