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What are the Most Effective SEO Techniques in 2017?

By , May 13th, 2017 | No Comments

effective seo techniques
Despite the fact that Google’s ranking factors continue to evolve over the last few years, there are certain factors that seem to remain, these are;

  • Total and search visits,
  • Direct visits,
  • Global ranking,
  • Bounce rates
  • Total time spent on site, and
  • Total page views.

The most effective SEO techniques in 2017 must effectively manage these factors in order to create a successful website.

#1: Mobile search has taken over

You need to focus on demographic range of your customers because mobile devices are now being used more than PCs and other static devices. Your website must be optimized to become more responsive across smaller and larger screens.

#2: Voice search is rising

Text searches will remain forever, however, voice search on Google is growing at an unprecedented rate. You need to learn how to incorporate voice recording option into your web pages, hence your visitors who prefer searching through their voices can get faster results, without the need to type.

#3: Increase the speed of your website

When your website is super-fast, your readers will be happier because the loading time or speed will help them access more pages. You need to cut down all irrelevant information and media files, in order to increase the speed of your site.

#4: In-depth, rich and quality contents remains the ultimate

Have you ever wonder why some awkwardly looking sites do generate more traffic and are ranked higher than fascinating websites? It’s all because of the error-free, rich and well-researched contents.

#5: Leverage on your social media presence

Sharing your web contents on your social media pages, will encourage your readers to comment, share and like them. Leveraging on social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, remains one of the best possible way to expand your reach. Make sure you become interactive by responding on their comments, in order to make them feel like they are part of your community.

#6: Quality link building with rich keywords is the key to SEO success

The quality of your backlinks are more important than quantities, when you get quality backlinks from related and quality websites, your website will be ranked higher based on compatibility with the sources of your backlinks. If you get too many backlinks from irrelevant websites, then your website will be poorly ranked. Match the right keywords with quality backlinks to achieve the best result. For more information on this, you can click on this link; https://www.linksmanagement.com/how_to_get_ranked_top_10_on_google/.

#7: Long tail keywords are far better

Aside from using long tail keywords, it is important that you make use of synonyms and phrases that are relevant to your web contents. Long tail keywords are descriptive in nature, and they narrow down your targets. In addition to being descriptive, long tail keywords are less competitive than shorter keywords, hence long tail keywords can be easily discovered and that means higher traffic.

#8: switch from http to https

You need to protect your connection by switching from http to https. When your web address starts with https, information on your website become more safe-guarded and your search engine rankings increase sharply.

#9: enhance your site’s user experience

The better your readers find your site useful, the higher you get ranked. When you optimized your website for better user experience, then it becomes better navigable and loads quickly- this will encourage your readers or visitors to visit other web pages. Easy navigation makes a website more intuitive and helpful because more pages can be visited in lesser time.

For more information on how to make your website SEO more effective, you can click on the following link; https://www.linksmanagement.com/how_to_get_ranked_top_10_on_google/ 

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