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Taylor Swift Net Worth

By , June 2nd, 2016 | One Comment

Taylor Swift Net Worth
She and Calvin Harris just broke up after dating for over a year. People enjoy following celebrities and their relationships. The Calvin Harris-Taylor Swift split seems to be causing a lot of people grief. Swifties thought that the power couple would be together forever but it is unlikely the couple will be “ever-ever-ever getting back together.”

According to E! News, the break up was not all that dramatic. Thirty-two-year-old Calvin Harris had reportedly been losing interest over the past few months but was trying to avoid breaking up with Swift. There were different areas in their relationship, according to Harris, that they simply were not compatible.

E!’s source said no cheating was involved and that the couple seemed more like friends than lovers most of the time. They were both on tour frequently, traveling and working. That makes it hard for any relationship to survive. However, HollywoodLife.com’s source reported that Taylor was trying to push Calvin into getting married and that is something he is just not ready to do yet.

News of the breakup hit on June 1 when the couple was sighted with one another less than two weeks prior. It is heartbreaking for some as they’ve watched Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift go on vacations, embrace one another in public and go out on dates. No one suspected anything to be wrong between the two.

The good news comes for the fans of Taylor Swift. As you may already know, the pop star is known for singing about her current or former relationships. Obviously there are no plans for a new T. Swift album (yet) but we will likely see a rise in the star’s net worth yet again.

Currently, Swift’s net worth is over $200 million, with estimates up to $240 million. The release of her album “1989” was arguably the height of her career. She’s broken records. Swift has also been smart with her cash and how she’s generating more.

In 2015 the combination of album sales, streaming, publishing and touring led to $73.5 million of income. That isn’t even counting income she acquired through endorsements and other means of raking in the cash.

The 26-year-old singer has also been smart about where she places her money. She donates quite a bit of money to various organizations. She also donates to her fans. In addition to philanthropy, Swift has also placed a significant amount of money into real estate. She owns two homes in Beverly Hills, totaling $28.55 million, a home in Rhode Island ($17.75 million), a $2 million penthouse in Nashville and two New York City apartments (worth about $20 million). Why so many houses, Taylor? Well, the singer says she prefers sleeping in her own bed so when she tours in cities close by, she goes to that home and sleeps there.

With tours and continual sales, Swift is projected to make close to $400 million in 2016. The recent breakup with Calvin Harris will only likely add to that success. As we know, Taylor Swift likes to show she can come out on top after a relationship ends – and she never disappoints.

Photo: Flickr: Eva Rinaldi

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