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Hillary Clinton’s Net Worth

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Hillary Clintons Net Worth
A candidate’s policy positions are a very important part of deciding whether or not to vote for them. To some people the policy positions are the only important issue. On the other side some people take the view that the only thing that matters is a candidate’s background and qualifications. Sometimes looking at a candidate’s net worth can give some insight into both of these things. How did the candidate make their money? Is that relevant to the Presidency? How might the candidate’s self-interest impact their policy positions? There’s always some distance between what a candidate says they believe and how they actually govern. You can often judge their self-interest from their net worth and background. From there you might be able to get some insight at what that distance will be.

Hillary Clinton is the wife of former president Bill Clinton. She got a law degree from Harvard and taught law for a short time in Arkansas. She also joined Rose law firm working on intellectual property law. She later became a full partner at that firm, the first woman to do so, also outearning her husband from 1978 until 1992 when Bill Clinton was elected president. Additionally she showed some talent in speculation when she (in)famously turned $1,000 into $100,000 betting on cattle futures contracts over a period of ten months. Since her husband left the white house she’s been a US Senator and served as the US Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton’s Net Worth

  • Age: 67
  • Occupation: Politician
  • Most Money Made In: Speaking Engagements / Book Sales
  • Estimated Net Worth as of 2015: 30 Million* (Possible range from 10 to 50 Million)

Hillary Clinton has had a rather high income career over a long period of time. She managed to save a great deal of this money. Additionally, she, like many other presidential candidates, has published a book, Hard Choices. Hillary Clinton is one of the most famous women in the country, but Hard Choices likely put her perspective in the minds of readers. In addition, to accomplishing this goal it also has made her over $5 million dollars in the last year.

Hillary Clinton’s Net Worth is given by her financial disclosure. Her personal financial disclosure was taken from the Center for Responsive politics webpage: opensecrets.org. The disclosure itself is quite interesting. Hilary Clinton owns mostly just an account with cash and an account with an S&P 500 index fund. In addition, she also has received royalties for her books. The rights to these books are probably worth far in excess of $1 million dollars, given the royalties generated so far. One particularly noticeable element of her disclosure is the amount of money received as “honorarium”. This is probably related to speech-giving. Generally this refers to reimbursement related to things that normally do not receive a fee. It could be money to cover travel expenses, but also to recompense the speaker for his/her time. These speeches were compensated to the tune of roughly $200,000 and she gave 51 of them in the last year. Bill Clinton gave 53. Together that appears to be about $20 million dollars, give or take, and in my view makes it quite likely that her net worth is closer to the upper limit, rather than the lower.

Clinton’s incentives are mostly aligned with the very rich and the upper middle class. The very rich earn most of their money from dividends and capital gains. Hilary’s pensions and social security likely represent a small portion of her net worth, she therefore doesn’t have much monetary incentive to protect such things (though she may feel morally compelled to). Here is an example of a way his wealth might incentivize her to act. One proposed social security fix is to remove the income cap on the social security tax but not the income cap on social security benefits. This would cost Hillary a great deal of money (as much as 15% of all of that speech income, ~$3 million dollars) without benefiting her directly.

In fact, the question of incentives has not been lost observers of her career. For example recent news reports suggest that Clinton’s policy proposals on income inequality have been undermined by her critics who point out that Clinton’s wealth makes her out of touch with most Americans.

Of course none of these figures account for the wealth possessed by her husband, the former President Bill Clinton, or any wealth held by her family or other close associates.  Bill Clinton’s net worth alone has been estimated at 55 million.  It also entirely possible, although unproven, that the members of the Clinton’s extended families may have been able to benefit from the celebrity and influence of the first couple.

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