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Use YouTube to Make Money

By , September 3rd, 2016 | One Comment

Use YouTube to Make Money
Ask any of the youth today as to who their favorite celebrities are, and you might hear unusual names like Zoella, PewDiePie Swoozie, Jenna Marbles, Smosh, KSI, iJustine, or CaptainSparklez. Who are these people exactly? They are currently among the biggest names on YouTube. Arguably more talented than reality TV personalities, just as hard working as actors, and possessing diehard fans to rival any contemporary rock star, YouTubers are superstars in their own right.

However, as this article on turning a hobby into a job explains, it’s not a breezy walk to fame just filming a video and putting it online; diligence, many hours, a pinch of luck, talent in being a host, and perfect editing skills could be your ticket to YouTube stardom. Granted, just like any profession in front of the camera, good looks definitely won’t hurt, but more often its charisma, humor, and simply being entertaining as reasons to why viewers will keep coming back for your videos. With time and effort, it can unquestionably be seen as a veritable way to earn money online.

Pick a Topic People Like

Playing video games, fashion and makeup tips, and comedy sketches are generally seen as the most popular genres on YouTube, yet any channel that is producing great videos that are being shared and watched on a regular basis can win out big time. At least 1,000 subscribers is said to be when companies will take an interest in advertising.

Use YouTube to Make Money

As for the monetary side of things, this is achieved via the YouTube Partner Program, whereby firms place adverts on popular videos (either the video ads that appear before the content or banner ads). YouTube will tally up the revenue from the video and split the profit with you – typically taking 45% and you receiving 55%. Of course, the more views your video receives, the higher your take, but this is a long process of uploading quality content and gaining a following from fans. It’s also worth keeping in mind that a viewer has to watch at least 30 seconds of the pre-video advert for you to receive anything).

There are other ways that YouTubers can earn revenue. Sponsored videos is one way, in which a company’s product or service is mentioned or used within the video (it is required to write in the description if the video has been sponsored). Another and very popular option with YouTubers is Patreon.com. Whilst the youth demographic will undoubtedly watch and enjoy the videos, it’s actually the older YouTube viewers with disposable incomes who are realizing that many YouTubers are attempting to make it their full-time profession. Fans of particular channels are increasingly likely to be prepared to donate on Patreon.com to support the videos. The big names like Zoella and PewDiePie (who is reported to earn approx. $67,000 – 1.15million every month), aren’t likely to need support from websites like this, but for emerging stars on the platform, this is a fantastic opportunity to keep a new project at full steam.

For more on earning money from YouTube, be sure to watch the video below from established YouTuber Mah-Dry-Bread.

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