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Do You Tip House Painters?

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Do You Tip House Painters
Whether or not to tip a professional is always a difficult decision. Of course you should tip at restaurants and bars (most of those employees make minimum wage or less) but what about other professions? Do you tip house painters?

Tipping ‘Rules’

There are no official rules as to how you should tip or even when you should or shouldn’t. Tipping is still very much optional. Regardless of it not being a requirement though, people still tip. They even tip people they are already paying¬†a ton for a job they are doing.

Generally people tip employees who are in a service industry of sorts. This includes people like your hairdresser, waitresses, gas station attendants and even movers. However, tipping other professionals, like house painters or even a carpenter, really is a choice. Usually if you are going to tip a professional like this it is out of generosity or to demonstrate your appreciation of a job well done.

There are professions where tips have become customary, like a hair stylist or your technician at the nail salon. So, what about the folks painting your house? Should you tip the house painters?

Do You Tip House Painters?

I would but whether or not you decide to tip your house painters is completely up to you. If you tip your house painters it is usually because of a job well done (or completed early). Many people also tip if they plan on continuing to use the painter’s services. For example, if you are getting the exterior of your home painted and are also looking to paint the indoors in a few months, you may want to tip your house painters. This way they will come back and do another fantastic job!

How Much Should You Tip House Painters?

Typically a 15 to 20 percent tip is acceptable. You can decrease or increase the percentage based on your personal satisfaction. Many people also simply stick to a flat dollar stunt, depending on the job performed. If you’re unable to tip (but want to) many house painters and other professional also appreciate drinks or snacks while they are performing the work at your home (especially if it is hot).

One quarter of people who have had their homes painted have tipped the painters. The average tip for a house painter is $26. Many painters don’t expect a tip though so if you’re generous enough to give one, they’ll appreciate it!

Who Else Should You Tip?

Many people who wonder whether or not they should tip house painters may also wonder if tips for other professions are customary. Here are a few professions you may have wondered about:

  • Do you tip snow removers?¬†Hired snow removers get an average tip of $11. Only about 23 percent of customers tip snow removers.
  • Do you tip the pool boy?¬†If you have a pool service only about 18 percent of people tip the servicemen or woman that comes. The average tip is $11.
  • Do you tip electricians?¬†21 percent of customers tip their electrician (about $9 per visit).
  • Do you tip plumbers? 19 percent of people tip plumbers. The average tip is $13.
  • Do you tip the landscaper?¬†Landscapers or someone mowing your lawn may get a $6 tip (only 22 percent of people tip landscapers).
  • Do you tip movers?¬†About 26 percent of movers say they get tips (average of $17).
  • Do you tip window washers?¬†One third of customers tip their window washer about $7 per visit.
  • Do you tip the handyman?¬†18 percent of people tip their plumbers about $15 per visit (give or take a few dollars).
  • Do you tip a cleaning service?¬†28 percent of workers for a cleaning service receive tips ($12 average).

Do you tip house painters or any of the other professions mentioned? How do you decide how much to tip? Let us know in the comments!

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