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Is Target Open on July 4th 2017?

By , July 1st, 2017 | One Comment

Target Open July 4th
Have you ever driven to your favorite store, walked up to the door and found out it is closed? When federal holidays come around in the United States, there is often confusion as to what is open and what is closed. Only federal employees are guaranteed a day off of work, however, retail stores and other privately owned places get to decide whether or not they will stay open.

Retail stores, like Target, Walmart and Costco decide individually whether they will stay open. Some stores observe some holidays while they ignore others. This leaves many consumers wondering whether their favorite stores will be open or not. With Independence Day on Tuesday, July 4, many people are wondering whether Target will be open or not.

Is Target Open on Independence Day?

Yes, Target is open on the Fourth of July. Target will remain open on Independence Day for those who like to take advantage of holiday sales. The Fourth of July is also a great day for sales, so if you love saving money at Target, the stores will be open. There are only two days during the year when Target stores close (Easter and Christmas), and they remain open the other 363 days a year.

Shopping Target Independence Day Sales

When shopping sale events, the most important thing to remember is that a deal is never a deal if you purchase something which you weren’t planning to purchase in the first place. It doesn’t matter how much of a discount you can get on the item. Discounts are only true savings if you buy something you were already planning to purchase and use.

With this in mind, there may be some quality items you can purchase at a discount at the Target Independence Day sale. As part of their sale this year, they are discounting summer home decor, summer clothing, grills and accessories, patriotic items (clothing, fireworks, etc.), outdoor items and swimwear.

For those who are looking for deep discounts, you can look on the clothing racks for the last of the American flag-print clothing which the store will be trying to get rid of so it doesn’t have to inventory it. In fact, anything remaining from winter may be discounted as much as 75% or more off its original retail price.

Will Target.com be available?

Because Target’s hours will not be affected by the federal holiday, Target.com will be running business-as-usual on Fourth of July. However, expect deliveries from Friday on to be slightly delayed. USPS workers have off on the Fourth of July which means no packages or mail will be delivered on Tuesday.

If you have a question about Target’s hours or sales over the Independence Day weekend, check their website. You can also keep a lookout in the mail this week for a flyer from Target or give your local store a call.

Do you have any further information about Target’s holiday schedule or Independence Day sales? Leave your thoughts and additional information in the comments.

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