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Creating a Costco Grocery List

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Costco grocery list
Shopping can be a pain. You have to get everything together before heading out to the store, make sure you have your list, your grocery bags and then you have to actually deal with the grocery store. If you’re like I am you want to avoid going back for as long as possible. That’s why many people love shopping at Costco.

Costco allows you to buy many items in bulk, making it easier to wait longer between shopping trips. However, many Costco stores are large and can be overwhelming, which led me to write up a general Costco grocery list.

How to Create a Costco Grocery List

Creating a grocery list for a few weeks (or a month) can be daunting. You have to think about what meals you will have, what kitchen staples you may need and what items will and will not keep for long periods. To do this, many people have a calendar for meal planning. Additionally, you’ll want to keep a running list of things you need in the kitchen. (I keep mine on the fridge.) When you run out of something, you write it down on the pad for the next time you go to the store.

As far as what items will and will not keep for long periods you’ll have to take a few things into consideration. How much space do you have? If you have a deep freezer you can keep some items for much longer and can probably go longer without shopping. How much fresh produce do you buy? If you prefer fresh to frozen produce you may have to go shopping every week or two (these items won’t keep well).

So, if you’re headed to do your shopping at Costco what is the ideal Costco grocery list?

My Perfect Costco Grocery List

Of course, to shop at Costco you’ll need to purchase a Costco membership. (Learn more about Costco memberships here.) If you’ve already got your membership card in hand, you’re ready to head to Costco to start shopping. But first, grab your Costco grocery list.

Costco Grocery List

Below are the basic sections of the ideal Costco grocery list. From Costco trip to Costco trip your needs may change (based on your meal plans).

  • Bread – You can buy bread (all types) at Costco fairly cheap. And, if you have room in your freezer, you can buy a bulk amount and freeze what you aren’t immediately using.
  • Sandwich Makings – Sandwiches are an essential meal in my home and Costco is a great place to get what you need to make a good sandwich. You can shop for sandwich makings at the deli or in the refrigerator section of the store.
  • Snacks – Bulk snacks are another must-have on my Costco grocery list. You can purchase snacks like granola bars, chips, etc. in bulk so you won’t have to go shopping again any time soon.
  • Produce – Depending on the meals I am making, I may need to buy a certain amount of produce. To be sure the produce stays good I usually buy fresh produce once a week (or every other week).
  • Meats – Costco is a great place to buy bulk meat products and it is something I always check out when I am there.
  • Rotisserie Chicken – A trip to Costco isn’t complete without grabbing a rotisserie chicken. At least one of my meals every shopping trip includes eating one of these!
  • Rice and Grains – Costco sells bulk rice and grains (like quinoa). You can save a ton of money buying these in bulk which is why they are always on the Costco grocery list.
  • Nuts – Like rice and grains, nuts are a great thing to buy in bulk and you can save a bit of money doing so at Costco.
  • Wine – Yes, wine has to be included in the Costco grocery list. Costco has great quality wine at low prices. In fat, they often run specials on entire cases.

When possible, shop the Costco Kirkland brand. Shopping Kirkland will save you a ton of cash and the brand is actually very high quality. Additionally, if you can shop the deals Costco offers you’ll be able to save quite a bit of money.

Have more tips for shopping at Costco? Let us know!

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