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Ways to Save in the Bedroom

By , June 12th, 2017 | No Comments

Our main objective is to save money wherever we can. This is why we are reading, and writing, this blog. When we are shopping or in our homes, our minds can’t help but wonder, “Am I wasting too much money here?” You may be in your bedroom.

There are some obvious areas where too much money is being spent in the bedroom, and some that slip right under your back. Here’s what we’ve found.

What about your mattress?

There are many ways in which this one item in your bedroom is costing you a great deal of money. One of them could be excessive medical bills. Have you been suffering from back pain and heading to the doctor or the immediate care for help? This could be due to a bad mattress. Or maybe you already have a medical disorder like scoliosis, which is a situation when your spine curves abnormally, and you may find your condition is worsening. This is one of those “not so obvious” areas you can save that we are talking about.

You might need a new mattress. Of course, spending money may not seem like the best way to save, but, in the long run you will improve your condition, whatever it may be. If you have a curvature of your spine, we suggest you look into a mattress for scoliosis. These specialty mattress is a smart decision for saving money because, once you spend some time on it, you will find a more comfortable night’s sleep that doesn’t lead you back to spend more money on the doctor.

Turn it off

Let’s start with your lights. Are you a person who forgets to turn them off? This is one of those obvious areas we were talking about. Shut them off. Some sources say that it can cost nearly seventy-five cents for every hour that one light bulb is left on.

What about the television? Do you have on in your bedroom and fall asleep to it only to be woken up a few hours later to a flickering light? Leaving it on can drive up that electric bill that has also been sucking up the excess of the lights left on.

Get new bedding

Here is another area of our post that seems to be more of a “what can cost you money” idea rather than emphasizing on the saving. Yet, saving money does not mean that you have to use that afghan your grandmother crocheted when you were nine as your bedspread. Just because you are thrifty does not mean you have to sleep in a room that doesn’t have an aesthetic appeal. There are many ways you can give your boudoir a makeover without breaking the bank.

Refurnish from thrifting

If your dresser or mirror or headboard is dilapidated and you need new but just can’t part with the amount of money department stores are asking for new furniture, why not check out some slightly used items? These can be found at the Salvation Army, Goodwill, other used furniture stores in your area, or online stores like Craigslist and Ebay.

A good deal of people buy new furniture before the old really gets old. This is where we come in a claim the treasure.

Look for coupons

Check out the white sales or clearance racks in the department stores or online. Some of these chain stores offer coupons if you sign up for their email list. If you use a coupon while shopping at a sale the savings could double. It’s all up to you. Saving money is great, but to get there, sometimes there is research involved.

Cover it up

We spoke about your grandma’s crocheted afghan and realize, comforters are not cheap. Yet, you might be a person who desires not only to have attractive bedding, but you wish that you can change it up every now and then, even though you don’t want to spend a lot doing it.

This is where a duvet comes in handy. Made to canvas expensive down comforters, these covers can work on any comforter when they begin to look worn out. Duvets can get pricey as well do keep your eyes out for those sales.

It’s not just for kids

Check out the children’s department the next time you are shopping for bedding. Sure, you will have to look past the superhero sheets, but some have “adult patterns.” Not only that, the bedding in those departments is significantly cheaper. If you have a king size bed this option will not work for you since this size is not made for children’s rooms.

Take care

All of these money saving ideas won’t mean much if your new duvet cover gets a tear in it. It is suggested that bedding should be cleaned once a week for better overall cleanliness and caretaking. Maybe air dry your sheets in the warmer climates and seasons, so you can not only get the fresh scent only a clothes line will bring, but you will save on your electric bill there as well.

Don’t stop in your room

If you live alone, then there is only one bedroom to be concerned with, but if you have a family, then do you know how much money is slipping out through their doors? Make sure your kids are shutting the lights off when they leave their rooms and don’t leave any of their devices on.

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