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How to Earn Money From Home Without Investment

By , May 24th, 2017 | No Comments

Earn money from home without investment
You’ve probably heard about ItWorks, LuLaRoe and other multi-level-marketing companies. In fact, it seems like everyone on Facebook is trying to sell something. These individuals invest a certain amount of money in hopes to make even more in return (all while working from home on the computer).

Working from home seems like a dream, and it is for many people, but coming up with an initial investment for your work-from-home company can be hard. So, how do you earn money from home with no investment?

Earning Money From Home

Being able to work from home is a godsend to many people. If you have children or are looking to focus on starting your own business working from home can be the answer but oftentimes work from home jobs come at a cost. For example, you may have seen posts about ItWorks on social media. ItWorks sells weight loss and health products and you can become a salesperson for the company for $99. You then have to sell the product you receive to get your money back and break even (and eventually make profit).

These aren’t the only types of work-from-home jobs out there though. In fact, many positions are available from home. Below you’ll find just a few ways to earn money from home without investment.

Ways to Earn Money From Home (Without Investment)

Last year 24 percent of Americans did some or all of their work from home and most of them aren’t buying into companies like LuLaRoe and ItWorks. Here are ways to earn money from home without investment:

  • Freelancing –¬†Many people work from home as freelancers. You can blog, edit or do tasks for a flat fee. Some of the best places to find jobs like this are sites like Upwork and Fiverr.
  • Virtual Assistant –¬†Many companies hire remote virtual assistants. These employees usually handle emails, do some light website and social media work and it can pay quite well.
  • Find a Call Center –¬†Similar to the way they hire remote virtual assistants, companies also hire remote call center attendants.
  • Work for Amazon –¬†Amazon has a ton of great work-from-home positions. Check them out here.
  • Look for a¬†Data Entry Position –¬†Many data entry positions have been moved to work-from-home positions. You can search for remote data entry positions on sites like Indeed.
  • Create Websites –¬†If you have experience creating websites you already have a great way to earn money from home without investment.
    • Create Your Own For-Profit Site –¬†Create your own site and install advertisements to earn cash from home.
  • Start a Youtube Channel –¬†Many Youtubers make up to six figures a year. If you are able to identify a topic that will do well on Youtube you can make tons of money too.
  • Search for Remote Positions –¬†If you are searching for a job you can switch the location to “remote” or “telecommute.” Many other positions are available for you to work form home as well.

No matter what work from home job you choose you will have to make some sort of minimal investment (buying office equipment, etc.) but¬†you’ll¬†be able to write those contributions off on next year’s taxes. Minimal purchases¬†aside, there are a lot of really great ways to earn money from home without investment. Will you try one?

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