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How to Buy McDonald’s Stock

By , June 15th, 2017 | 2 Comments »

If you're looking to purchase McDonald's stock this post will walk you through how to do that step by step.
McDonald’s is one of the largest companies in the world. The company has locations in just about every country and makes billions of dollars each year. McDonald’s does a great job of keeping its customers and stockholders engaged as well. There are constantly new promotions and ideas being launched within the company and, if there’s a lag, the McRib can always come back.

Because MD’s is such a popular and successful restaurant many people want to know how to buy McDonald’s stock.¬†If you’ve never bought stock before, below is a step by step guide on how to buy McDonald’s stock.

How to Buy McDonald’s Stock

There are many ways you can buy McDonalds stock. You can contact your local brokerage or buy it through one of the many online brokerage websites. You can also go through the McDonald’s site itself. If you’re looking to buy McDonald’s stock you may want to check out an online brokerage company.

Picking the right brokerage company for your needs can be difficult. If you are a more active trader you may want to search for a broker with lower fees, or maybe you are a trader that likes to hold on to their stock and need a company with no transaction fees at all.

Most online brokerage companies charge a fee of $5 to $10 for handling your investments. You can even begin trading with some more traditional companies like Scottrade, Fidelity and Charles Scwab. The online broker I’d recommend for buying McDonald’s stock, however, is Ally.

Ally is a great place to start trading,¬†especially if you’re looking at a specific stock. The company prides itself on providing traders with all the tools they need to become a do-it-yourself trader. Another great thing about Ally is that there is no account opening minimum and they keep all of their fees extremely low. ¬†You pay a flat $4.95 for Stock and ETF Trades, $0.65 + $4.95 base for Options trading and $1 on bonds (minimum of $10 for bonds trading).

If you’re interested in how to buy McDonald’s stock through Ally you’ll want to set up an account for yourself. Ally provides research materials and various other tools for all of its traders so if you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. They’ve got you covered.

Once you’ve set up your account you can begin searching for McDonald’s stock and any other stock you may be interested in. You’ll want to set up either a one-time purchase of stock or a recurring monthly amount. Currently to stock price of McDonald’s is over $150.

After You Invest

Once you’ve figured out how to buy McDonald’s stock you can begin investing elsewhere too. Ally offers its investors great trading options with a plethora of successful companies (and it takes way less time than a traditional broker). Making your first investment¬†is exciting. Remember, even if it is only a little bit every month it is better than nothing at all. Open an Ally Invest account today,¬†your wallet will thank you!

Have you invested in McDonald’s stock? How did you do it?¬†

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  • Phil says:

    I’m so glad Loyal3 came on the scene. I love that there are no transaction fees. Definitely beats the $7 transaction fee I was paying with Sharebuilder.

  • Miquel says:

    Thanks for the steps, very informative article,i will follow up.


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