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Is Motif Investing For You?

By , November 5th, 2015 | One Comment

Motif Investing

Motif Investing has created an investing website that lets users buy a portfolio of 30 stocks that aim to cover the full scope of one hot investing idea. Whether it is social media or mobile internet, this method gives you a lot of freedom. You will be investing in a portfolio and then tailor commitment to its individual stocks.

Motif Investing slightly resembles the already existing exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Like ETFs, it also offers wide-ranging and low risk investments. However, there are a few differences between motif investing and  normal ETFs. Motif Investing veers away from high Management fees and other charges which hinder the investor from making money.

Motifs are segregated by different criteria, such as exploring by industry or looking for themes based on current popular events. You can also screen motifs by looking at daily change, one year return and popularity. The screening method allows you the chance to find what you’re looking for in an investment.

Motif Investing is popular for being cost-efficient as well. You can get access to each of the stocks in the motif for one flat fee of $9.95 per transaction. It won’t matter how much you customize a motif, there will be no management fees, and no activity requirements. Although, the fact that you can get 30 stocks or ETFs at once, for less than $10, is a huge deal. When you trade a motif; you just pay the flat transaction fee.

Customizing Your Motif

If you don’t like all of the stocks/ETFs in the theme you’ve selected, Motif Investing will allow you to customize it. You can customize your motif before you buy it. After you purchase a motif, you can add more stocks/ETFs, or just sell the shares you don’t want. One of the big selling points of Motif Investing is the cost. You pretty much create a personalized ETF without having to pay a management fee. You simply make a payment for the flat rate for trades. Other than the ability to create a custom motif, you can also share it with others. By sharing your motif with other, you can get a royalty commission from that too.

Pros of Motif Investing

  1. Low Cost Trades – It’s  a flat rate of $9.95 per initial trade. Only an additional $4.95 when modifying the motif.
  2. Diversify Easily – Awesome service to diversify into specific sectors and investment ideas with only a small amount of investment
  3. Create Custom Motifs – You can use the pre-made motifs, or create your own. You will get paid for each person who uses your publicly created motif.
  4. Very Cheap Single Stock Trades – Buying or selling a single stock/ETF is one of the lowest in the industry at $4.95 per trade.


Motif is great way to invest, and a very unique service in the traditional brokerage firm space. Motif Investing is especially helpful for those who are looking to invest in trends or wanting to explore a particular category. Not only that, it’s priced competitively too. It’s a great way to diversify with only small amounts of money as investment. If motif investing doesn’t sound like it is for you you may want to learn about forex trading or other types of trading and investing. Not all types of trading work for everyone.

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