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5 Ways To Get Cash In A Hurry

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Cash in a hurry
For you to appreciate what it means to need cash in a hurry and get it, you have to have been in an ugly financial situation. But if you haven’t, here’s a scenario for you. Imagine that you’re having a great evening on a Friday, just catching up with friends at the pub. It’s the weekend, so you don’t have to worry about waking up early and hurrying through half of town to the office. Then it happens. You get a call from your mum. She’s crying. Your dad has to have surgery in two days or cancer in his groyne will kill him. Mum can’t afford the surgery. She needs an extra £1500. Now your paycheck does not come in until the end of the month, which is in two weeks. A fine evening is destroyed, and you’re on the verge of losing your dad. Life switches up on you in two minutes flat. You need at least £2000, and you may have to buy a ticket to get on a plane and see him.

When you need cash like this, then you can relate to five ways to get cash in a hurry. If you haven’t been in this kind of situation though, trust me it is far better that you never find yourself in it. Regardless, however, knowing how to access cash above your bank account balance when you need it can prove to be vital, if not life-saving. Here are five ways to get cash in a hurry.

Friends and Relatives

We see the new usefulness of friends or relatives when a tricky situation shows up, and you need to get some cash from them. A good note of warning though: you have to be sure you’re friends with a person before you go banging on their door at 2 am. If you met them at your ex’s wedding more than three years ago and no form of communication has taken place between the two of you in all this time, don’t expect them to open their arms (and pockets) and welcome you. Friends can be helpful in trying times, but if your friends are all on your same income level, chances are they won’t be able to offer much, and if you are in hard luck, they could also be dealing with something tough at the same time.

Sell stuff

Depending on how much time you have and how much you need, you can put up something of yours that is valuable for a quick sale. You can be sure that because you’re in a hurry, you’re not likely to get the best price. So basically prepare to lose something you are not quite ready to lose, for a price that’s not quite fitting, given the inconvenience of losing it in the first place. But when you’re down and out of options, this may not be so bad, or it could be, depending on a large number of factors.

Loan Sharks

A loan shark is an individual with a lot of money to lend, (so much that he does it for a living) even though he is not a certified credit broker, not recognised by the authorities and just a bad idea. This individual is almost always shady and involved in all types of illegal or semi-illegal business for which he is not very friendly with law enforcement. You can get your loan very quickly from this kind of guy, but beware the interest he heaps on the original amount. Anyhow, whether you pay up on time or not, because this is all shady business, your performance will not be submitted to credit management authorities, so it has no effect on your credit score. A general word of warning though: let this be your very last alternative.

Get an extra job

If your need can wait, you can quickly grab a second (or third?) job and scoop up the pay to attend to whatever unplanned cash need you have. The problem is, you still need to wait until the end of the month to get your check. At least then, you can expect more than one check. Since you’re exchanging your time for money, this doesn’t scale very well, and it impacts your schedule mercilessly. You may have to connect the second job right from the first one, which means you’re returning home much later every day, perhaps in the wee hours of the morning. If you’re able to land a great second job with a decent pay, you may be able to handle the emergency in good time without breaking anything else.

Talk to a credit broker

Not a loan shark this time. A licensed, real business whose job is to simplify the loan process for you, educate you as much as you need to know, and find the best loan that suits your need. This is the best option if you want to cash in a hurry. Some loan agencies can get you a loan in as little as 10 minutes, and this can be accessed online. creditpoor.co.uk is one of the friendliest and most accommodating lenders in the UK because they have access to a reliable panel of lenders and will approve your loan application very quickly even when you have a bad credit score.

One important thing to keep in mind is, no matter where you get that emergency cash from, before committing to a loan, be sure you can pay back within the agreed time, and the interest rate is a reasonable percentage.

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