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Great Labor Day Sale Deals: Wine

By , August 28th, 2014 | No Comments

Labor Day sales can be a great time to buy wine
There are a lot of discounted items to look for during Labor Day sales, but one item which is often overlooked by many who are shopping these sales is wine. The reason wines are often discounted at this time is many wine grapes begin to be harvested in the fall. The result is wineries across the US and the world begin to discount the unsold bottles they have stockpiled in order to make room for the new wine they’ll soon be creating.

The discounts often means retailers have an abundance of stock they need to get rid of quickly before the new wines are released, and this often means great sales. Since many people don’t typically think of wine when they go Labor Day sale shopping, they can miss these great deals simply because they aren’t looking for them. For those who drink a decent amount of wine during the year, this can add up to significant savings. It can be an especially good deal if you have a current year wine you really like, and you have the space to store it so you can enjoy it in the months (and even years) to come.

Wines can also be an excellent holiday gift to have on hand in case you’re unexpectedly invited to a party or other social gathering. It can also be wrapped for a holiday gift at the last minute for someone you may have accidentally forgotten. Having extra bottles of wine on hand can save both money and time this way, and you can still drink it yourself if none of these events happen.

If you have wineries in the area where you live (or a place you’ll be visiting over the Labor Day weekend), it can be worthwhile to stop in to see if they are offering any wine sales for the weekend (or give them a call). Also be sure to check out the wine sections at stores where you are doing other Labor Day sale shopping to see if you can score some deals.

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