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Amy Schumer’s Net Worth

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amy schumer's net worth
If you like comedy you’ve probably heard the name Amy Schumer before. Schumer, one of the world’s leading female comedians, has been cracking jokes for years now but how has that affected her finances?

Many comedians experience a short period of fame and then fade out but Schumer has been able to stay in the comedy spotlight for quite some time. So, what is Amy Schumer’s net worth and how have her finances benefited from her successful career?

Amy Schumer’s Profile:

Net worth in 2017: $16 million
Profession: Comedian
Age: 35
Source Of Wealth: Comedy career
Residence: Manhattan, NY
Citizenship: U.S. Citizen
Marital Status: Single
Education: Towson University

Amy Schumer’s Career

Amy Schumer was born on June 1, 1981 in Manhattan. She grew up in a household of entertainers. Her sister was a comedy writer and her brother a musician. After graduating high school Schumer left Manhattan to attend Towson University in Baltimore.

In 2003¬†she graduated from Towson with a bachelor’s degree in theater. Shortly after graduation she moved back to New York City to study at William Esper Studio and work as a bartender and waitress. Her first official gig cast Schumer as a young woman with breast cancer in an off=Broadway dark comedy called “Keeping Abreast.”

Schumer started doing standup comedy in June 2004. Her first performance was at Gotham Comedy Club. Four years later she filmed her standup on that same stage before appearing on Comedy Central’s “Last Comic Standing.” She was featured on the fifth season of the show and considered it to be her big break.

Since then she has been working on standup shows, films, hosting and co-hosting. She has even written and published a memoir. So, how has all her hard work paid off? What is Amy Schumer’s net worth?

Amy Schumer’s Net Worth

amy schumer's net worthOftentimes comedians find themselves in financial trouble. Think about it, big names like Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle are associated with financial hardship. Amy Schumer’s net worth, however, sits at a comfortable $16 million and she’s working on boosting it even more in the years to come. That much cash had to come from more than just her comedy career though, so how has Amy Schumer’s net worth climbed so high?

A bulk of her earnings have stemmed from films she’s starred in but, like many other stars, Schumer has been able to diversify her income. In 2015 and 2016 her annual earnings hit $17 million but that was due to the number of projects she was working on. In fact, last year she was working on her TV show, a movie, her book and a number of Budweiser ads.

Yes! Advertising is a huge way that many actors and comedians make extra money. As you know, not every actor is working all the time. They may even have years off but promotional deals, like Schumer’s Budweiser ads, are important to keep their finances in tip-top shape. This is why Amy Schumer’s net worth has been able to grow so quickly (after only being a comedian for about 10 years).

This year Schumer is acting on the set of “Snatched,” a mother-daughter comedy that releases tomorrow. She is also continuing her work with her television show on Comedy Central and she’s taped a comedy special for Netflix, which she’s earned a bit of ash from. One thing is for sure about Amy Schumer’s net worth and career though. Neither is going anywhere any time soon.

Photos: NY Blueprint and NY Times

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