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The Best Deals Available at 4th of July Sales 2014

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Great deals to be found at 4th of July sales
Independence day is a federal holiday, and a time when many families get together to celebrate the founding of our nation. It’s also a time when retail stores have big sales to mark the event. The question is, what are the best deals to look for when it comes to 4th of July sales?

The most important factor when it comes to scoring great deals is making sure it’s a deal in the first place. Far too many people purchase things because they think it’s a good price. Price should always be the second factor when making a purchase. The first should always be whether you were already planning to buy the item. If you you weren’t planning to buy it, or don’t have a pressing need for it, the price doesn’t matter. Anything you spend will be wasted money because the money spent could have gone toward something you did really want and need.

For those of you looking to score a deal this Fourth of July, below are some deals to look for:

Major Appliances

While September and October are usually considered the best time to purchase major appliances, holiday sales are also a good time to pick up deals if you can’t wait until then. A number of retailers are discounting major appliances as part of their 4th of July sales, so if you need to replace one of yours soon, this could be the perfect opportunity.

iPhone 5s

Retailers have begun to discount the Apple iPhone 5s and 5c models in anticipation of the release of a new Apple iPhone 6 later this year. While you’ll likely be able to score the best deals on these if you wait until after the iPhone 6 is launched, you’re much better off buying these now than you were a month ago.

Summer Clothing

The 4th of July sales can be a perfect time to pick up summer clothing at a good discount, especially if you wear a popular size which sells out quickly. The sale prices won’t be quite a s good as they’ll be at the end of summer when all the summer merchandise needs to be cleared out, but there will be a much better selection to choose from. You should be able to find summer clothes at 50% – 60% off their regular retail prices during Independence Day sales. Best of all, there are still plenty of days you’ll be able to wear what you buy before the weather turns colder.

Laptop Computers

OK, these probably won’t be the best deals during the 4th of July sales, but you should keep your eyes open in July as the back to school sales events begin. Back to school can be a good time to land a deal on a laptop, and especially so for students who may get extra incentives. If you’re in need of a new computer, July and August are some of the better months to purchase.

Patio Furniture and Grills

Fourth of July sales are when outdoor summer gear starts to get discounted. If you can wait until the end of the season, you’ll get the best deals. If you need it for use this summer, however, the sales during the holiday weekend are a good time to get a discount. They’ll also allow you to take advantage of the purchase all through the warm months.

Late August Vacations

While not exactly a 4th of July sale, one of the least expensive travel times of the year is in late August with both hotel prices and airline flights less than they are at other times of the year. The two weekends before Labor Day weekend fall into a lull period for the travel industry, so both hotels and airlines push deals to make sure spaces fill up. In order to take advantage of the deals, you need to make your plans starting now. If you have some place you’d like to go, and can get the time off in late August, making those plans now can save you a bundle.

4th of July Stuff

The 4th lands on a Friday this year, so that means all the 4th of July items not sold on Friday will be highly discounted on Saturday and Sunday. It’s a great time to stock up for 4th of July 2015, or any other patriotic day of the year. Most items with flags will be deeply discounted, so if you’re creative and can think of other ways to use them, you can get some fantastic deals. It’s also a great time to purchase fireworks at 50% off or more.

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