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An Overview of Meijer Coupons and Reward Programs

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Grocery shopping is something everyone has to do at some point in time. We all have to eat. When it comes to budgeting though the grocery bill is usually one of the first to get cut. You can almost always trim your grocery bill by using coupons, rewards programs and shopping various deals.

Meijer customers are always looking for a good deal. With the current coupons and rewards programs available, they don’t do too bad. But what Meijer coupons and rewards programs are out there?

Meijer Coupons

Most stores accept manufacturer coupons but some stores, like Meijer, have store-specific coupons. Meijer coupons are a great way to save even more when you’re shopping. There are a plethora of places to find them online too.¬†Some of the best Meijer coupons online can be found at Coupon Mom. You can also visit Meijer Coupon Deals or to get even more savings at Meijer.

If you’re wondering what kind of Meijer coupons are circulating out there you’ll find BOGO deals, a dollar amount of percentage off certain products, Meijer-specific deals (for rewards members) and of course weekly coupons and deals for more savings. You can also use manufacturer’s coupons. In fact, Meijer will double your manufacturer’s coupons up to $1. The company also accepts many competitor coupons (though you’ll want to call ahead and verify before heading there for shopping).

Meijer Rewards Programs

Meijer coupons aren’t¬†the only way you can save at the grocer. Meijer’s¬†rewards program is another great way to save. Here is how the Meijer Rewards Program works and how it can save you money:

Meijer’s mPerks Coupons

One of Meijer’s great rewards programs is called mPerks. mPerks uses your phone number to establish an account and when you’re checking out at Meijer you simply enter your number and any coupons you have on your account will be applied to your purchase. These mPerks coupons can be used on just about anything including baby items, clothing, dairy, furniture, product, meat and a number of other items.

Meijer MealBox Coupons

Another program available for Meijer customers is Meijer MealBox. MealBox allows you to print¬†store coupons¬†online. The best part of the MealBox coupons is that you can also stack them with manufacturer’s coupons. You won’t need to sign up like with mPerks. Simply check for new MealBox coupons before you leave.

When you’re trying to access Meijer coupons for MealBox go to the website and click on the “Specials” tab. You should find it on the right side of the page. Add items you plan on buying to your list and print the coupons out before you head out shopping.

Other Meijer Rewards

Personalized Meijer coupons are available too. You can get personalized rewards after you’ve spent a certain amount of money at the store. For instance, you’ll receive a coupon for $5 off when you spend $50 on produce if you buy a lot of produce at Meijer. You can track this, like many other Meijer rewards, through your mPerks account.

Baby Rewards is another Meijer rewards programs that the store offers. Once you’ve spent $100 on baby products at Meijer you earn a $10 off coupon for baby products. Like other rewards, you can track it through your mPerks account.

Pharmacy Rewards are another great reward program offered by Meijer. Each time you fill a prescription at Meijer you get a credit. Every credit you earn you can receive new Meijer coupons for the grocery store as well as Meijer gas stations.

If you are interested in checking out Meijer, its coupons or its great rewards programs, find the store nearest you.

Have you used Meijer coupons or rewards? How did you benefit? 

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