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Gemma Godfrey’s Net Worth

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Gemma Godfrey's net worth

Have you ever heard of Moola? It is a personal finance firm that helps individuals grow their wealth over time. The firm has become quite successful throughout the years. Gemma Godfrey, founder and CEO of Moola, has become equally successful alongside her company.

Throughout the years she has appeared on SkyNews, the Celebrity Apprentice and CNBC.  She has even been named one of the most powerful women in London. How has that effected Gemma Godfrey’s net worth?

Gemma Godfrey’s Profile:

Net worth in 2017: $3.5 million
Profession: Money management
Source Of Wealth: Finance, Founder/CEO of Moola, Producing careers
Residence: London, United Kingdom
Citizenship: U.K. Citizen
Marital Status: Married; Wayne Marc Godfrey
Education: University of Leeds

About Gemma Godfrey

Saying that Gemma Godfrey is simply a financial advisor does not do her justice. As  previously mentioned, Godfrey also founded a company (Moola), she’s produced films and even appeared on multiple television shows throughout her career. To top it off Godfrey has even earned the title “quantum physicist” after some work she’s done on the subject.

The success story got her start in wealth management at Goldman Sachs. Godfrey went on to take on various roles in different finance companies, including Brooks MacDonald, Credo Capital and CLU School of Management.

Her biggest success by far has been the creation of Moola though. Moola is one of the top ten Fintech companies. The company is focused on helping individuals grow their wealth in the easiest, quickest and most efficient way possible. Moola provides online investment opportunities for many starting investors.

Since the company launched Godfrey and her team has been able to help others truly build wealth. How has that been able to help her wealth?

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Gemma Godfrey’s Net Worth

Gemma Godfrey's net worthThrough her successful finance career Gemma Godfrey’s net worth is estimated to be $3.5 million. Not all of her wealth has come from her career in finance though. In fact, Godfrey has been able to grab money from multiple different sources, including a “side career” in producing and discoveries in quantum physics.

It should be stressed that $3.5 million is only Godfrey’s estimated net worth. There may be income or debts that aren’t available to the public. The bulk of her earnings have stemmed from her career in wealth management, of course. Her career has been focused in finance for the most part.

What many people may not realize is that Godfrey has also produced a few films that increased her cash flow. Her husband, Wayne, is a film producer. When the couple got married Godfrey decided to play her hand at producing films of her very own.

Godfrey plans to continue learning and earning through her current projects, including continuing work with her company Moola (what will eventually be her legacy). She’s also fairly young so don’t be surprised if you see Godfrey rises even higher on the ladder of wealth in the years to come.

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Photos: Brummell Magazine and GemmaGodfrey.com

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