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5 Tips to Help You Start Your Own E-Commerce Store from Your Garage

By , June 15th, 2017 | No Comments

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The e-commerce world is tough to survive in no matter what niche you choose to delve into as there are many problems that can arise. The main problem most store owners have is that they try and do too much too soon and they end up facing the consequences when they have hefty recurring storage fees to pay for. That’s why many other entrepreneurs choose to build their businesses from their own garage and work their way up to test their business model is working. However, starting a business from a garage environment isn’t always easy and you’ll find there are other problems that come into play. If you’re looking to start an online store from the comfort of your own garage, pay special attention to the following tips to ensure you do it right the first time.

Make Sure Your Garage is Safe and Secure

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling computer components or air fresheners, it’s always important to consider the security of your garage before you start storing inventory there. Have a look at extra garage door security and if you have another entry door into the garage, make sure that’s securely locked too. It’s not just the security of your garage that you need to be wary of either, just remember you are storing products in there so it’s up to you to make sure your garage is fully waterproof and the blistering heat or cold temperatures don’t damage your stock.

Start Off Small

Your garage space is very limited so there isn’t much point in buying a huge amount of stock that isn’t going to give you any space to work with when it comes to packing products. Getting a bigger discount on a bulk order is always the way forward in business, but if you don’t have the space, it just isn’t going to be possible for you to take advantage of it.

Invest in the Right Accessories

Just because you’re operating a business from your own garage doesn’t mean you shouldn’t provide a professional service. Invest in the right accessories such as tape dispensers, branded business stickers, label printers and other accessories that will help you operate with more efficiency – and it will also make consumers think you are operating in a professional warehouse environment. Accessories aren’t that expensive so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t invest in them.

Take Advantage of Bedroom Space

As stated above, garage space is very limited but there’s nothing wrong in taking advantage of some of the extra space in the house. You could just use your garage as a place to store your goods and you could use a small space in the house that will let you pack products professionally. You need to give yourself more chance in the e-commerce world and eventually you will want to buy more inventory and take advantage of bulk discounts that will give you bigger profit margins. You’re not going to be able to do it all from your garage so you will need to store inventory in-house too.

Don’t Think of Your Garage as a Long-Term Solution for Your Business

A lot of smaller businesses operating from a garage space don’t make a business plan and end up hitting a brick wall later down the line. Have a business plan and make sure you only think of your garage space as a short-term solution rather than a working environment for an established business. Eventually, you will have consumers questioning your professionalism and seriousness to succeed in the business, so it’s important you get out of your garage as quickly as possible into a professional working environment.

If you need some inspiration when it comes to starting a business from your own garage just have a look at what Sam Ovens did. Granted, three of his first garage-based businesses failed, but he kept motivated and it was his fourth business that rewarded him as a multi-millionaire. This just goes to show that if you have the determination to succeed, you’ll be able to follow suit.

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