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The Top 10 Stocks Investments of the US Senate

By , January 20th, 2014 | 2 Comments »

US Senate stock holdings

If you want to make a lot of money in the stock market, the people to take advice from aren’t the finance gurus on TV or the people on Wall Street. The people that you should follow are the elected officials sitting in Congress who are able to achieve “abnormal returns” on their investments. The good news is that these government officials have to disclose which stocks they choose to invest in, but the bad news is that this information is dated. Still, even dated information can give you a glimpse at what type of companies that those in the US Congress choose to be part of their investment portfolio. The below information is from 2012 disclosures, the latest information currently available to the public according to for the top 10 companies that members of the US Senate held.

#1 Apple Computer

Apple official logo

The stock at the top of the list of those held by Senators is Apple Computer. A total of 19 senators had investments in this stock which included 10 Democrats, 8 Republicans and 1 Independent.

#2 General Electric

GE logo

General Electric came in as the second most held stock (tied with P&G) among US Senators. There were 18 senators in total who owned the stock with 8 being Democrats, 9 being Republicans with a single Independent.

#2 Procter & Gamble

P&G logo

Procter & Gamble holds the number two spot (tied with GE) as the most held stock among Senators in Congress. The numbers exactly mirror those who also hold GE stock with 8 being Democrats, 9 being Republicans and a single Independent.

#4 IBM

International Business Machines logo

The fourth most held stock by Senators is IBM with a total of 16 members having it as part of their stock portfolio. This includes 10 Democrats and 5 Republicans.

#5 Johnson & Johnson

J and J Logo

There are actually five stocks that all tie for the fifth place as the most held stocks by Senators, although the make-up of those holding them is quite different. This includes Johnson & Johnson which is held by 15 members (6 Democrats, 8 Republicans and 1 Independent).

#5 Exxon Mobil

exxon mobil logo

Exxon Mobil is also in a tie as the fifth most held stock by members of the Senate with 15 members holding it. This includes 5 Democrats, 9 Republicans and 1 Independent.

#5 Microsoft

Microsoft logo

Microsoft stock is another of the five stocks that all tied for fifth place among the most popular stocks held by Senate members. There were 8 Democrats and 7 Republicans who held shares of Microsoft as part of their stock assets.

#5 Chevron

chevron logo

Among those stocks tied in the fifth position is Chevron which has 15 Senators that own it. There are twice as many Republicans that own Chevron (10) than Democrats (5).

#5 PepsiCo

pepsico logo

The last of the five stocks which is tied in the fifth position of the most held stocks by members of the Senate is PepsiCo with 15 Senators. These senators include 6 Democrats, 8 Republicans and 1 Independent.

#10 Bank of America

bofa logo

Rounding out the top ten most popular stocks among Senators are actually three stocks all tied at number 10. eack of the has 14 members holding them. Bank of America is one that is split perfectly evenly among the members with 7 from each party holding the stock.

#10 JP Morgan Chase & Co

JP Morgan Chase logo

Another stock tied in the tenth position with 14 Senate members holding it is JP Morgan Chase. Much like Bank of America, it’s split evenly (7 to 7) among Republicans and Democrats.

#10 Intel

Intel logo

The last of the stocks tied at number 10 on the list of most popular stocks among Senators is Intel. There are 14 members of the Senate that hold this stock which includes 9 Democrats and 5 Republicans.

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  • Christina says:

    My politics are outside what appears to me to be a narrow American spectrum, but I do own, as individual stocks, PG, GE, IBM and JNJ. Looking at PEP. Don’t know if AAPL will ever reach an attractive buy/valuation point for me.

    I wonder though how many US Senators own stock in companies with lucrative defense contractors… I used to have a list of publicly traded defense contractor companies but lost it, darn the luck.

  • Christina says:

    Impulsive dryad that I am, AFTER commenting, I later looked at Value Line, S&P Reports, and about AAPL. This looks like an attractive buy point; AAPL is supposedly undervalued. Mind you, I bought YHOO at $400 once upon a time. Every portfolio has its flea-bitten dog. I am going to buy AAPL this week though for my Roth and for my son’s Coverdell, if I’m this gung ho after a good night’s rest.


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