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How Much Does First Time Bike Insurance Cost?

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first time bike insurance

Insurance is one of the most important purchases you’ll make. Whether it be health insurance, auto insurance or life insurance, having protection will help you keep peace of mind as well as insure your future and the future’s of those you love.

If you are purchasing insurance for the first time you want to make sure you are getting the best coverage for the best price (especially if you spent a lot of money buying the car, etc in the first place). So, what about first time bike insurance? How much does it cost and where can you get the cheapest coverage?

How to Find Good First Time Bike Insurance

Finding good insurance is fairly easy. There are a number of ways you can find first time bike insurance (or any other insurance). Most people hit the internet to find good insurance rates these days. If you don’t want to search on the web you can also:

  • Call insurance companies for quotes and make a comparison sheet.
  • Contact a local agent and see what kind of deal they can make for you.
  • Bundle your first time bike insurance with your other insurance policies (renters, auto, etc.).
  • Compare your quotes online. Many sites provide across-the-board comparisons on coverage from different companies.

Where to Buy First Time Bike Insurance

Sure, finding insurance seems to be pretty easy but where do you find good first time bike insurance? Well, the answer isn’t black-and-white. For this type of insurance you’ll likely want to look locally. Motorcycle laws different from state-to-state so the insurance company may differ on price depending on where you live and what the safety laws are. For instance, in a state with no helmet law you may pay more than in a state that requires a helmet.

Like other types of insurance you can also get online and compare first time bike insurance. is one of the best sites to use to compare insurance prices across the board. Some bike insurances cost as little as $19 per month!

Cheapest First Time Bike Insurance

Maybe you don’t want to compare prices across the board. Maybe you’d just prefer to know where the cheapest first time bike insurance prices can be found. Here are the five cheapest places to get bike insurance:

  1. Check out The site provides some of the lowest rates in your area. You can compare coverage (state minimum vs. full coverage).
  2. Direct also offers great first time bike insurance. You can get it for a lower price and bundle your other insurances with it as well.
  3. Check locally. Local agents can offer you some of the best deals on insurance. See if your local AllState office (or other insurance company) has any good deals.
  4. Call The General. The General Insurance is some of the cheapest insurances around. It isn’t available everywhere though so you’ll want to check if The General is available in your state.
  5. Do you have insurance now? If you already have some type of insurance it can be cheaper to purchase your first time bike insurance through your current company. Give them a call and see.

Buying insurance can be stressful, especially if you have a budget to stick to. Don’t let finding first time bike insurance stress you out. Use the helpful tips and links above to help find your perfect match!

Have you purchased first time bike insurance? What did you pay? 

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