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No McDonald’s Olympic Contest with the Sochi Winter Games

By , February 7th, 2014 | No Comments

McDonald's Sochi Olympic contest
For those who were hoping to earn some extra cash from a McDonald’s Sochi Winter Olympics contest this year, you’ll be disappointed to find out that there doesn’t appear that there will be one. There have been no announcements of any type of Olympic style contest or instant win game to run in conjunction with the 2014 winter Olympic games.

While many people like to play these games in an effort to win the prizes that are part of the contest, there are a growing number of people who have discovered that they can also generate some extra money from them. The biggest of these is the yearly McDonald’s Monopoly contest where it’s possible to earn several hundred dollars for those who are dedicated. But there are people who try to earn some extra money even on the smaller contests. A McDonald’s Olympic contest would have generated quite a bit of interest, which would have had the potential to generate a decent amount of cash for those who use these contests as a way to make some side money.

Even though there isn’t a contest, for those who are looking for ways to profit, there are still a few things that you can do to try to make some extra money. The problem is that these will be harder to do and won’t be quite as profitable as a contest would have been.

McDonald’s Olympic Pins

McDonald's Sochi Olympic official restaurant mascot pin set
Pin trading and collecting is always a hot hobby during any Olympic games. Official McDonald’s pins have already begun showing up on eBay. If you’re able to get hold of any Olympic themed pins (Mcdonald’s or other sponsors), there could be a chance to turn a quick profit. The key to making this profitable is that you need to act quickly while there is still demand before the pins lose their value as the games come to a close.

Branded Merchadise

McDonald’s is using Olympic branding on some of the items that the sell in their stores. For example, the large plastic cups are promoting the Olympic games:

Olympic advertising on McDonald's drink cups
Branding tends to be different in different parts of the world, and there are collectors of McDonald’s and Olympic branded good all over the globe. Since these are quite common, they aren’t going to be worth a lot, but collecting and storing these might bring in some extra cash from collectors down the line. If you happen to have a store near you, and you can get them for free from people discarding them, it could be worth your time picking them up.

Branded Signage

Most of the Olympic branded signage ends up in the trash dumpsters after the Olympic games are over. If you know someone who works at a store, you might ask them to save the signage for you when it’s taken down. If you aren’t opposed to dumpster diving and it’s legal where you live, this can also be a way to collect this signage. The problem is waiting until you have to dumpster dive increases the likelihood of damage to the signage. Since this is advertising that was never for sale, it can bring a bigger price from collectors since there simply aren’t a whole lot of people who will be selling them.

Again, these aren’t likely to be nearly as profitable as an actual Olympic contest or instant win game would have been, but they are a few ideas on how to possibly earn a few extra dollars for those who were counting on generating some extra income from a game.

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