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How to Sell Used Books Online For Money

By , May 17th, 2017 | One Comment

sell used books online
You may think that the days of reading paperback and hard cover novels are gone but you are wrong! Although many people have traded in their traditional libraries for tablets and e-readers there are still a lot of people that prefer to read an actual book.

That being said, if you’ve purchased an e-reader recently you may have a number of books laying around the house collecting dust. Don’t worry! You can use them to make some extra money by learning how to sell used books online.

How to Sell Used Books Online

You can sell just about anything online, including your old pile of books at home. In fact, some people are able to pull in hundreds of dollars a month from selling used books online. So, how do you do it?

Well, like anything that you may sell online you’ll need to make your posting appealing. You’ll want to make sure that the book you are posting has an accurate description of its condition and that the description has words that will help the search engine pick it up. It may be a good idea to research what other sellers are pricing the book at to help you come up with competitive pricing. Also, remember the better the condition of the book, the more cash you can get.

Where to Sell Used Books Online

Posting the book for sale is the obvious “how to” for selling used books online. The big question is where should you sell used book online to make money? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Amazon: Amazon is a great way to sell used books online. In fact, Amazon has become a great place to make extra money. The site makes it easy too! You offer the book and if Amazon accepts it for sale, you’ll receive an Amazon Gift Card for the cost of the novel.
  • AbeBooks: Like Amazon, AbeBooks will buyback as well. You have to have a minimum of $15 worth of books to sell for the company to pay you though. You’ll receive payment via PayPal or check by mail.
  • Powell’s Books: Another great place to sell your used books online is Powell’s. The bookstore is Oregon-based and loves to keep its shelves fully stocked. Because of this, Powell’s will buy your used books. You’ll have to have at least $9 worth or seven books for them to buy and you can get paid via PayPal or receive a store credit.
  • If you’re a college student you probably already know about The website allows you to have your textbooks bought back on the internet without much hassle. The company also buys more than just textbooks so you can sell your other used books here too. They have a buyback minimum of $10 and you are paid via PayPal or check by mail.
  • Your own private site: If you love selling books online you may want to consider becoming a professional seller. Many people go through used bookstores scanning books to see what they are going for on Amazon and get a nice turnover. People are able to make up to $800 a month this way.

Other Places to Sell Used Books

If you’re not interested in selling your used books online you may want to consider unloading them in another way. Here are some more traditional ways to sell used books:

  • Yard Sale: If you have more than just used books to unload you may want to consider having a yard sale to get rid of everything. It is a great way to rake in some extra cash.
  • Book Swaps: Some cities have book swaps where people who love to read meet up and sell or swap books. Keep an eye out for these events and you may be able to sell some of your books here.
  • Local Secondhand Bookstore: Most towns also have a secondhand bookstore. If your local bookstore buys books you may want to see if they are interested in yours. These stores are normally a bit more picky about what they buy but will give you a fair amount of cash if they are interested in buying your book.
  • Donate: If you don’t need the extra cash or you simply want the books out of the house you can always donate them. Many school libraries, local libraries, shelters and other public establishments take books as donations all the time.

No matter the reason, getting rid of old stuff can be exhilarating. The only thing that makes it better is also making some extra cash from it. Have tips on how to sell used books online? Contact us!

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  • Bryan says:

    Hey Amanda I really enjoyed your article, you mentioned some great sites in here I have used all of them before. The only thing I would recommend is perhaps adding a good price comparison website to the article. Places like compare offers for textbooks from almost all of the websites you mention above in one place. I dont think people realize how easy it can be to sell back your books. Anyway just food for thought, thanks again for the article!


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