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4th of July: Major Retailers That Are Open and Closed for Independence Day 2017

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What stores are opened and closed on July 4th
This article updated for July 4th, 2017.

With Independence Day almost upon us, one can’t avoid all the advertising about 4th of July sales on TV and in print. This might lead one to believe all retail stores will be open on the Fourth of July, even though it’s a federal holiday. For those who like to shop, the good news is that most retail outlets do remain open for this holiday, and they often have accompanying sales to try to drive traffic into their stores as well. Still, not all remain open (and many revert to holiday or weekend hours even though July 4 is on a Tuesday in 2017), so it’s best to contact your local store directly to confirm their hours on this day. Below is a list of some of the larger retailers, and whether they will be open or closed on July 4, 2017.

Walmart Stores

Walmart is open July 4. If you’re in need of buying last-minute fireworks or food and supplies for the barbecue, your local Walmart will be open to sell you what you need at their 4th of July Event. There are a number of Walmart locations which have other businesses within their store (for example, a local bank branch). These independent stores may or may not be open on Independence Day. You should call to confirm if you plan to visit one of these stores.

Target Stores

Target is open July 4. For those who want to do some shopping at Target, all US locations will be open on the Fourth of July for any shopping needs you may have. Be sure to take advantage of the many ways it’s possible to save money at Target if you decide to take advantage of their 4th of July sale.


Costco is closed July 4. While most retailers remain open for the holiday, Costco is one of the few stores which remains closed to observe Independence Day. July 4 is only one of a total of six days during the year when their doors are closed. If you’re planning to have a holiday barbecue and need to stock up in bulk amounts, be sure to go earlier in the week and don’t wait until Tuesday to do so, since there will no way to buy anything on that day in their warehouse locations.

BJ’s Wholesale Club

BJ’s is open July 4. If you have a local BJ’s near you and want to do some shopping on Tuesday, their wholesale clubs will be open for the day, but they won’t be open during their normal hours. Instead, they will revert to their typical Sunday hours, which are 9:00 am – 8:00 pm.

Home Depot

Home Depot is open July 4. With the summer season now upon us, it’s a great time to do summer outdoor projects. All Home Depot stores will be open for business on Independence Day. You can take advantage of the long holiday weekend to get outside and do some of those projects you have been planning. If you do head over to Home Depot on the 4th be sure to take advantage of the different ways you can save money.


Lowe’s is open July 4. All Lowe’s store locations will be open for the holiday on Friday for those who have weekend home projects to do. Most should be operating on their normal business hours.

Best Buy

Best Buy is open July 4. If you have a local Best Buy in your area, and you’re in need of some electronic gadgetry, their stores will be open every day over the weekend, including Tuesday. They’ll also be having a 4th of July day sale so that you can take advantage of some extra savings as well.


Sears is open July 4. If you find that you’re in need of doing some home shopping, Sears will be having their annual 4th of July Sales and Values event. Their stores will be open for Independence day, but some stores may have special hours, so you may want to call your local Sears to confirm what times your local store will be open.


Macy’s is open July 4. Macy’s stores will be open for the holiday, and they will be having a sale that corresponds as well. You may also want to check out their fireworks show on TV, live from the Brooklyn Bridge.

There are plenty of Fourth of July sale opportunities at retailers this weekend, but it’s important to remember in order to save money, you already needed to plan to purchase those things. If you end up going to the store and buying something you weren’t planning to buy simply because it was a great deal, you aren’t actually saving money. You’re spending it. When you purchase something that isn’t on your needs list, you’re not really getting a deal no matter how good the discount happened to be.

Don’t Forget The Troops!

Also, if you do spend part of your weekend shopping for this holiday, consider putting together a small care package for military troops stationed overseas. They would greatly appreciate the gesture, and they’re one of the reasons we’re able to celebrate this holiday.

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