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Taylor Momsen’s Net Worth

By , June 29th, 2017 | One Comment

Taylor Momsen's net worth

Do you ever wonder what happens to child stars later in life? Some of them continue to live in the spotlight, while others may choose to live more low-key lives in adulthood. Taylor Momsen, who you may remember as Cindy Lou Who from Dr. Seuss’ “How The Grinch Stole Christmas,” chose the former rather than the latter.

You’ve probably not heard her name too recently, unless you listen to mainstream rock that is.¬†Momsen is currently a members of the band “The Pretty Reckless.” How has her acting, modeling and now music careers all contributed to Taylor Momsen’s net worth?

Taylor Momsen’s Profile:

Net worth in 2017: $4 million
Profession: Acting, modeling, performing
Age: 23
Source Of Wealth: Entertainment career
Residence: St. Louis, Missouri
Citizenship: U.S. Citizen
Marital Status: Single
Education: Professional Performing Arts School

About Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen was born on July 26, 1993 in St. Louis, Missouri where she resides to this day. She spent most of her childhood in-and-out of school. Her parents both decided they wanted their child to be in the spotlight at a young age.

At the age of two she became one of the Ford Models. By the time she was four years old Momsen landed a commercial for Shake n’ Bake and was soon cast in her first film role “The Prophet’s Game.” In 2000, when she was just seven, Momsen got her big break in acting when she landed the part of Cindy Lou Who.

From then on Momsen was able to land acting and modeling deals without much of a hassle. She went on to appear in “Hansel and Gretel,” “Spy Kids 2” and was even considered for the part of Hannah Montana before Miley Cyrus was cast for the role.

Throughout her acting career Momsen was also continuing a modeling career. She was signed to IMG Models at the age of 14 and has been the face of multiple fashion lines since.¬†Momsen left St. Louis to attend high school at the Professional Performing Arts School in Manhattan. Her career continues to excel today while she hits the road with her band “The Pretty Reckless.” So, how has her career impacted her overall finance?

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Taylor Momsen’s Net Worth

Taylor Momsen's net worthIt is estimated that Taylor Momsen’s net worth is about $4 million. Her net worth isn’t as high as some other childhood stars. Macaulay Culkin from “Home Alone,” for instance, has a net worth of $15 million. It is fair to say that Momsen was never as famous as Culkin though so what contributed to her net worth of millions?

The bulk of Momsen’s current estimated net worth stems from money she has been banking and her work with her band. Momsen has made substantial amounts of money over the years through modeling and endorsements. Now she is able to focus on something that makes her happy, which is her music.

Since 2014 Momsen’s main focus has been the band. “The Pretty Reckless” released an album in October 2016. Momsen and her crew are continuing work on the road and in the studio as well. Do’t be surprised if you see even more Taylor Momsen in the future.

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