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Buy the Town of Swett for $400,000

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The town of Swett South Dakota is for sale for $400,000
It’s not everyday that you have the chance to buy your very own town, but that opportunity is available to anyone who has ever had the dream. At a cost of $400,000 you can purchase the town of Swett in South Dakota, according to a recent article in the Rapid City Journal. The town is located about 2 hours south of Rapid City in Bennett County, along Highway 18 between the towns of Martin and Pine Ridge.

The sole owner of the town, Lance Benson, has put the unincorporated town up for sale so that he can concentrate more on his other businesses. He purchased the town in 1998, but gave it up to his ex-wife as part of a divorce agreement. Benson then repurchased it in 2012.

The town is far from huge, and if you purchased it you would be the only ones living there. While there were once as many as 40 people living in the town, there are currently only two: Benson and his wife. With the purchase of the town comes a bar, a house, a workshop, three trailers and over 6 acres of prairie real estate.

Towns in South Dakota don’t become available everyday. The last one available for sale was the town of Scenic in 2011 which was placed for sale at the price of $799,000, and it eventually sold for $700,000 to the Iglesia Ni Cristo Filipino church.

For anyone interested in making an offer on the town of Swett, you can do so by contacting broker Stacie Montgomery at her office. She can be reached by calling 605-343-2700.

(Photo courtesy of Diana Parkhouse)

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