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17 Bills in Your Wallet Worth More than Face Value

By , October 7th, 2013 | 392 Comments »


What if I told you your money is worth more than you think? In fact it could be worth THOUSANDS more.

If you carry cash on a regular basis, there’s a good chance that at some point during the year you have bills in your wallet that are worth more than their stated face value. While most of these are probably worth only a few dollars more, some can be worth much, much more. It’s estimated that some of the new $100 bills coming out will be worth as much as $15,000 each for those lucky enough to find the bills with serial numbers that collectors covet.

A lot of people don’t realize that there are people who collect bills. For these collectors, it’s often the serial number on the bill which makes the bill valuable to them. What’s interesting is that collectors have a large number of different number patterns that they desire, and they’re willing to pay extra for these bills. The best part is that it costs you absolutely no money to do this. The bills that you have in your wallet as still worth their face value and can be spent or used on anything needed if they don’t have a serial number that collectors desire. By simply scanning the serial numbers of all the bills that you get throughout the year, you can likely make a bit of extra pocket money if you understand what the collectors are after. Below you will find seventeen types of bills that are worth more than their face value to collectors, and can be found in regularly circulated bills.

Low Numbers

serial number 1
By far the most popular type of bill that collectors want are bills with low serial numbers. Any bill with a serial number under 100 will almost always at least double the value of the bill, and sometimes make it worth much more. Collectors estimate that new $100 bills with low numbers could be worth several thousand dollars with the serial number 00000001 bill worth $15,000. Since bills are created at twelve different facilities (Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Kansas City, Minneapolis, New York City, Philadelphia, Richmond VA, St. Louis and San Francisco), there are twelve different bills with each of these numbers on them. Bills with numbers under 100 are highly sought, but collectors are still interested in numbers in the hundreds, and even into the thousands. The lower the number, the more valuable it becomes.

High Numbers

high serial number dollar bill
Much like the low numbers, there are also people who like to collect the high number serial bills. While this isn’t as popular as low number bills, it can actually be more difficult to find them. That’s because not every series of bills will reach the high numbers before they are changed meaning that there are less of them that ever make it into circulation. High number serial numbers such as 99999925 or 99999853 would be coveted by collectors. The higher the number, the more valuable it becomes.

Star Notes

star note serial number
In a perfect world, nothing would ever go wrong when printing money. Since we don’t live in a perfect world, issues do arise when bills are printed. When there is some type of printing error and bills need to be printed again, the way that they show this is by printing a star at the end of the bill’s serial number. Since printing errors don’t happen too often, notes with a star at the end of the serial number aren’t common, and this makes them sought after by collectors. These bills are officially known as “replacement notes,” but most collectors refer to them as “star bills” or “star notes.”


Another type of bill that many collectors like to have as part of their collection are ladder bills. Ladder notes are those where the serial number ascends or descends in order. An example of an ascending ladder bill would be one with a serial number 01234567 and an example of a descending ladder note would be 98765432. Ladder notes are rare and thus any one that you find would be worth much more than its face value to collectors. It’s also possible to have a note that has both ascending and descending numbers in the same note. While this isn’t a true ladder note, it is still considered part of the ladder family and there are people who collect them. An example of this would be 34565432

Since ladder bills are so rare, people also collect “near ladder” notes. These are bills where the numbers of the serial number is in a ladder sequence, but one or two aren’t. An example of this would be 51234567 or 98765430. These notes aren’t as valuable as ladder bills, but they are still worth more than the face value of the bill to collectors.


solid serial number bill
A solid note is one where the numbers are all the same for the serial number. An example of this would be a serial number of 22222222. Finding solid bills is quite rare and collectors would pay far more than face value for any that come available. Since solid notes are so rare, collectors also seek out near solid notes as well. These are bills that only have all the same number except for one digit. An example of this would be 77777797. With the near solid notes there are only two numbers in the serial number so all near solid notes are also binary notes.


super repeater serial number dollar bill
Another serial number that often attracts guys collectors is one that repeats the numbers in the serial number. These bills are called repeating notes or repeater notes. For example, a repeater note would be something like 48648648 or 78937893. If you can find a repeating two number bill, that is called a super repeater and is highly sought after. An example of a super repeater would be 63636363. If you find any bill that has repeating numbers constituting the serial number, it will be worth more than face value to collectors.

Binary & Trinary

Binary bills are those notes which have a serial number that consist of only two numbers. An example of a binary note would be 66766676. The numbers can be in any order within the serial number, and as long as there are only two different numbers it is considered a binary note. Due to the difficulty of finding binary notes, there is also demand from collectors for bills which have three different numbers in any combination. These are referred to as trinary notes, and while they’re not as valuable as binary notes, they’ll still be worth more than their face value to collectors.

True Binary

true binary dollar bill
While binary bills are highly collectible, the best of the best are bills that have only ones and zeros as part of their serial number. When a bill only has ones and zeros, it is referred to as a true binary note. These notes can go for much more than other binary notes because in addition to bill collectors, you also have many computer enthusiasts who have interests in these bills. An example of a true binary go would be 00011011.


A lot of people who collect bills look for bills that have special meaning to them as individuals. One of the more popular types of bills for people to collect are what are referred to as birthday notes. These are bills which have a year written somewhere within the serial number. The year usually has some special significance to the person who wants the bill such as the year they were born, the year that they have an anniversary, or a year that takes some other type of personal event of significance to them. An example of a birthday note would be 65819770 where 1977 might be a significant year to someone. Another would be 00198500 where the year 1985 is significant. While the year can be anywhere within the serial number for it to be considered a birthday note, if the year comes at the very end of the serial number, or is preceeded or surrounded by zeros on both sides, it is usually more desirable and therefore more valuable to collectors.

Full Date

An even more valuable bill for collectors and the birthday note are full date notes. These bills have serial numbers that depict a full date rather than just a year. For example, if you were born on October 22, 1967, a full date note would read 10221967. Any note that depicts a date in full that corresponds with a special event for someone will be extremely valuable to that person, and collectors can pay quite a bit to get hold of a full date note that depicts something special for them.


super radar serial number dollar bill
Radar bills are much like the word “radar” itself — they are bills where the serial number will read the same backwards as it does forward, just as radar reads the same both backward and forward. An example of a radar note would be 03688630 or 96255269. The serial number is the same both ways. radar notes that are all the same except for the two end numbers are referred to as super radars. An example of a super radar would be 38888883 and these are highly sought after by collectors.


Currency collectors are often also interested in double notes. These are bills that have the same number pair next to each other within the serial number of the bill. The most valuable of the double notes are the ones that have four distinct pairs of numbers. These are called quad doubles. An example of a quad double serial number would be 44775511 or 99003366. While the quad doubles are the most sough after, tri doubles are also valued by collectors such as 27007711, but especially if they are framed by zeros such as 07744990.

Double Quads

double quad serial number dollar bill
Another highly collectible bill are double quad notes. These are bills that have two sets of four of the same number. An example of this would be 44449999 or 66661111. While technically they are also a version of the quad doubles mentioned above, because they are significantly more difficult to find, they have their own name.


Consecutive notes are two (or more) bills where the serial numbers are consecutive in order. An example of consecutive bills would be two bills in your hand with one having the serial number 97350342 and the other having 97350343. It’s actually quite easy to attain consecutive notes, as many banks have them if you get any bill denomination in a bundle of 100. Even with the ease of getting them, these are collectible and you can often get a bit more than face value for them in many instances. They become more of interest to collectors when they are consecutive and also possess one or more of the other traits mentioned in this article. For example, consecutive bills that are also a binary bills: 45554454 and 45554455.


bookeend serial number dollar bill
A bill’s serial number that has the same two or three numbers on each end is considered a bookend note by collectors. An example of this would be 20873420 or 34598345. Bookend notes having three numbers the same on each end are more valuable to collectors (and much more difficult to find), but even notes with two bookend numbers can fetch prices over the bill’s face value.

Unusual Numbers

Bank notes whose serial number matches well known numbers also have appeal to collectors. A classic example would be a “pi” bill that had a serial number that corresponds to the first 8 digits of the numerical value of pi: 31415927. Any string of numbers that have a special meaning to someone or some thing will likely be coveted by some collector.


While all of the above bills with serial numbers would likely find collectors willing to pay above face value for the bill, each gains a little more value if they are combinations of two or more of the above types of notes. While these are obviously more difficult to find than those that have just a single point of desire for collectors, combination notes also can be worth significantly more due to this rarity. One of many examples that exist would be a birthday/repeater combination which might look like 19771977.


The reality is that if you can find something within a bill’s serial number that makes it unique, there is probably someone out there that will pay more than its face value to add it to their collection. Basically, if you look at a serial number and say to yourself, “wow, that’s neat!” then collectors will likely feel the same way. Use the different types of bills that collectors look for mentioned above as a guide, but don’t limit yourself to them if you find an interesting serial number that isn’t mentioned above.

As with all things collectible, condition matters. The better the condition of the note, the more valuable it will be. That being said, unless the bill is extremely worn and ripped, any of the above mentioned serial numbered bills will still be worth more than their face value even if the bill has been in circulation for awhile. The goal is to find the bills in the best shape possible, but don’t be discouraged if you find one of the bills that shows a bit of wear.

If you carry cash on a regular basis, a few of these notes likely pass through your hands during the year. Much like finding coins, if you simply look at the bills you have in your wallet after reading this article and never again, you aren’t likely to find any of them. If, however, you get into the habit of checking each bill that passes through your hands, you will eventually come across some that collectors desire.

If you are willing to take your search a step further, start withdrawing money from your bank from a teller always requesting new bills. This will mean that if you do come across a bill that is collectible, it will be in better condition making it worth more. It will also give you the chance to go back to the teller and get more bills if you get one you like that the serials numbers close to it would also be valuable. If not, the crisp bills will help you save money. As mentioned previously, this can be a fun way to make a bit of extra money that doesn’t cost a cent to do since all the money that you get is still worth its face value, and there aren’t many fun hobbies that let you do that.

Finally, the average lifespan of a dollar bill is between 22 and 89 months, so the chances of finding a rare or valuable bill goes down the longer the bill has been in circulation.

Where to Learn More

A good place to learn more about dollars worth more than face value is to hit the books.  The go-to resource in this area is the Standard Guide to Small-Size U.S. Paper Money – 1928-Date (Standard Catalog).  This resource is particularly useful for identifying which block letters and serial numbers are potentially valuable.  You can pick up a used copy on Amazon.com for cheap – just five or six bucks. And, if you want to know what our forum members are collecting you can follow the conversation here. Do you look at your pennies?

(Photos courtesy of CoolSerialNumbers)

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  • prettycheapjewelry says:

    Of course I checked what’s in my wallet right away – one of my $1 has a serial number with an ‘M’ after it. What does that mean?

  • Marina says:

    So do you just sell these on ebay then when you find them?

    • jeffrey says:

      Yes, especially if it is a serial number that I think might be worth a lot. If it’s one that might only be worth a few dollars over face value, I sometimes opt to place it on CraigsList instead.

      • Lightning Larry says:

        I must agree with jeffery. Lately, EBay has been flooded with $2 bills. Craigslist both costs FAR LESS to use and it can be used locally also which could lead to higher profits.

      • Shannon says:

        I have been trying to c if my star note dollar is of any value Boston 2009 A05786964 circulated

    • Luke says:

      Unless you know already what the bill could be worth I wouldn’t listen to either of these guys. Instead go to FancySerialNumbers.com or CoolSerialNumbers.com they both buy sell and trade U.S. currency with cool (fancy) serial numbers and say star notes as well so they know what thier doing and you’ll get the best price fir your bills

  • Ha this is actually really cool! I never knew!

  • baselle says:

    Check out the Coined for Money blog. “Man”, the coin collector who posts, will often give you an on-the-fly assessment of what you have.

  • Gailete says:

    How very interesting. Thanks for this post.

  • GARRETT says:

    I work in a bank and recieved an interesting strap of the new 100 dollar bills. it is 44556601-44556700. I was wondering if any would be valuable and which ones may be the most valuable? 44556666?

    • jeffrey says:

      There would be a number of them that would be of interest. I think that 44556677 would be especially sought after. I would claim as many as you can afford since there is no way that you can really lose money — if nobody is interested, you still have $100.

      • GARRETT says:

        Is there any particular place that is best when trying to sell them. and do u happen to know what a good value for 44556677 would be?

        • jeffrey says:

          I’m certainly not an expert in this so can’t give you an estimated value. You might want to check with a coin/currency dealer in your area. Personally, I would place it on eBay with a a markup you’re satisfied with and see where it goes from there.

      • X says:

        I have 10 $2 bills all in numerical order what would I do if I wanted to sell them or are they even worth selling ?

        • Jeffrey Strain says:

          Bills in order are common as these can be found at any bank. If they don’t have anything special with their serial numbers, then they likely aren’t worth more than face value.

  • Cara says:

    Interesting article. What about misprints ? We have a bill with a folded corner and the printing went on top of the fold so when you unfold it there is a blank area on the bill ? How do I know what something like this is worth and where do I sell it if it is worth something ?

    • jeffrey says:

      Misprints will make the bill more valuable than its face value — how much will depend on the misprint. The best way to gauge the possible value is to look for similar items that have sold on eBay or take it to a local coin/currency dealer to get an estimate.

  • Marissa says:

    Wow! This is great and interesting information. What a great post! Thanks for sharing!

  • Nathan says:

    I have (3) Double number ($100) bills in order. 14211223,14211224,14211225. The new bills. Worth anything? If so, how much?

    • jeffrey says:

      I wouldn’t think they would be worth anything above their face value

    • Mike G says:

      The 14211224 would, actually, be worth more than face value to certain collectors as it is a trinary note. 1, 2, and 4. If you still have the note, you may consider posting it on ebay to be noticed by collectors.

  • Evette says:

    I have started collecting bills. One dollar bill has the serial number 69686766. How much would it be worth?

    • jeffrey says:

      I’m not an expert in this field so I can’t give you a price, but due to the unique sequencing if the bill it seems that a collector would be willing to pay more than face value for it.

  • Carol says:

    are people interested in bills with like two consecutive $5.00 both with a star
    and are people interested in bills that have 5 or more of the same #

    • jeffrey says:

      All “star” bills are highly collectible — two in a row would make them even more so.

      5 of the same number bill would be collectible depending on their distribution on the bill. All 5 in a row — yes. Five scattered throughout the serial number with other numbers in between, probably not.

  • erik says:

    I have a 2006 star note L 08539322 would that be a collectible to someone? it’s a one dollar note.

  • erik says:

    I also have a 2009 one dollar note 01211301 is that a good combination?

    • jeffrey says:

      It would be a great one if it didn’t have the 2 and 3 in it. As is, there wouldn’t be any extra value.

    • brandi says:

      These numbers are the birthdays 1/21 and 1/30 and they r 1 year apart and my youngest was actually born 2009… wish id found this one awesome to me…

  • erik says:

    okay thank you

  • erik says:

    I have a $1 bill that is a bookend note. 07772807 is that a collectible item?

    • jeffrey says:

      I know that three number bookends are, I’m not sure how much demand there is for two number bookends…

    • TINA says:

      yes 2 # bookend bills are worth something but not as much as 3 # bookend bills. as it shows up towards the top of this site where it has the different types of collectible bills and serial #s it has Bookends

      bookeend serial number dollar bill
      A bill’s serial number that has the same two or three numbers on each end is considered a bookend note by collectors. An example of this would be 20873420 or 34598345. Bookend notes having three numbers the same on each end are more valuable to collectors (and much more difficult to find), but even notes with two bookend numbers can fetch prices over the bill’s face value.

  • erik says:

    Found a repeater note 23252627 could that be something good?

    • jeffrey says:

      It might be. I think it would be worth giving it a try at the very least. I think that if it had gone up in consecutive numbers so that it was 23242526 then it would definitely have some value. Still, anything that is unusual like that always has the potential of being worth more than its face value.

  • erik says:

    thank you very much. I do appreciate it!

  • rubi says:

    I have 1 dollar bill with this number A 71771177 serie 2009, what do you think about it?

    • jeffrey says:

      That would definitely be of interest to collectors. The better condition it’s in, the more interest there would be.

    • MagmaForcePS says:

      I wish I would have found this string of communication earlier. I would love to ask how much for that bill. I love 1s and 7s.

  • erik says:

    Ive found a $10 bookend 00 00 today. gotta be pretty good im sure…..hope so lol

  • Leopoldo says:

    I think that consecutive serial numbers have more value if they are not uncirculated currency paper. I mean that consecutive serial numbers of two or more circulated pieces have history! It is really hard to put together these brother’s pieces.

  • mark says:

    Where can I look up the value of my $100 bill?

    • There is no place to look up the values — it’s basically what you think a collector will pay for it.

    • MagmaForcePS says:

      You can go online (Ebay or ??) and purchase a currency value book. I sell them, too. I doubt if I live near you, though and will not be worth it if you don’t. However, like Redbook (the coin bible)… currency value books update regularly. Make sure you are getting the latest version.

  • Mark says:

    I have an uncut sheet of 1976 Bicentennial $2.00 bills. They are “replacement notes, ”but most collectors refer to them as “star bills” or “star notes.” and hence are consecutive munbers (not sure if the numbers are 16 in a row or 8 per side running from top to bottom). I got them in the original cardboard folder but had them removed and professionally framed so you can see the front and back using “Museum” quality glass and a Rosewood frame. I had the US MINT part of the original cardboard container cut out and included in the matting which was “framed” within the matting. There is slight tape reside (which held the sheet to the original cardboard conatainer on each corner note but I did not want to risk ruining the sheet trying to remove the very minor tape residue which is hard to see anyway. What do you think they may be worth? The sheet has no bends, folds or tears it is pristine except for the tape residue. Thank you for the great information provided.

    • Definitely not an expert in this area — you could look online to see what similar are selling for or go to a coin/bill dealer and have them give you an estimate.

      • Mark says:

        Thank you Jeffrey,
        I also wanted to “edit” my post as they are not truly consecutive numbers as I had thought. There are two rows with 8 bills running downward per row. The configuration/running order is below with only the 4th and 5th numbers changing and all changes are even numbers; note that the first 4 bills in column one are consecutive even numbers and they then carry over to column two for 4 bills then jump back to column one and repeat the sequence, as if they were maybe intended to be cut into two sheets of 8 bills each:

        A00640848* A00720848*
        A00660848* A00740848*
        A00680848* A00760848*
        A00700848* A00780848*
        A00800848* A00880848*
        A00820848* A00900848*
        A00840848* A00920848*
        A00860848* A00940848*

        Again, thank you for your advice!

    • Freeman says:

      Just curious do u still have them I am 46 and just had first baby ever and she is beautiful would like to start her a collection of bicentennial money would like to know if u would be interested in selling any or all

  • richard says:

    I have a $20 bill thats 22715722 would that be considered a book end

  • Michael says:

    I have a 1969 A hundred dollar bill star note in vf condition. Serial number C00343577*. Do you have any idea how much it might be worth? Or where I can find info on it. Is it a low count star note

    • I don’t know what the worth would be — your best bet is to take it to a coin and currency dealer or check similar finished auctions on eBay. It wouldn’t be considered a low count bill.

  • Amber says:

    Hello, Can two different one hundred dollar bills frim 1996 have the same serial number?

  • Mel says:

    Love the info was wondering if you could tell me if one dollar bills with serial numbers L16290479K L16290480K and L16290484K are worth more than face value thank you for your time

  • cody says:

    I have a $1 with the serial number B4221934A so anyone born April, 22, 1934 would want it. But idk how I could find anyone.

  • Jesse says:

    “Star” 00575757…..any takers?

  • Quinn says:

    Hi, i have a one dollar bill, the serial code is H66363666A is it collectible or anything? I know its a bookend and it has repeaters and has 666, but besides that.

  • melissa says:

    I have 2 $100 in consecutive order that are both star notes are they worth more than face value?

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      There are always people who like to collect star notes, so you likely could get more than face value for them, especially if they are in good condition.

  • Linda Czajkowski says:


    My 2006 $20 Star Note has a smaller star then my other $20 Star Notes but it’s a regular looking star on the left-hand-side. However, the star on the right-hand-side is solid. I have searched and called a couple places but no one can give me any information on the solid star or why the stars are smaller than my other star notes.
    I’m not as concerned about the size as I am about the SOLID STAR. Does anyone know if this is rare and if it holds a different value?

    Thank you,

  • Sandy says:

    Hi, yesterday I went to the gas station to buy something and purposely took a $20 bill just to get change so I can see if I get a valuable $1 bill. I think I got something but not sure so can you tell me if this is worth anything?

    Its a $1 bill dated: 2009

    Serial number is: K02838382F

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      It’s not likely worth more than its face value. If the serial number had been something like K03838380F it would have had some value. Good luck and keep looking.

      • Sandy says:

        Awwweee, damn. I really thought I had something. Thank you. I will keep looking.

      • Katie says:

        This isn’t specifically listed, but is unique as the second number repeats 4 times. plus each block of 4 is 2 matching, Well anyway, if anyone still comments on here, can someone tell me if this bill maybe worth more than face value?

        It’s a $1 and SN K 13138383 B Not old or anything, it’s listed as 2009 but just curious if the numbers may make it semi-worth something?

    • Amber says:

      Its a radar. I would check with a coin dealer on it for another opinion. Radar bills are much like the word “radar” itself — they are bills where the serial number will read the same backwards as it does forward, just as radar reads the same both backward and forward. An example of a radar note would be 03688630 or 96255269. The serial number is the same both ways. radar notes that are all the same except for the two end numbers are referred to as super radars. An example of a super radar would be 38888883 and these are highly sought after by collectors.

  • Gloria says:

    I have a clean $1 bill with mismatched serial numbers. Is it valuable? From 1969. One starts w 67 the other w 68.

  • Steve says:

    I saw a 2009 star note beginning with 000, priced at $2.25. Should I have bought it?

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      It would have depended on the condition and the other numbers, but star notes are always in demand from collectors…

  • Madison says:

    I have a 2006 star note $1 with serial # 11778877. Is it worth more than face value?

  • William says:

    I have tried selling these notes on Ebay and the only person who makes money is Ebay. If you sell a $100 note for $115 your just breaking even. Ebay takes 10% and then the other is for insurance. And do not think about sending it without insurance. 2 out of every 3 sales I had tried to claim they did not receive the package and have Ebay refund there payment from me.

    The only way to sell them is face to face with a collector.

    Also the profit is only in the small denomination notes, these “collectors” do not appear to have any money, and can only afford 1’s,5’s,10’s, and once in a while a $20 note.

    I worked at a Bank, and had access to a lot more than the average person, put allot of time in it and got nothing in the end. Same result as the person above with his old coins. Fun to talk about but unless you find something super rare not worth the time.

  • Catherine says:

    I have a few questions about my 1935A Silver Certificate Dollar Bill and hope someone can answer them for me. Alright for one the serial number on the bill is B12314635C, does that mean anything? Also the plating number is on both the front and back, right? Are they supposed to be the same number? Because if so someone messed up on the one I own, I say this because on the front it shows in the lower right hand corner the letter G followed by the numbers 4012, then on the back again on the lower right hand side it has the numbers 2640, is this right or do I have a unique $1 Silver Certificate Bill? If someone could please get back to me and let me know I’d would appreciate it very much, Thank You For Your Time, Catherine

    • There is nothing unique about the serial number I can see. I’m not a coin/currency expert, so I can’t answer your other question. The best way to find that out is to take it to a local coin dealer.

  • Ari says:

    I went through some of my bills and saw I have 4 consecutive new hundreds with one of them being numbered 43218484 so it combines the ladder and repeater as well as having three others in consecutive order. But I don’t know if that’s really of interest? And I have another hundred with 11113051 as the code. Unfortunately not all five 1’s are next to each other. Any thoughts?

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      Larger bills like that really need to be unique for collectors so my guess is it would be difficult to get more than face value for them.

  • Sandy says:

    Hi, I have a $20 bill with the serial number 27372738. Do you think its worth more than face value?

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      It might be worth slightly more to a collector, but not enough for the time and costs you would need to sell it.

  • Francisco says:

    Hi I have a few 2009 series a $100 that look weird. I have a LG 01501414 A , a LC 01535841 star note, and a LB 66607604 note. Think I should hold Em? Thanks man in advance

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      Higher denomination notes are more difficult to sell unless they have a truly unique serial number. It would likely be difficult to sell the LG 01501414 A and the LB 66607604 notes for a profit. There are always demand for star notes, so the LC 01535841 star note would probably be of interest to a collector, but since it’s an typical serial number , it isn’t going to make you rich.

  • CallMeSir says:

    I found a dollar bill that’s serial number is: 94666490
    If it wasn’t for that last zero I know it would be worth something.

    Do you think it is still worth something? Thank you for your sharing your opinion.

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      It might be worth a little bit, but probably not enough to be worth the time of trying to find a buyer. You’re correct about that last zero.

  • jenn says:

    I have a one dollar bill with the first four numbers of the serial the exact same does this mean anything and is it worth anything? ps the first four numbers are 6666

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      No. Even if you could get a little bit more than face value, it wouldn’t be worth the time and effort it would take to sell it.

    • Mike bowlin says:

      I would tuck it away until i had 20 or 30 unique bills then take them to a coin shop to have them all checked out & sold together so it would be more worth while

  • jenn says:

    I also recently came across a 1893 Columbus exposition half dollar I did some research on the history of it, pretty cool.. what does it go for now adays its in good condition not mint condition, anything there?

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      I’m not a coin/note dealer, so I can’t give you advice on anything other than the notes with collectible serial numbers. Apologies.

  • Tyler says:

    I came across a $1 bill a few weeks ago. The serial number is 34035791. Yes, nothing special but it’s what is on the back that really caught my eye. Printed on the back perfectly lined up with the front but in reverse is the mint mark, seal, and serial number 34035792. What could this be worth?

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      Error bills are always in high demand from collectors, so it will have some value. Your would need to go to a coin and bill dealer to get an accurate valuation of it.

  • Red says:

    I just came across an interesting bill. Its a $100 dollar with a STAR. The bill is dated 2009 and the serial number is as follows: LC00919282 followed by a Small star.

    Is there any good value in it? it is crisp, as if out of the printing press…

    Any input or feedback or collectors interested in it.

    Many thanks!


    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      $100 star notes without any other significance associated with the serial number usually sell for about $20 – $25 over face value. Had the bill been LC00919822 instead of LC00919282, it might have brought more of a premium with the birth year in it.

  • jose says:

    I have a 100 dollar bill with a serial number in the back? Is that worth anything? It looks like it could be an error print

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      If you think it might be an error printing, you would need to take it to a coin and bill dealer to ascertain its value. If it is an error, then it has some value.

  • John says:

    1st of all, thank you. I have a 2003 $1 star bill from the Boston Reserve withe a serial # A00080800*. How much should I expect for it? Not sure if it’s worth paying the ebay, paypal, and shipping fees.

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      There should be collectors interested in that note. It’s hard to say what expect as I’m not a dealer (if you want to know, you could take it to a coin dealer or pawn shop and they could give you an estimate). What I would do is list it for a minimum price you feel is reasonable for your time and effort on a free listing day and see what happens.

  • kevin says:

    How about 50 year old uncirculated consecutive dollars? I have 35 1963 B “Barr” bills starting at B21493304H and 50 1963 A “Fowler” bills starting at B70825850F? Any value to these, other then face? Thanks.

  • moe says:

    1935 dollar bill B02111111I is that worth anything?

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      Due to age and number it’s worth a bit more, but probably not a huge amount. Definitely would be worth a lot of all were 1s

  • moe says:

    how much is chris chelios autograph worth on a hundred dollar bill worth on a hudred dollar bill?

  • moe says:

    How much is chris chelios autograph worth on a hundred dollar bill?

  • kari says:

    Is a 1976, 2 dollar bill with 00000975* worth anything?

  • Denisse says:

    I have a 20 dollar bill with the serial number 08077777. Would this be worth more than the face value?

  • Robert Rickard says:

    0n Dec 1st I found a almost perfect 2003A $2 bil with the full date K08091995A……that is the day Jerry Garcia past away. There has to be a Dead head who wants that and I am sure there is a dead head who collects cash. So crazy I found it and great timing…. It is the grateful deads 50th anniversary show Jan 2,2015. Also a lot of famous people like the Dead. I named it “GratefulDead President.” So???????? Want to start a high price and if anything go down. Was offered $500.00 yesterday. So right off the bat a good price. ANY THOUGHTS…

  • Luke Kohan says:

    I have 15 consecutive $20 star notes – starting from 06734454, all the way to 06734468. Condition is fresh and crisp but there is a small, blurred ink mark on the bottom edge on each note. Just wondering if there is a premium for these notes at all. Thanks

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      There are always collectors looking for star notes, so there is someone out there who would likely be willing to pay more than face value for each. You might be able to get a slight premium for all of them together, but you would greatly limit the size of the pool of people who could afford them, so it would likely be much more difficult to sell them (although you would get more when you did).

  • justin says:

    I have a $20.00
    series 2004
    how do I know what its worth?

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      The best way to figure out the worth is to look at star notes that have sold on ebay (be sure to look for SOLD notes and not listed auctions that haven’t sold). You have the added bonus of this one being a low number note. Looking at what others are willing to pay for similar notes will give you an idea of its value. You can also go to a local coin and currency dealer to get an idea of the value.

  • Austin says:

    I have a dollar bill H66777760c is that worth anything?

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      It’s likely worth a bit more than face to some collectors. It would have been worth a lot more if the serial number had been H66777766c

  • chris b says:

    I have a bill that has H89888832B is that worth anytime

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      While there might be someone who will pay a bit more than it’s face value, it’s likely not enough to take the time to try and sell it.

  • Tatyana says:

    I have a $1 with the # f66688839k. Would that be worth anything?

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      No, probably not, and if someone were willing pay a bit more than it’s face value, it wouldn’t be enough to make it worthwhile trying to sell it. Now, if it were f66668888k, it would be another story.

  • lo says:

    I have a Bill that has A star I guess it’s a replacement Bill I need to make sure what it is

  • kat says:

    I have a bill with a serial of 14455991. Could that have any value?

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      It likely would have some value over its face value if you could find the right collector…I’m not sure it would be enough to make it worthwhile trying to find that buyer, but you might want to give it a try on eBay or Craigslist…

  • NikkiMach says:

    Hi I have two bills of interest. I have a $5 thats serial # 74007500 and then a $1 thats a star bill. any idea on value of either?

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      Both have value over their face value to the right collector. What that amount is is difficult to say. You’ll need to go to a coin dealer to get a more accurate value, and you can also look up what similar bills have sold for on eBay. The $5 bill would have been worth a lot more with a 75007500 serial number.

  • jordan says:

    Hello…I have 1$ with the D 25711157 E
    is it worth something….hope to b licky lol

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      Unfortunately, likely not worth enough to take the time to sell it. It would have been if it were D 57111157 E

  • kimberly says:

    I have a 2$ 1953 with 11010001 and 18181020. Is it worth something? Tks.

  • Jim says:

    I have a 2$ 1953 with B instead of R ,in the red sigil.

    “”THESAUR AMEB” instead ” THESAUR AMER””.

    It is posible to be an error?

  • Benjamin Miller says:

    Recently i came across three bills I thought might have some value. The First is a one dollar bill with the serial number B 27888275 F. The second is a one dollar bill with a serial number L 14011666 H. The third is a twenty dollar bill with a serial number MD 13278496 B. I thought the last one might have some value because it doesn’t have any repeats in the serial number. Thanks.

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      Those might have some value to others, but I’m not sure it it would be enough to make them worth the time and effort to sell.

  • rajeev says:

    Sir i have 2006 series $20 bookend IC 50464634c
    C3 is it valuable?

  • Jenn says:

    I have a Lucky Dollar – Serial #K 88888666 G. I find it unique for a few reasons… 😉 Wondering if it’s worth trying to sell.

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      Definitely worth a try and you should be able to get above face value. Would likely be of interest to a number of collectors.

  • Mark A says:

    I have a 1 dollar bill that has a serial number that is like a ladder but not in order. Is this something worth holding on to?

  • Berny says:

    Have 6 Bill any value
    $20 JF 74474777 B (2009)-
    $10JF 00134909* (2009)-
    $5 IG 06949066* (2006)-
    $1 L 05171977 H (2009)-
    $1 B 17177778 A (2009-
    $1 L 33111777 U (2009)-
    $1 L 91848491 I (2009)-

  • Deb says:

    I have a 2 dollar bill with the series # K 00344946* 1976. Worth anything?

    • It would definitely be worth more than face value to a collector of star bills. A lot depends on condition…but they appear to be going from anywhere from $5 to $50 on eBay.

  • Alton M. says:

    I have 8 new sequential order uncirculated star note $100 bills. Could they possibly be worth anything?

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      There are a lot of people who collect star notes, so you can probably get more than face value for them. How much more is the question…

  • Zack says:

    I have a couple dollar bills with the letter a underneath the date is that worth anything

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      I’m not sure exactly what you mean. If it’s an error, they would likely be worth more than face value. If it’s simply a part of a series, then likely not.

    • Zack says:

      I also have a 2 dollar bill with the serial # g 00661246 a 2009 series just wondering if that’s worth anything

    • Zack says:

      I have 3 1 dollar bills and where the date of the note is it says series 2003 A but I have looked at other bills and they don’t have that so I was just wondering if they where worth anything.

  • adam says:

    I have a 2009 A G-7 $100 star note is it worth anything?

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      Yes, but it might be hard to actually make money on it. There is always interest in star bills, but large denomination bills like $100 bills are a bit of a Catch 22. If you tried to sell on eBay, you might get $110 for it, but because you have to pay fees on a $110 purchase, after all the fees, you’d actually end up losing money.

  • daniel says:

    I have a $1 bill with 4 of the same numbers in a row. Is it of any value?

  • Randy Potts II says:

    1950 series B 20$. J69562323A

  • Enid says:

    Hey there, found this post quite interesting.
    Also I have a birth date note with the number
    H 19176174 B on it. Is this worth anything more
    than face value? Pls contact me if any collectors
    here are interested. Thnx in advance.

  • Tiffany Foster says:

    I have a $1 bill that reads C27766636C. I thought the 666 & matching end letters were interesting lol!

  • randy potts says:

    $2 bill numbers f02991818a and l06065959a ?

  • Will says:

    I have a 2 dollar bill that has 11557911 how much do you think it is worth

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      Probably not much. This is they type of bill that collectors will keep if they find them themselves, but usually won’t pay much over face value for. It would be different if the “79” were “55”

  • Jessica says:

    I have a twenty dollar bill with the serial code JB 55959955 F didnt know if that is considered binary or not i was just wondering? Also i was wondering if you knew a website that uyou could use to search serial numbers on paper money to see if it is valuable in any way!!!

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      Yes. You could probably get more than face value for it, but it might be difficult on a site like eBay where you have to pay a final valuation fee. I don’t know of any site that would let you put in serial numbers and it would give you an estimated price of what the bill might be worth…

  • TrollMan says:

    Hey guys I have two 20’s one is MF 77174175 A. This has obviously 4 7’s in it, one every 3rd slot at least (After the first one.) And 174 175 so it counts up.

    And the next is JG 26056086 A now this has 3 repeating 6’s every third slot (After the first.) And 2 of those are 60’s and it feels implied the third would be two if it had one. Also the 2, 5 and 8 in the 260, 560, and 86 are unique as they are all linked to one another via the addition of 3. “2”+3=”5″+3=”8″ so it’s a ladder of sorts.

    I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on if these two had any extra value, I think they’re neat but am no expert, so I wouldn’t mind a second opinion.

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      There are a lot of these that as you say, “I think they’re neat.” These are the ones that those collecting will keep if they find them themselves, but aren’t likely to pay a premium for them to add to their collection.

  • dave says:

    Im mad that i had 2 20$ star notes that was in sequential order that i spent at the store. I wish i would of known about how valuable they were before i spent them

  • Amaretto says:

    I have a F95080845K is it worth anything? This is a one note

  • Pdiddy says:

    Hello does this $20 have value the serial number is IK45123543D. K11

  • krista says:

    I have a 1999 twenty dollar bill that is miscut. There is no part of another bill showing but the miscut is very obvious. The serial number is BB 20529087 C.

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      Miscuts can make the bill worth more than face value, but you would need to see your local coin & note dealer to get a good estimate of how much it may be worth.

  • Lorraine Tennant says:

    I have a a 2009 one dollar bill with serial number C 60000009 B Would it be worth anything?

  • Brian says:

    Randomly went through my wallet and happened to some across a repeater bookend serial 62562562 is this worth anything?

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      It might have greater than face value to the right person (someone with a birthday on 6.25), but it could take awhile time to find that person.

  • mike says:

    I have a 2006 dollar bill that has F03663366P… Would this have any additional value worth dealing with?

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      If the first number was a 3, it definitely would, but the 0 would likely make it one collectors would keep if they found on their own, but not one they would be willing to pay much over face value for…

  • alex says:

    hi!! i have 3 diferent 100 bills serial 20090009 and 20090010 last one its a star note 04289937* do you know if this bills worth someting

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      The star note probably has a small amount of value above its face value, but the issue with larger notes like the $100 bills is it’s difficult to get any of the gain. If you sell a $1 note on ebay for $5, you’ll make a small amount after expenses. If you sell a $100 note for $105, you’ll end up losing money. There are simply a lot less people who can afford to collect $100 bills than $1 bills as well, so those need to be really intresting to collectors to make any money.

  • Mel says:

    What about a bill with the Date of D-day of ww2?And I have to star notes one is a 100 with a low serial number?

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      Yes, notes with specific historical dates can be worth more than face value as well as a star note with a low serial number.

  • Amy says:

    I have 1969 dollar bill that is miscolored on the back completely.
    Is this worth anything?

  • Michelle says:

    1969 C twenty dollar bill letter A number 1 boston A45602477A have any value? Seems besides the slight fold in the middle but no crease mark in very good shape

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      I’m not seeing anything significant with the serial number…is there something I’m missing?

  • Traci says:

    I work in the cash office of a large fortune 500 company and every time we get new bundles of $1.00 bills, I keep the star notes in sequence if there are 15 or more of them….I don’t expect them to be worth much more than face value, but I think they’re really neat since they are in bundles. =) I’ve also started holding onto the older, pretty more elaborate bills. Again, not worth much but they’re getting harder and harder to find. Anyone else doing this?

  • Brandi says:

    Came across a $1 bill today serial # 00404004. Is it worth keeping/saleing or just use it?

  • Isabel says:

    Is there a thing such as single quad like 33337395? If so how much would it be worth

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      Yes, but those tend to be the type that collectors will keep if they come across them themselves, but not spend money to get.

  • Dancie says:

    I have a 1985 $100 bill that has the 20826820 is it worth anything

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      It likely wouldn’t be worth more than face value to collectors — it’s one they might keep if they found, but not one they would pay for.

  • Alex says:

    I have 3 bills that I was wondering if they had any value (all ones) first number is 2006 bill 95666855 the other bill is 2006 03518341 and the last bill is 1977 09944250 Are they worth anything?

    • Jeffrey Strain says:

      No, you likely wouldn’t be able to get anything above face value for those bills that would make it worth the time and effort of selling them.

  • Matthew Goodson says:

    I have a few bills that I thought were interesting. I have a $10 bill with the serial number JA57317695A. Are there 1 number bookends? I also have a $1 bill with the serial number G95288349F. Which is a one number bookend.Then I have a $1 bill with the serial number H60991753A that number has the date September 9 1753. The date the first Steem boat got to the US. I have another $1 bill with the serial number L16092928V in that number there is 9292. And finally I have a $1 bill that has the serial number F78882609F. In that is 888. Are any of these bills worth anything.

  • devanksh verma says:

    hwy hi i have a few bill can you plase tell me about them and are they good colectible
    JF 83386719 A
    K 09985495 B
    C 00014464 E
    1 dollar bill B 03549814 A
    1 dollar bill A 59535706 G
    1 dollar bill B 66943249 J
    1 dollar bill A 30568449 A
    5 dollar bill DL 50759974 A
    1 dollar bill A 19526684 C
    1 dollar bill F 94525763 H

  • Lightning Larry says:

    Can a ink stamp or ball point pen be safely removed from paper currency? And if so, how would someone go about doing it without losing value of the bill(s)?

  • michelle says:

    I have a $20 bill with an a after the series number anybody know what it’s worth it’s a 2004

  • Mike says:

    I have a dollar bill serial code D19991444C it’s a 2006 series is it worth anything

  • Carl says:

    I’ve been collecting for 25+ years and honestly bookend has always meant that you have the notes before and after the serial that is unique. Even the grading companies list them as bookends. I am at a loss here where you are saying that a bookend is a note that has the same numbers on the front as the back of the serial. Even the collectors catalogs define bookends as having the before and after notes example 11223343 11223344 11223345 so 43 and 45 are the bookends of 11223344. I can’t say in my many years that I have ever even seen anyone pay for a note simply because the front and back numbers match. The funny thing is the example note you showed is a radar and yes very valuable but these others that people are posting not so much. Unless you go to ebay and I swear you can put any note on there and just say it is a unique serial even if it’s not and someone will buy it (I’ve seen it happen and known people that have done it to prove a point) so bookend notes are the notes that come before and after the (cool serial)

    But I think your post is great, getting people interested and knowledge out there but double check your bookend facts. I did look it up just to see if maybe something changed when I wasn’t looking and the reputable sites still define bookends like I did.

    The other notes I have seen start to sell and get popular (don’t ask me why??) Is a Sudoku note, basically no number repeats itself. Much like the “pi” notes I don’t know any big collectors that would put them into their collection.

  • VanceG says:

    I got a star note! Know anyone wanna buy it?

  • Bryan says:

    I recently found 3 $100 star notes in sequential order. Other than the stars and sequential #’s, nothing out of the ordinary.

  • Amy says:

    I found two consecutive $5 bills from 2013 62970923 and 24 .. Are these worth trying to find a collector for?

  • Randy Ankele says:

    Hi I have a 2006 1 Dollar star note with the serial numbers 03880488 Now I know the star is worth but are the numbers of any significance?. and I also have a 1 dollar 2009 with the numbers
    E08538530A now that is a repeater right. and thank you for all of the comments you answer that is a great job you do. I appreciate all of your insight Thank you.

  • Curtis says:

    I have a dollar bill with the number of L59999245V is it worth more than face value?

  • Carrie Matassa says:

    It seems like you are so busy but, I have to ask.
    I have a $10 with the serial # 15445454
    Is this worth trying to sell?
    Thank you for your time

  • Kevin says:

    I know it’s a long shot, but how about at $20 – 37375859?

  • Carl says:

    I have one dallor series # D69133333A and other one dallor with the 6 bold print the series #F49657948A if it could be worth anything

  • Noel Longoria says:

    I have a twenty dollar series IK 43343344 D in great condition could be worth anything? Thanks!

    • No, unfortunately. The only valuable bills, from what I understand, are the ones that have obviously unique numbers. For instance, all the same number or an obvious pattern to the numbers.

  • Robbin says:

    I have $1000.00 dollars in 5 dollar star notes. And they are all in sequence.
    Serial numbers are as follows 0574431 thru 05744500. Series 2013. Anyone have an idea as to how much they are worth?

  • Noel Longoria says:

    Thanks Will!

  • Shannon says:

    Yes the star notes are $1.
    Thank you. Can I as though. I have a 1951 silver dime , mint condition.

    • These dime’s have their value tied closely with the price of silver. That isn’t a good sign. It means the coin itself doesn’t have much value, just the silver that’s in it. Although valuations vary widely, the coin is worth anywhere from $1.50-$12.00. 1951 S’s are the most sought after.

  • Jimbo Hep says:

    2013 $10 bill serial number 85555555
    1995 $2 bill serial number 66666886
    1995 $2 bill serial number 66666605
    2009 $1 bill serial number 64444445
    2013 $1 bill serial number 16733333

    • The 66666886 bill may be worth $20 over face value. It’s a flipper in the most inclusive sense of the word. Ideal flippers have only 0’s, 6’s, and 9’s but some people accept 8’s. A flipper’s serial numbers read the same upside down.

  • Matt says:

    Hello, I have a 2009 $1 Bill serial # H90096006B. Would that be a good Bill to keep or could it be a more sought after since there are only three different #s and in a unique sequence?

    • You have a flipper serial number. It reads the same upside down. It’s also cool because it’s a double repeater. These are both cool traits but not highly sought after. Expect at least a $20 premium on this bill.

      • Matt says:

        Wow, cool. Thank you for the info.
        Really cool since I just recently started collecting coins and money.
        Great page, and info btw, much appreciated.

  • Matt says:

    I also have a 2009 $1 Bill serial
    #E54995994 is the seven digit forward n backward good? 4995994 in the #

    • The number is cool but it can’t be classified in any collectible category. The 5 really messes things up. Perhaps someone would pay a little extra for it ($10, maybe) but it wouldn’t have a place in a ‘by the book’ collection.

  • Walter says:

    fun number for historians, beginning and end year or the America. Revolutionary war: 17751777.

  • Matt says:

    I have a 2003A $2 Bill with serial
    #04900940. Is that a good radar note and
    What could it be possibly worth?
    I don’t know how to upload a photo or I would send one

    • Matt says:

      E04900940A is the serial # with the letters if that’s important I’m not sure.?

      • The ‘E’ indicates where the bill was printed (Richmond). The last letter of the serial number indicates how many times the Bureau of Printing used that sequence of serial numbers. A is the first time, B is the second time, C is the third time, and so on. Radars are kind of lame to collectors, to be blunt. Expect about $20.

    • Estimates come in at about $20. Although I’ve seen a lot of $2 repeaters go unsold on eBay for even less than that. New repeaters are cool but they’re not too rare. A radar exists for 1 out of every 10,000 notes printed.

  • Viviane Koenig says:

    I have a $5.00 as follows: IL00000109C. How can I find out its value? Thank you.

    • 00000000 to 00000100 are considered low. With yours being just above, it is now in the ‘category’ of may carry a premium. I would get it appraised.

      Keep in mind, low serial number bills are printed every day. And a $5 bill isn’t a popular denomination. But it will probably come out to be worth more than $5. So good on you. Let us know if you get it appraised.

  • Brady says:

    What about 1. 76866171 2.051595511 3.17573675 4.12202205 5. 22669672 6.43204441 just tell me the numbers and if they have any value at all

  • Ezra says:

    I’ve found one star notes:
    $1 2013 K00106317
    Run Size


    Total Printed


    Other Info
    Run Number 1
    Run Range: 00000001 ↔ 00500000
    Printed in Fort Worth, TX in November 2013
    No Gaps

  • Ezra says:

    I’ve also found one particular $1 note:


    Any value?

  • DiAnn says:

    I have five dollar bills with J 26496484 A and J 34786416 A. I see nothing spectacular after reading above posts. Why would a family member have saved these?

    • Dealing with possessions after passing is always tough. Maybe the serial numbers signify important dates or lucky numbers. But you’re right. As far as a collector is concerned, there is nothing intriguing about these bills.

      Sorry for your loss.

  • brandi says:

    Is this # considered consecutive still if only four numbers in order 22678912 is it also bookend?

    • Bookend notes require a sequence at both the beginning and the end. One digit is not enough, unfortunately. There are many types of ladders. Ladders, reverse ladders, broken ladders… Unfortunately again, yours isn’t complete so it doesn’t fall into any category. Better luck with another bill. Come back and leave another comment!

  • Tricia M says:

    I have one that is:

    B 86777777 B.

    Professional thoughts?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Technically, this note doesn’t fall into any cateogry. However, ‘7’ is God’s number. Some people may take a real liking to this bill. I would put it up on eBay and see what happens.

  • Rhett says:

    I just found a 20 serial number 16000001
    So GG16000001A

    Any significance?

    • Unfortunately, no. To the collector circle, this bill isn’t worth anything over face. However, as I recommended someone do earlier, you may want to throw it on eBay and see if you get a little more than face value. Good luck!

  • Nida says:

    I’ve got a 50.00 bill serial number IA00018389 with a star note will that be worth more that face value?

  • Lea Shields says:

    Hi I have a 20 $ * bill its numbers run a cool pattern IF03702701* (A7 AFTER THAT WOULD BE THE NEXT PART) BUT TRYING TO SEE IF ITS WORTH ANY THING

  • William Davidison says:

    Just curious $100.00 bill serial number CH11106111A Dated 2001 almost uncirculated.

  • Sarah d says:

    I have a 20$ bill JI11214413A. Worth anything?

  • Emily M says:

    How about 81099923 ? And if so, about how much would I be able to ask for it?

  • Roger says:

    2009 series star note 00317731?

  • David Embly says:

    Have a 1$ bill begin with 20 and ended in 20

  • Joel says:

    1935e $1 bill star note could it be worth anything

  • deanna szajewski says:

    Hi I have a Canadian 1954 one dollar with the delvil face serial # da 3099300
    Would it be worth anything. It’s in
    pretty good condition

  • Kc says:

    I have 10 consecutive 1990 100 dollar bills in brand new mint condition from j 70503584a to j 70503600a any body knows the value?

  • Danny castillo says:

    I have a 5 dollar bill with the serial numbers IK 28588888 A is it worth anything

  • Elizabeth S says:

    2009 $1 C 93333333 B
    C 93333334 B
    C 93333335 B
    possible value

    • Elizabeth S says:

      Could you please tell me the potential value of these bills and if they might be of interest to collectors??
      2009 $1 bills
      C 93333333 B
      C 93333334 B
      C 93333335 B

  • Shannon says:

    Is there any value more than just a dollar on this bill I have a 2009 Boston star note A05786964 And it’s been circulated but not too much damage

  • James T says:

    Would a circulated 2009 $1 L80252508E be worth anything?

  • Craig says:

    I have 11 $1 bills with consecutive serial numbers, nothing special about the numbers, but they are in a “booklet” I guess I would call it. Exactly how you would rip out a check from a checkbook. There are also a few blank papers in between a few of the bills…they were my grandfather’s who passed away, and I haven’t found anyone who has ever seen anything like it…is it anything special?

  • Velma says:

    I have a $20 serial # 05140514 is this worth anything

  • Velma says:

    I have a dollar bill serial # 33778833 is that worth anything

  • sebastian says:

    H00024339* with star

  • Some happy guy says:

    i have a 2013 5 dollar bill with a star its # is MA 01896042* is it worth much, if anything more than $5? Thanks!

  • some happy guy says:

    i also have a 2013 $1 bill that is F 5873625 J would that be a bookend note? if so how much is it worth?

  • some happy guy says:

    i have another $1 bill that ends in 2016 should i auction it off for the new year? *note: it is not a date note. it is F 46892016 N*

  • some happy guy says:

    oh lucky me! i found one that would be May 29th, 1980 for you!
    the number is L 52919804 U will that one have any value for collectors BTW it is a $1 bill

  • some happy guy says:

    i have a few questions of the making of bills. 1- why is there a random number such as 4 or 11 or something 4 times on the front of a bill?
    2-why is there little yellow 05s all over a 5 dollar bill? is it counterfeit protection? Thanks!

  • T Jones says:

    I have 8 $20 star series 2013 with consecutive numbers are they worth anything?

  • Daniel says:

    Seems like the entire serial number has to be a pattern.

    I have a few bills take peeked my curiosity,

    1$: C39998919A, F45757529J, L66672323C, F58985159B

    20$: IF87878791G

  • Brandon says:

    I have a $20 with almost perfect repeater….the serial is 23232321…any chance it may still be worth something?

  • lee nusbaum says:

    I have a $20 serial numbers 00041414* and it’s a star note. Worth anything?

  • JACK HART says:

    I have a 2009 $20 bill serial # JF09009912*
    Also 2009 $10 bill serial # JH31255555A
    Worth anything?

  • Kyle says:

    What do you think of K51717173A 2013 circulated?

  • Dakota Paine says:

    I have two one dollar bills with serial numbers F50000939C, and H00029899*, two five dollar bills with serial numbers MJ23664111A,and JL04109504C, and a twenty dollar bill with the serial number EL27278787I are any of these worth more than face value and if so how much more?

  • Cory says:

    K 06951068 *
    $5 2013 series

  • Merriam Kathaleen says:

    I have a $5 bookend serial number JL 09439809 A and a $5 serial number JH 11007282 A

    Are these bills of interest?

  • Ghosty says:

    How about

  • True collector says:

    Hi..i have 1995 $1 note..F79777777T
    ..1953 .$2 note..A07354617A
    1958..$1 note…U02948879A..thanks

  • Bob says:

    Great article. Hoping in your travels you’ve heard of this, that I simply have seen no place else. Print error | 4 Consecutive sequenced $1 dollar bills | Series 1981 (wife worked in bank, saw them, brought home and put in plastic sleeves

    Perfect print on front of all 4 bills, but here’s the kicker.
    On the backs, in order:
    …236 is perfect
    …237 is half printed on upper half/ok on lower half
    …238 is COMPLETELY BLANK/white 100% | no ink whatsoever
    …239 is perfect.


  • Mike says:

    What do u think this mkght go for??

  • Mark says:

    I have a one dollar bill year 2009 and serial number C33399399C. The condition is circulated but good. Is it worth anything?

  • grace says:

    i have some 1985 $100.00 bill.. is it worth anything for collectors?

  • grace says:

    I have a 100 dollar bill series 1985..is this of any value?

  • sebster says:

    i have a dollar bill from 1999 that has
    serial number G 88888666 G
    worth anything?

  • Barbee says:

    I have a $20 star note that has the serial number JB00677789*. Is that worth anything more than face?

  • Iris Bedoya says:

    I have a 10 dollar bill of 1963, the serial number is F11741585A, just to ask, does it has any value and if it does, where can I sell it?? Thank you…

  • mel says:

    How about grpups of sequential star notes?

  • Khuram Ramzanali says:

    i have $5 with serial # MH44499949A is it Worth Something?

  • jan says:

    i have 100$ bill with SN B51736456D. 1981A what is it worth?

  • Jenna Salveto says:

    I have a $1 bill with a serial number 26720276. Is it worth anything.

  • Kristin says:

    Would any of these number be worth any more than face value?
    $20 1974 G14644482F
    $20 1977 G05540404C
    $20 2013 MG49101944A

  • Ann says:

    I wonder if 90007007 is worth anything?it s 100$.

  • Barb G. says:

    So I have about $77 in one dollar bills in sequential order with star notes and mint condition…. I’m guessing they would be a pretty penny. But honestly, just looking for some insight. Any info is much appreciated.

  • Nathan says:

    I have L21644444L $1 bill any chance that would be worth anything?

  • Candis says:

    We have a 20$ star note bill, numbers EK00093432* that also is cut wrong. Unlike all other bills, the boarder that is on all 4 sides, does not exist on the top of this bill. Looks so unreal it’s unbelievable, but dies have the hidden strip. Is this worth anything more than face value?

  • Karla Aguilar says:

    I have a L05121964E dollar bill … What you think? Worth anything?

  • Karla Aguilar says:

    L05121964E dollar bill … Worth anything ?

  • bob caldwell says:

    I have a 2 dollar bill with the serial number B15111125 is it worth anything

  • stacey-Ann says:

    hello. I have a $1 1985 B 62466840 I
    value please? if any?

  • Bsilva711 says:

    I have a 20$ bill that has the numbers on
    MA 55445544 B
    Is it worth anything??


    Hello. I have a $10 dollar bill (MB 55891101 A), last 5 number September 11,2001; and other $1 bill (D 18171508 A), 1817 James Monroe (Monroe Doctrine) and 1508 Americo Vespucio began his travel then discovered America. May you, please, say me if these bill are valuable?

  • grannyjan says:

    I have a $1.00 bill with the number E 28827887 G is it worth anything?

  • Isabel says:

    Hello, I have a $1 bill
    2009 K00589380* is it worth anything?

  • KIM says:

    HI, question, I have a one dollar bill, on the obverse side the number 1 on the left top side has a very small number 14 printed in it, Is this considered a good error or even an error at all? Also i have a 20 dollar bill that has a ink line running down the side of the President’s face and Loomis print stamp on it as well. Are those good errors or again errors at all. Thank you for your time and patience. Kim

  • carlos soto says:

    hi i have a 10 dollar bill with MF83249888B series 2013 is it woth anythin

  • Jason says:

    T52441754G is it worth anything

  • Amanda says:

    I have twenty dollar Bill with a star behind the serial number IG00134621*
    G7. That’s the serial number on the bill is it worth more

  • Candi shady says:

    I have a star bill would it be worth my time to try to find a buyer? It’s a $1 bill year 2013

  • Izet says:

    I have a Star with K15156262*

  • Rashid Zia Cheema says:

    I have a $ 20 Bill with star. It’s serial number is JL00849500*. It is almost new. Dose it have some value?

  • jay says:

    i collect $100. bills in number order, by 10.
    is it worth more having them start at 1 going up to oo or start at 0 and going up to 9.?
    ex: the bills end 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0
    or 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

  • Mary says:

    I have 45812345 – what do the pro collectors think of this one?

  • Si Allenby says:




  • Danny says:

    I found a 20 dollar.bill serial AA16171010I is this worth collecting

  • jay says:

    i have a 100$ ploymere bill fkv5245425
    what do u think its worth guys

  • I have a question I found some unusual serial numbers on these 1 dollar bills G00609800E , G46154999A , B00003800B , D88000979C can you please give me your honest appraisal

  • Khaledur says:

    I have a dollar bill with the serial number 12222222.
    What do you think of this bills worth?

  • Levi says:

    Are these serial numbers rare. 1$ bill. H47176717B or K92122555B

  • Terry Witt says:

    I have a circulated $1 star note with the serial number L09280928, but has a small tear in the bottom middle about an eighth of an inch long otherwise in good shape. Whats it worth?

  • mary says:

    Hey i got a $20 bill with the code IF00700600I is the worth anything

  • Tony Guillen says:

    Hey. I have a 2009 $1 dollar Bill withv the serial number letter is misprinted looks la a 0 I the other serial number letter is a aT is my bill worth anything?

  • Tara Good says:

    I have 2 $1 bills wanting to see if I should have them checked out.
    H 35135135 A
    L 85155557 K

  • Rosa Sotelo says:

    I have a dollar serial # L77765777 is it worth anything

  • Ariella Krysten says:

    I have a few dollar bills that might be worth more than face value, I think. They don’t have consecutive numbers, but I have one that has four of the same number.
    (Can you please tell me if these are worth anything?)
    1$ A17703772D
    1$ B81414040C
    1$ D01750040C
    Thank you!

  • ScubaSteve says:

    Everyone keeps asking if their bills are worth anything above face value. Maybe try actually reading the article first before you ask because it’s pretty self-explanatory. Chances are you’re not going to get rich either from this, so it might not be worth your time unless collecting currency is a hobby you might enjoy. I’m wondering how many people are going to keep asking if their bills are worth anything when they obviously aren’t worth more than face value based on the info provided in the article. Read the article before you ask if your bill is worth anything above face value.

  • Raina says:

    I have a star $1 bill h00400040* what is it worth

  • Michael says:

    2009 star note 20$ jd00099901*. How much is it I know it’s more rare. Anyone have interest in it?
    [email protected]
    Ty everyone

  • Jonathan Hayes says:

    Hello I have a $20 dollar bill serial number IL 12212225 will this 5 at the end make this bill not worth what a binary bill would be?

  • erik says:

    Hello, question. Found a 2009 $20 bill bookend 779 6 779 is it valuable?

  • jeffrey says:

    It’s another bookend and I’m sure it would have value to someone. It’s just a matter of finding that collector. Of course, condition will be a major factor.

  • Sadly, bookends are probably the most unnotable of the notable serial number occurrences. Many collectors don’t even recognize them and just talk trash about people who try to pass them off as being something unique. After all, statistically, bookends are quite common. eBay is your best bet.

  • Alex says:

    I’ve got a $1 1993 series. Serial number F43585867C. It’s basically numbers 4-8 just not in order is it worth anything? Also a $2 series 2003 I17002201A. Is there anything more then face value in any of these?

  • Jeffrey Strain says:

    Those are notes a collector might keep if they came across them themselves, but wouldn’t be likely to pay anything above face value for them.

  • Neither are worth more than face value. For the currency collecting community, valuable bills become fairly obvious after being in the game awhile. If you’re rooting for bills of value, keep going. They are everywhere!


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