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Amazon and Google: Which Cloud Service is Cheaper?

By , January 11th, 2016 | One Comment

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Amazon and Google have seemingly been in a battle when it comes to cloud storage. Amazon lowered its cloud pricing once again at the beginning of the year, and to no surprise, Google was right behind it, lowering its prices once again. Both companies are fighting to claim that its cloud storage is cheaper.

The pricing battle, which has seemingly been going on for year, has gotten off to a quick start in 2016. Miles Ward, Global Head of Solutions, Google Cloud Platform, wrote on the company’s blog in response to Amazon’s decrease in pricing. “In case you’ve been reading recent announcements and were wondering, rest assured: Google continues to be the price/performance leader in public cloud,” wrote Ward.

He continued to write that Google’s pricing continues to be 15 to 41 percent cheaper than Amazon’s latest prices. The company has been strong with its words about Amazon’s decrease in pricing. Google wrote that while this initial decrease in pricing may seem appealing to many, the underlying cost can be an “unpleasant surprise.” Ward said, “We often hear from customers who are locked into contracts and aren’t eligible for the new rates, or are stuck with instances that no longer fit their needs,” referring to Amazon’s business practices.

Of course, it is not surprising to hear one company list reasons why they are better than their competitor. So, which cloud pricing is better?

The Pricing Differences

Google took a look at three examples in its blog post response to Amazon’s new pricing where Google is cheaper. The AWS M4 “Standard” costs $87.60 a month while Google’s Cloud Platform Customer 2 core, 8gb costs $54.82. This is just over 37 percent cheaper than Amazon. AWS C4 “HighCPU” costs consumers $76.65 a month while Google’s comparable cloud, Customer 2 core, 3.75gb is priced at $44.66 per month. This saves Google customers practically 42 percent.

Currently, there are three major cloud providers: Amazon, Microsoft and Google. However, comparing prices among the three can be difficult because none of them are exactly the same in what they offer consumers. Obviously, price is always important, and unexpected pricing rises can leave company accountants frustrated. Google claims that this is a downfall of Amazon’s cloud services.

The three big companies are trying to address price visibility. They’ve also been looking for ways to customize each cloud experience so that you can get the most out of what you use. Each company has produced a sort of advisor or calculator to figure this out. Amazon has “Trusted Advisor” which advises consumers on how to get the most out of their cloud storage. Google and Microsoft both have pricing calculators that allow you to work out the pricing of individual features with your cloud services.

However, if you don’t want to go with one of the big three, there are plenty of independent cloud storage sites. And, if you own an Apple product, Apple also has cloud storage.

Although these aren’t the only choices, they are some of the most popular, and comparing prices to save money is important, so if you are looking for a new cloud service, make sure you check every detail (even if the price looks great).

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