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Back to School Savings in September

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Back to school shopping is traditionally a big event, but more families are saying, “Meh,” to it. According to a Deloitte study, 38 percent of K-12 parents say they don’t care so much about back-to-school shopping because they get what they need throughout the year. And 31 percent would rather wait until after school starts to shop. That’s a smart move in my book. Here’s why.

The Teacher Will Tell You What Your Kids Need

This is especially true for Kindergarten students… you can run out and buy every possible school supply your child might need only to find out the teacher just wants them to have crayons and pencils. Teachers will tell your students what they need for class, so wait for that list before buying things you don’t need.

Classroom Donations

It’s also worth noting that teachers may have a request for classroom donations. If you wait until school starts, you can see what supplies the classroom needs and possibly contribute some items. If you go before this, you’ll have to make a second trip to participate in that.

Pounce on Clearance in Mid-September

Prices for school supplies start coming down in mid-September. By the end of September, retailers are clearing the shelves to make room for Halloween costumes and candy, selling school supplies at a deep discount, sometimes as much as 90 percent off. Make do with what you have from last year and only buy what you can’t live without in mid-September. Take another trip at the end of September for the “nice to have” items. It’s also a good time to grab items you’re likely to need next year to put away in storage.
Avoid the Crowd

Let’s face it; shopping with a crowd isn’t much fun. If you can wait to buy what you need, you save yourself a lot of stress… and lots of cash!


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