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What are the Best Deals to Buy at Labor Day Sales 2014?

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The best Labor Day Sale deals

Labor Day is a federal holiday, and while many places will be closed, the vast majority of retail stores will be open, and they’ll be having sales in conjunction with the holiday to drive traffic to their stores. The question that many people ask is what are the best deals to be found during Labor Day sales?

Be sure not to fall into the holiday sales event trap. When it comes to all shopping, and especially holiday sale shopping, just because something is on sale doesn’t necessarily make it a good deal. One of the worst shopping mistakes people make is to purchase items simply because the price is good. Price should never be the primary factor when making a purchase. The primary factor when making a purchase should always be whether you need the item or service, and if you were already planning to buy it. It doesn’t matter how great the discount is if find something you weren’t planning to buy. When you spend money on things you had no intention on buying until you saw the price, you are wasting money since the it could have gone toward the purchase of something you wanted and needed.

For those of you looking to score a deal this Labor Day weekend, below are some of the items which you can often find the best deals on for the year.


One of the most overlooked deals that can be found are Labor Day wine sales. The wine grape crop is being harvested and wineries are selling any excess stock at a discount to make room for the new wine they will be producing. For those who love wine, it can be a great time to stock up, especially if you have a current year wine you enjoy.

Swimwear and summer clothes

Labor Day sales are a great time to find bathing suits, swimwear and summer clothes. With the holiday marking the unofficial end of summer, all summer related clothing needs to be cleared out to make way for the Fall fashions hitting the retail stores. You should be able to find summer clothes at more than 50% off their regular retail prices during Labor Day sales, and often as much as 80% off. It’s a great time stock up on summer clothes for next year, and replace any items that have worn out during this summer.

Office and Back-to-School supplies

For those who procrastinate on getting back-to-school supplies, this is a great time to get everything for your kids. Stores are trying to liquidate all the excess stock of these items and there can be huge discounts to be found. Even if you have done all your back-to-school shopping, it’s a great time to stock up on replacement items you’ll need during the year, and even for supplies for the kids next year. It’s also a great time to stock up on basics for your home office. Many of the back-to-school-supplies can also be used for home offices making it a wonderful time to make sure you have everything you need for the year.


If you’re in the market for a new mattress, Labor Day sales can be one of the best events to purchase a new one. They are often discounted as much as 60% over the holiday, and there can be some great deals on close-out models as well.

Patio furniture

Summer is coming to an end, so many outdoor items begin to get discounted during Labor day sales. It’s a great time to get a specific model you want at a good price. If you aren’t particular about the outdoor goods, you may be able to score even a better deal later into the year (late September and early October) when these good often get discounted even more. The drawback is the selection may be limited at that time.

Outdoor paint

If you’re planning to paint your house, this can be an ideal to stock up on outdoor paint. With summer coming to an end, less outdoor paint will be used in the coming months as more people focus on indoor painting. That means stores need to get get rid of excess outdoor paint to make room for more indoor paint, and you can land a deal in the process.


Much like outdoor furniture, this weekend can be a great time to pick up a specific grill that you don’t think will be around much longer. Grill prices will continue to be discounted as we get closer to November, but the selection will also diminish as time goes on. Labor day sales can land you the grill of your dreams at a good price guaranteeing you have it for use a short time before winter arrives, plus years to come.

Major Appliances

Labor Day sales are the kickoff to September and October sales which are usually viewed as the best month to find deals on major appliances. There are a number of retailers discounting major appliances as part of their Labor Day sales, so if you’re in the market to replace an older appliance, this can be a great time to do so.

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