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Is Target Open Presidents’ Day 2017?

By , February 16th, 2017 | One Comment

Target Presidents' Day
Monday, February 20 is Presidents’ Day. It is the third federal holiday of 2017 and it has quite a few people confused about what will be open and what will be closed. Even for the most organized of people, federal holidays can be confusing. Everything gets mixed up. Are the banks open? Post offices? How about the stock market? Another huge question people may be wondering is whether or not their favorite retail store will be open.

People will be wondering about Walmart, Target, Costco and even some of their favorite local shops around this federal holiday. Target, one of the leading retailers in the United States, is one of the stores in which people are wondering: Will it be open on Presidents’ Day?

Is Target open Presidents’ Day?

Target will be open on Monday, February 20,2017. Christmas Day and Easter are the only two holidays that Target stores are closed. On Thanksgiving, Target stores are open for limited hours. On most other federal holidays, like Presidents’ Day, Target stores will be open regular hours.

What holidays does Target close?

Sunday, January 1: Target stores are open on New Year’s Day
Monday, January 16: Target stores are open on Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Tuesday, February 14: Target stores are open on Valentine’s Day
Monday, February 20: Target stores are open on Presidents’ Day
Friday, March 17: Target stores are open on St. Patrick’s Day
Friday, April 14: Target stores are open on Good Friday
Sunday, April 16: Target stores are closed on Easter Sunday
Monday, April 17: Target stores are open on Easter Monday
Sunday, May 14: Target stores are open on Mother’s Day
Monday, May 29: Target stores are open on Memorial Day
Sunday, June 18: Target stores are open on Father’s Day
Tuesday, July 4: Target stores are open on Independence Day
Monday, September 4: Target stores are open on Labor Day
Monday, October 9: Target stores are open on Columbus Day
Tuesday, October 31: Target stores are open on Halloween
Saturday, November 11: Target stores are open on Veteran’s Day
Thursday, November 23: Target stores are open on Thanksgiving Day, but for limited hours
Friday, November 24: Target stores are open on Black Friday for extended hours
Monday, December 25: Target stores are closed on Christmas Day
Sunday, December 31: Target stores are open on New Year’s Eve
Monday, January 1: Target is closed on New Year’s Day 2018

Is there a Presidents’ Day Sale?

Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Presidents’ Day are all federal holidays that are known for their sales. Target will be having a President’s Day sale as well as offering their regular week-to-week deals. They will be offering up to 25 percent off of all household and clothing items.

Target’s online services will also be up and running as usual for Presidents’ Day. They will also be holding their Presidents’ Day sales through their Web services. If you want to know more about the sales, you can visit Target’s website or keep a lookout for their weekly flyer.

If you are wondering about a specific store’s hours on Presidents’ Day (or any other holiday), you can give them a call or check their website for closings and store hours.

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