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List of States with the Fastest Average Internet Speed is Interesting, But Not Helpful

By , August 10th, 2014 | 3 Comments »

states with the fastest Internet speeds

When you think about which states have the fastest Internet speeds, Virginia is probably not the one which would first come to mind, but it’s the state with the fastest average Internet speed in the US at 13.7 mbps. That’s nearly double the speed of Alaska (7.0 mbps) which has the dubious honor of the slowest average Internet speed of any state.

The rankings came from Akamai which created a “State of the Internet” document (PDF) detailing the average Internet speed for each state in the US. Broadview Networks took these statistic and created a color map making the rankings much easier to visualize. Green indicates fastest speeds with the darker the green, the faster, while red indicates slow speeds with the darker the red, the slower.

Color spectrum of average Internet speeds by state in the US

The key factor when looking at these statistics is to remember the numbers indicate the average for each state, and not the top speeds. That’s why some of the states you might assume would be at the top find themselves somewhere in the middle. A good example would be California which ranks #20 for average speed. Home of Silicon Valley and many major cities, it would seem that it would rank much higher on the list. The fact that it’s a huge state with many rural areas seems to hurt it when the average speed is taken into consideration.

That’s not to say that’s an excuse and these states shouldn’t be doing more to bring higher speed Internet to their rural areas, but is does give an advantage to smaller states which are represented heavily in the top of the list compared to those with more land mass and less population. The list also doesn’t give a good indication where you might want to live if you were going to set up a business where fast Internet speeds were important.

While Virginia may have the fastest average Internet speed, there are likely a lot of specific cities with much higher speeds. A good example would be the cities that have Google Fiber as a provider. Missouri ranks near the bottom at #44 on the list and therefore according to the list not a place you would want to live if you desire fast Internet speeds. While the average speed in the state is slow, that’s not the case for Kansas City. For those who have Google Fiber in Kansas City, they have access to lightning fast Internet speeds well above the Virginia average.

In the end, the ranking is interesting to see, but it really isn’t that helpful for anyone who wants to end up in a place where Internet speed is important. Below you can find the ranking of all the states for average Internet speed:

1. Virginia 13.7 mbps
2. Delaware 13.1
3. Massachusetts 13.1
4. Rhode Island 12.9
5. Washington DC 12.8
6. Washington 12.5
7. New Hampshire 12.3
8. Utah 12.1
9. Michigan 11.8
10. Connecticut 11.7
11. North Dakota 11.7
12. Oregon 11.7
13. Wisconsin 11.5
14. New York 11.5
15. Maryland 11.3
16. Pennsylvania 11.3
17. Ohio 11.2
18. New Jersey 11.2
19. Minnesota 11.1
20. California 10.9
21. South Dakota 10.8
22. Georgia 10.7
23. Indiana 10.7
24. Vermont 10.2
25. Nevada 10.1
26. Florida 10.1
27. Tennessee 9.9
28. Colorado 9.7
29. South Carolina 9.7
30. North Carolina 9.7
31. Nebraska 9.5
32. Texas 9.4
33. Illinois 9.2
34. Alabama 8.9
35. Oklahoma 8.9
36. Iowa 8.8
37. Maine 8.7
38. Arizona 8.7
39. Kansas 8.6
40. Hawaii 8.4
41. Wyoming 8.0
42. Idaho 7.7
43. Louisiana 7.7
44. Missouri 7.7
45. New Mexico 7.6
46. Mississippi 7.6
47. West Virginia 7.5
48. Montana 7.3
49. Kentucky 7.3
50. Arkansas 7.3
51. Alaska 7.0 mbps

(Top photo courtesy of David Davies)

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  • ben says:

    I agree, but I think it shows what states value Internet speed more than others as well. Some of the lowest speeds are in the south. I see it as a basic infrastructure need, just like good roads. If your Internet sucks, why would I ever move a business to your state?

  • Scott says:

    Having moved from the city to the country, I love most of the things with the move, but Internet speed is one that I absolutely hate. Frustrating beyond belief.

  • danny says:

    Oh, I feel for you. I know exactly what you’re saying. I grew up in the countryside and loved it, but I was amazed at how slow my connection was when I went to college in the city. I hate going back for that one reason alone. It sucks.


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