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Tony Beets’ Net Worth

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Tony Beets' net worth
Reality television shows have been making people millionaires in recent years (and most of the time for doing nothing). People like Kim K and Paris Hilton got famous simply for acting crazy on TV, however, Discover Channel has begun a sort of reality TV that gives people a look at hardworking individuals like Tony Beets.

Beets and his family are gold miners in Dawson City. Discovery has designed a show that follows the family and documents their lives as miners. How much is the family making and how much is Tony Beets’ net worth?

Tony Beets’ Profile:

Net worth in 2017: $15 million
Profession: Gold miner
Age: 57
Source Of Wealth: Gold, TV show
Residence: Dawson City
Citizenship: U.S. Citizen
Marital Status: Married; Minnie Beets
Education: No formal education

Tony Beets’ Career

Tony Beets did not become a star over night. In fact,¬†he’s worked with his hands his entire life (and being a big-shot TV star doesn’t stop him from continuing either). Actually most of Beets’ incredible wealth stems from the work he’s done and not his time on the Discovery channel series.

Beets moved to Canada from the Netherlands (where he was born) about 25 years ago. The 57-year-old gold miner moved to Canada in hopes of making a better life for himself and his family. There’s no doubt that Beets did, in fact, better his life by moving there.

After years and years of mining Discovery Channel discovered Beets and his family’s gold mining business. Discovery producers wanted to tell their story. So, in 2010, “Gold Rush” premiered on the network and it was a hit! Discovery channel viewers simply can not get enough of Beets and his family’s everyday lives.

Now that he’s being featured on Discovery, Beets is a celebrity bit is he making celebrity cash from it? What is Tony Beets’ net worth and how much are he and his family making from the show?

Tony Beets’ Net Worth

Tony Beets' net worthTony Beets’ net worth sits at about $15 million. Compared to other reality TV stars (like Kim K) this isn’t a fortune, however, Beets and his family are doing well for themselves.

As mentioned above Beets has worked extremely hard to build this type of wealth. Beets started out as a construction worker in Canada and moved on to gold mining in 1984. Now he owns his own gold mine called Tamarack. The mine is the source of the majority of his net worth and the family keeps cost low by hiring teenagers to work at the mine (something that adds a bit of drama to the Discovery series).

In addition to his blue collar work, Beets also has the cash from the show adding to his overall net worth. He’s also got some property. During the family’s “off season” they reside in a house in Arizona. The home is probably worth a pretty penny too (although the exact value is unknown to the public).

Another factor that may be contributing to Tony Beets’ net worth in the years to come are his business plans. Although Beets and his family already run an incredibly successful gold mine, Beets’ long-term goal is to own an operate two mines at the same time (doubling his profit). This would boost his wealth tremendously. So, it is likely that you haven’t seen the last of Beets (on TV or in the mining business… not for a while, anyway).

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