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Retail Stores Open and Closed on Easter 2017

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list of stores open and closed on Easter
When holidays in the US approach, it’s always a challenge to know which stores will be open and which stores won’t. That’s because there is no set criteria which determines whether a store remains open or not. Whether it’s a federal holiday or a religious holiday, each store chain gets to decide for themselves. This means some stores may be open on some holidays while closed on others. With Easter fast approaching, many people are wondering if and when their favorite stores will be open over the Easter weekend. You can find a list of stores below which will be open and closed on Easter Sunday.


Target is closed Easter. Target is a store where there is a lot of confusion whether or not their stores are open on Easter due to wrong information on the Internet. Target stores are closed on April 16 (which has been confirmed), but will be open for business on the other days of Easter weekend.


Walmart is open Easter. Walmart is one of the stores which keeps its doors open on April 16, 2017. If you are in need of getting some last minute goodies for the holiday, or want to start shopping for Easter bargain as the store discounts holiday items not sold, you can begin doing it on Easter Sunday. You can see Walmart’s entire weekend schedule from Good Friday to Easter Monday by visiting your local store’s website.


Costco is closed Easter. Costco is another major retailer that closed for Easter Sunday. The warehouse closes for seven days out of the year, with April 16 being one of them. Costco stores will be open on Good Friday and Easter Saturday and Monday.

Below is a list of more stores which will be open on Easter Sunday. Many of these stores will be operating on Sunday or limited holiday hours, so it’s best to call to confirm the hours they will be open on April 16. There also may be a few exceptions depending on location, so again, the best policy is to call and confirm before going.

  • Kmarts are open on Easter
  • CVS Caremark is open on Easter
  • Walgreens is open on Easter
  • Rite Aid is open on Easter
  • BJs Wholesale Club is open on Easter
  • Sears is open on Easter
  • Lowe’s is open on Easter
  • Home Depot is open on Easter
  • Safeway is open on Easter
  • Kroger is open on Easter
  • Convenience stores like 7-11 are open on Easter
  • Starbucks is open on Easter
  • Half Price Books stores is open on Easter
  • DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse is open on Easter
  • Petco is open on Easter
  • Dollar Tree is open on Easter
  • Tanger Outlet is open on Easter
  • Whataburger is open on Easter

Here is the list of stores which will be closed on Easter Sunday:

  • Sams Club is closed on Easter
  • Martin’s Food Stores is closed on Easter
  • Publix is closed on Easter
  • Macy’s is closed on Easter
  • Marshalls is closed on Easter
  • HEB is closed on Easter
  • Kohl’s is closed on Easter
  • JC Penny is closed on Easter
  • Nordstrom is closed on Easter
  • Dillard’s is closed on Easter
  • Neiman Marcus is closed on Easter
  • Belks is closed on Easter
  • Marshalls is closed on Easter
  • Saks Fifth Avenue is closed on Easter
  • Best Buy is closed on Easter
  • Party City is closed on Easter
  • Michael’s Crafts is closed on Easter
  • Joann Fabric and Craft is closed on Easter

If you know of other stores which will be open or closed for Easter Sunday, leave them as a comment and I will add them to the list.

(Photo courtesy of Abigail Batchelder)


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