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10 Financial Reasons To Still Get A Newspaper

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Newspaper subscriptions seem to be dwindling with each year that passes. A lot of people get their news from online sources as it tends to be quicker and more convenient. However, there are still a lot of people who enjoy reading a newspaper. Some people also enjoy some of the financial benefits that come from still receiving a newspaper.

Sunday Coupons

Sunday coupons are a big reason why many people still receive newspapers. Some people only receive newspapers on Sunday just for the coupons. While many coupons can be found online, there are still some that only appear in the Sunday paper. If you’re someone who clips coupons, you’ve probably noticed how quickly those coupons disappear from the Sunday papers that local restaurants or bookstores put out each week.

Classified Sections

The classifieds section of the newspaper is a great place to buy or sell items, offer skills for hire, find an odd job, or search for or post an apartment listing. However, some online versions of newspapers don’t offer the classifieds section of the paper. And if they do, some online papers limit how much you can see. Almost all printed newspapers still include a classifieds section which can be useful if you’re looking to buy something used to put something up for sale. Sometimes the information in the classifieds section just can’t be found anywhere else, so you don’t know what you’re missing out on.


If your local city or town paper doesn’t offer a classifieds section with their online version, then you could be missing out on the opportunity to find work. A lot of people post ads seeking employment for tutoring, music lessons, or other skill related jobs. Or local companies are looking for potential employees to become music teachers, tutors, and so on. Even if your online paper does offer this section, some people are more willing to post an ad in the paper rather than online. If you’re someone looking for some extra income, looking through the job or classifieds ads might be a great reason to still read a printed newspaper.


Are you someone who enjoys weekly sales? Well, as you probably know, Sunday papers are a great place to learn about weekly sales. While most large stores also display their weekly sale items online, local businesses often rely on the newspaper to spread awareness about inventory sales. The newspaper could help alert you to sales that you would have otherwise missed.

Event Notifications

Have you ever been upset that you missed a job fair or a free networking event? Or that you heard about a great flea market or craft fair after it had already happened? We live in a society that’s always on the go and always sharing news, but sometimes there’s so much news that event pages and notifications get lost in the ether of the internet. If you’re looking for that free event to check out, that fair or market where you can sell your goods, or that job fair you plan to attend, the ads in the newspaper can help you remember. Seeing the ads or reminders in your weekly newspaper will help raise your awareness about the events. And it’s much easier to tear that ad out of the paper to post on the fridge than it is to remember to check back on a bookmarked internet page.


Sometimes newspapers will offer freebies in their advertisement section or within the Sunday coupon flyers. This can include anything from free admission to a local attraction to a free item at a grocery store or pharmacy. Many of these offers are not usually included in the online version of the paper nor are they offered on the attraction or manufacturer’s website. If you’re already have a subscription to the newspaper, this can be a great way to rack up some free items.

Contests or Focus Group Ads

Like a lot of the other items on this list, sometimes newspapers offer contests that are only available in the print paper instead of its online counterpart. Sometimes this is because there’s a larger print circulation than internet circulation. Regardless, these contests can range from a large, brand name company offering a free item if you complete a survey about their products to research groups asking for focus group volunteers.


Some local businesses will buy advertisement space from a newspaper in order to promote their business with a discount coupon. Most of us have seen someone at a restaurant or store with a discount coupon that has been torn out of a newspaper. Sometimes these same discounts can be found online, but sometimes they’re only included in newspapers for the lucky subscribers. This is often seen as local businesses trying to support their local newspaper.

Local Garage Sales

A lot of people post ads for garage sales on street signs or telephone poles close to the location, but have you ever seen an ad for one online? It’s rare for people to advertise their garage sale online, but some people still post ads in the local paper. Since less people read newspapers, you actually might have more luck finding some great deals on garage sales.


A lot of local police, government, or storage auction notifications are only posted in the paper. If you’re someone who enjoys attending auctions hoping to score a great deal, your newspaper should provide you with a list of auctions happening in your area. A lot of these auctions have items that have been abandoned and you can buy them for a pretty inexpensive price.

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  • getforfree says:

    you can look up all that online, on craiglist and other sites.

  • Gailete says:

    Most of the Sunday coupons are more and more for dog food and cleaning products, I found it rare to find one for anything I would even use. The content is minimal so there is little to read in it. I do miss seeing when garage sales are, but not to the point I want to pay for something I can find on line. Most of the other stuff is just a way to entice you to buy something you didn’t know you needed until you saw it on sale in the paper.


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