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Target Black Friday Preview Deals

By , November 11th, 2014 | One Comment

Target releases Black Friday preview ads
Retailers wanting to make the most of the holiday shopping season come up with clever ways to draw in the crowds. Target has arguably outdone them all this year. They are offering  a plethora of ways in which shoppers can get great deals and before their money might go into the tills of other stores.

In a press release, Target announced its innovative approach to pulling in the holiday crowds early. Beginning on November 10 and running through Black Friday weekend, customers can take advantage of Black Friday deals in a variety of convenient ways. Combine those with other ways to save money at Target and consumers can score some great deals.

First, finding out about the deals early can be done via their Black Friday sales ad, a November 26 pre-sale, and the store opening beginning at 6 pm on Thanksgiving (Gray Thursday).

If that is not an early enough opening time, customers can take advantage of the Black Friday sales online on Thanksgiving morning, before the stores open up for the sales. The first several hundred customers in line at each store will be given a Christmas Cracker, which is a noisemaker that will be filled with a coupon or gift card.

One hot on-Black-Friday deal is Target GiftCards for 10 percent off. Shoppers can purchase up to $300 worth of the discounted cards, although they cannot be used until Saturday. Also, they can only be purchased between 6 am and noon, and there may be limited supplies with no rainchecks.

Other hot items include a free Target GiftCard with purchase. For example, a New iPad Air 2 16GB can be purchased for the regular price of $499, but for the Black Friday sale it comes with a $140 gift card. An Xbox One will be reduced in price from $399.99 to $329.99 and it, too, will come with a a free gift card with a $50 value. Plus, two free digital download games are also included.

Need a camera? Rather than pay the regular price of $299.99, on Black Friday you can buy a Nikon L330 20.2MP High Zoom Camera for $99. Some of the deals will be across-the-board, such as all clothing being marked down by 40 percent.

In October, Target started giving free shipping on online purchases under $50, through December 20. This adds to the money shoppers can save.

Mobile phone users with Target’s Cartwheel app can get 50 percent off a different toy each day, through the holiday shopping season. But, that is not all. From November 23 to 29, at least 25 percent off will be offered to Cartwheel users on over 100 different items. These deals include 40 percent off select multi-piece bakeware sets and 60 percent off select movies.

Whatever your pleasure, Target is trying to meet your needs and get your holiday shopping dollars with great deals and better access to them.

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  • david says:

    I’ll say it again. The best action to take for Black Friday is to not participate in the events at all. The deals and discounts are never for things you actually need. Save 100% of you money by not getting sucked into their advertising gimmicks.


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