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Ways to Save Money on Air Travel in Celebration of National Aviation Day

By , August 11th, 2015 | No Comments

Ways to Save Money on Air Travel in Celebration of National Aviation Day

National Aviation Day is Wednesday, August 19th, 2015. It’s coming up fast! But even if you’re not flying in celebration of the day, let’s just celebrate saving money on flights any old day. Here are ways to save in honor of National Aviation Day.

In the 1960s, flying was a luxurious affair. Today’s cramped flights pale in comparison. Reductions in quality are designed to lower airfare rates as airlines compete for market share. According to Business Insider, a flight from New York to Los Angeles cost $208 in 1958, which comes out to more than $1,500 of today’s dollars. You can fly for about a third of the cost today. But when you’re flying a family, the cost adds up quickly. Finding ways to save money can make the difference between dreaming about travel and actually doing it. Use these tips to bring down the cost:

Be Flexible

Embracing the “Red Eye” is the best way to save on any flight. You should also check different departure and return dates to find the cheapest fares. If you can depart and return midweek, rather than on the weekend, you can save substantially. If you’re willing to include a layover, especially one that lasts a few hours, you’ll save even more.

Book Early

First, talk to a travel agent to find out about discounts and package deals that may benefit you. Then compare the deal with other offers. Two or three weeks in advance of your flight is the best time to book, but if you wait too long, you could face increasing airfares as demand rises.

Buy Online

Airlines save money by selling tickets online and often pass the savings on to those who buy online through discounts.

Research Different Airports

Often, flying from a major hub is cheaper than a smaller airport. In some cases, a smaller airport near a hub is cheaper. It all depends on where you’re going. Check out ticket costs from nearby airports before committing.

Comparison Shop

Take the time to try comparison websites against each other and the airline websites themselves. Some airlines have special deals that aren’t listed on the comparison sites. But be leery of buying the cheapest airline ticket.

Don’t Pay to Fly Your Luggage

Carry-on luggage is much cheaper (or even free) than checking bags. Be sure you know the carry-on size limit for bags before boarding to avoid unexpected fees.

And don’t forget, if you are cashing in miles, you may be better off using them for the less frequently requested business or first class seats. Be sure to ask before you cash them in.

With these ways to save money on air travel, you’ll fly further for less.


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